Beginner's Guide

So, you’re a new RotJ recruit, perhaps you are new to mudding entirely. This guide will hopefully get you up and running on our fantastic game and having fun in no time.


Character Creation

Your first step into RotJ is, of course, to create a character. You will need to pick a name, nothing offensive or too goofy. All names must be approved by one of the Immortal staff– you will be notified when your name is approved or denied but you can play immediately.

The second step is to pick a race. There are many races to choose from, each with different pros and cons. I suggest starting with a Human character, they are well-balanced and can succeed in any class. Of course, there aren’t any bad races, so feel free to experiment. 🙂 Feel free to check the Races Page for more information on all of the available races.

The third step! When starting a new character, you have the choice of selecting Simple or Advanced creation. For newbies, go with Simple Creation. For Advanced, You get to tailor your stats a bit. The help section on stats explains everything well. I usually make the quickness as high as it will go (100), which directly affects how many attacks you get in battle. Again, for your first time, it would be wise to go with Simple Creation which will spread out your stats evenly.

With Simple Creation you can also decide what Class you want to be right away instead of joining with the guildmaster (discussed further down). Check out the Class Page for more information about the available Classes to play!

OK! Your character creation is complete! Now, read the rules on multiplaying, Player killing, and jerkiness, then continue on to a Galaxy far, far away!

Imperial Academy

You enter the game in the Imperial Academy, the #1 training ground for those new to the mud. You are carrying various items to help get you started (to check what you are carrying, type “i” for inventory). Some items in your inventory depend on your race/class choice. Common items will include:
a handlight - hold handlight to see in the dark
a Trainee Manual - additional info about the MUD
a newbie potion - 'quaff pot' for increased armor and focused mind
a map - read map for map of Mos Eisely
( 2) a newbie's Wookiee Cookie
a bottle of water
a small sack

*Note* If at any point you need a resupply of potions/cookies/water type 'reequip'

Explore the Imperial Academy: Going 2 east then typing 'begin' will take you to Newbie School where you will learn the basics of the game. Complete the entire Newbie School for your first Quest Point! (these will be used much later).

All east from the Newbie School entrance is the Combat Training Facility. Type 'l controls' to see the different combat scenarios you can choose from. Each area gives you some newbie gear and experience to familiarize yourself with both land and space combat.

Learning Skills/Training Stats

The map will help you get around Mos Eisley. Type “l map” or “help map” to get a rough idea of how everything is laid out in town. You will see the Guilds, where you will need to pick a class– Jedi have the arts of healing and protection, Mercenaries have great combat skills, Bounty Hunters are skilled in tracking and combat, Technicians are good at building and rebuilding things, Smugglers are experts at stealth and have good piloting skills, and Sith are skilled in the offensive power of the Force.

Here is the Guildmaster's Page.

When you find the Guild you want to join, look for the Guildmaster and type “join” (If you selected Simple Creation you will already be in the Guild of your choice). You may practice skills while at your Guildmaster– to see a list of skills you already have or skills you may learn, type “prac”. Type “prac <skill name>” to learn the new skills (make sure to practice right after you join)!

To practice skills, you must have practice sessions… you gain one practice session for each level gained. Combat and experience- OK, to accomplish anything here, you must gain experience (exp). Exp is obtained most commonly through combat against Mobiles (mobs)… type “k <mob name>” to initiate battle. The exp can be spent at your Guildmaster to raise your level (type “gain”), “train” your stats, or spent by typing "autoprof" to slowly improve your fighting ability. To see a full overview of your exp, credits, and any spell affects, type “sc f” (score full). As you gain levels, you must practice your skills at your guildmaster… ie, “prac skillname”. To see your fighting ability level type "score prof"

*NOTE* If you selected for Simple Creation, you will not have to use "gain" at the Guildmaster to level until level 30.

Exploring Areas

After you start getting the hang of things it will be time to explore outside of the Imperial Academy. You should be level 5-10 by now and have a decent amount of hp.

Use the Leveling Suggestions for an idea of where to go.

Remember to watch your Hitpoints (HP) in battle, you can recall in the middle of battle to escape, or type “flee” to run into an adjacent room if your HP is low… but be warned, fleeing isn’t a sure thing. To help you determine how difficult a mob is, use the consider command (“cons <mob name>). It will give you a rough idea of what you’re dealing with. Also, be warned… some mobs are not content to let you strike the first blow. Also make sure to use the Wimpy command to autoflee at a certain percentage of hitpoints. Type "help wimpy" for more info.

*NOTE* If you get lost, typing 'recall' will take you back to the Mos Eisely Transit, from here you can 'depart' to the Mos Eisely Space Port or go north back into the Imperial Academy. Recall will only work if you have acquired less than 15m experience. For a little tour, you can follow Bollux at the Space Port and he’ll take you around and show you the sights.

To assist new players, there is a donation room South then Down from the Space Port.

Before we even THINK about heading into space, pay a visit to the piloting guildmaster (1n,2e,2s from port) and practice piloting as much as possible. (type prac pilot while in the room with the guildmaster until it says you can’t train anymore.) In space, the battles occur differently- First off, you need a ship! Instead of your normal hitpoints, mana, and movement stats, you have Hull rating, Shield Rating, and Mana. During combat, attacks will drain your shields first, then start to hit your hull once your shields reach 0%. If your hull reaches 0%… you guessed it… *BOOM*. If you die in space, your ship is destroyed. To fix your ship before this happens, beginners can have William Deergood (2w and up from piloting guildmaster) repair their ships for free (just say “william please repair me”). When you get too big for William to help, you can pay Auran to repair your ship, or you could just sleep in Tatooine’s orbit… there is a repair dock that will slowly fix your hull. There is a space training area 1w and up from the piloting guildmaster that will help you get your space-legs.


