JUMP 127

[L+][M-] Land Area

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------------------------=< Chessboard [127] >=--------------------------

    Locked room under each Queen

    <------------- Black / Empire ------------>
            ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
         /__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__/ ___  ___
       /__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__/        up to Deep Space

    <----------- White / Rebel ------------>

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------
   Min. 1st Qu.  Median    Mean 3rd Qu.    Max. 
    4.0    20.0    25.0    22.9    25.0    40.0


1) Each King has a Key to the Treasury under the Queen
2) Each Treasury has 10,000 credits

Black pieces to north are aggy
L04 White Pawn
L04 Black Pawn (aggro)
L10 White Knight
L10 Black Knight (aggro)
L20 White Bishop
L20 Black Bishop (aggro)
L24/25 White Rook
L24/25 Black Rook (aggro)

L24/25 Commander of Flasks
L24/25 Red King Checker
L24/25 Black King Checker
L24/25 Black Checker
L24/25 Red Checker
L24/25 Mistress of Coins
L24/25 Master of Sabers
L24/25 Ace of Staves

L30 Black Queen
L40 Black King (difficult) (Key to the Black Treasury)
L30 White Queen
L40 White King (difficult) (Key to the White Treasury)

Object 'some White/Black Pawn Armor', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory On Body 
Item is: !Evil/Good