If your character dies in combat, you are taken to a special room with furniture you can regen on and an ATM to withdraw money to buy what you need to get back to your corpse. Your EQ will be in a corpse that is dropped at the location where you died. You will have to go back to the room where you died to retrieve equipment from your corpse—but be warned, some mobs like to grab things while the owner is away. When you die, you may suffer wounds. Wounds lower your stats, HP, focus, or move, and cost XP and credits to heal. Wounds can be healed at the Wound Surgeon—walk ssssssswnnennne from port—, or by Medics in the game. From levels 1-59, the only penalties for dying are wounds. Above level 59, you will hear characters talk about "subbing" EQ. Subbing means that EQ is destroyed when you die, disappearing from your corpse and being unretrievable. There is a 10% chance of any item being subbed when you die above level 59. Custom items stay with you, and cannot be subbed, so, it is a good idea to have a custom ship so that when you die you can get back to your corpse without having to buy a ship. A ship can also function as a container, so, any items in your ship will not be subbed or dropped when you die, giving you a way to protect items you're saving, and distress probes, for when you're headed back to your corpse. A custom weapon will also mean you have something to fight monsters with on the way back to your corpse.

When you die you are taken to a special room above port that has an ATM and regen furniture to help you before you head back into the world.

Death traps (DT)

These are special rooms in the mud with a particularly sinister purpose– to catch careless players and strip them of all their equipment. Be careful when exploring new areas, read the room descriptions and make use of the “exit” command… it will tell you the room descriptions of every adjacent room. Deathtraps are usually made very obvious by their room description… I.E. “A Gigantic Whirring FAN BLADE!” *NOTE* A deathtrap should never be “Too Dark To Tell”. If you do encounter a “dark” DT, make sure an Immortal is informed. You cannot flee into a death trap.

Equipment (EQ) and items

There are many kinds of EQ in RotJ, and many different places on your character’s body to wear things. There are 5 different basic types of EQ… things you “wear”, I.E. armor, gloves, patches, etc.; weapons that you “wield”, typically blasters for mercenaries and bounty hunters, daggers for smugglers, lightsabers for Jedi, hammers and the like for technicians, and force crystals for Sith; flashlights and lamps that you “light”; space ships that you “pilot”; speeders that you “ride”. You get a basic weapon and armor when you join your class, make sure to “wear all” and “wield” the weapon on hand.

There are also many kinds of items, including single use potions (quaff <potion name>) and scrolls/general items (use <item name>). There are also some items that you can use more than once, these must be held in a free hand (“hold <item>), then utilized (“util <item> <target>). Each multi-use item has a set number of charges.

Starting at level 10, you can build Custom Items. The benefits are:

  • It is personalized to you and can't be given to anyone else.
  • This item does not Subber when you die after level 60.
  • This item stays with you when you die and does not have to be retrieved from your corpse unlike normal gear.

Custom Items you can create are: Weapons, Ships, Armor/Robes/Gloves


To save your character and store EQ for your next session, you must go to a hotel. The most convenient hotel is located 1 room south, 2 east and 1 up from the space port. Type “offer” to get a breakdown of cost and how long you may remain inactive, then type “rent” to exit the mud. If you run out of money while rented, all your eq will disappear, so if you are planning a long vacation from the mud, go to the cryo center 1 north from the hotel reception and for one flat fee you may rent for extended periods of time.


In RotJ, there are 2 kinds of quests… quests that are run by immortals and autoquests. (note! don’t badger immortals for quests, it is the best way to not get one.) There are 3 autoquests for beginners that will help you get some basic equipment, credits and exp. First, your guildmaster will ask you to run a few errands… just say “yes” to start. The “qlog” command will give you the next step if you forget along the way. There are many other autoquests available from mobs all over the galaxy… keep your eyes open, usually they will talk to you. The rewards for autoquests include experience, credits, items, and quest points. Quest points may be spent to increase Legend Levels, or purchase additional skills/items in the Legendary Shops.

For more info on Autoquests check out our Autoquest Guide!

A BIG Tip!

Always always ALWAYS have at least one personal distress probe on hand if you can’t use recall anymore. Using them will send you straight to the space port… extremely useful to escape a hopeless battle or get out of an area you’re stuck in. These can be purchased at Heff’s Souvenir’s, Mos Eisley’s Force shop, locate 2 south, 2 west, and one north of the space port. Type “list” at a shopkeeper to see their wares. *NOTE* Most of the players here will refer to a probe as a pass… you can type either “use probe” or “use pass”. Heff’s also sells many other useful items, make sure to browse.

Useful commands to know!

“autoexit” – type once to toggle an automatic display of every available exit from every room you enter.
“autocredit” – type once to automatically pick up the credits from a defeated enemy.
“autoloot” – type once to automatically take all the items from a defeated enemy.
“wimpy <HP value>” – type this in to automatically attempt to flee from battle when your hp hits a certain level. Cannot be more than 1/2 of your total hp. You get a slight exp bonus for not using wimpy.
“help” – Self explanatory!
“ask <type your question>” – ask the other players for help or advice. Hopefully we aren’t feeling grumpy.

I hope this little guide was useful for you, and I hope you have as much fun here as I do! 🙂

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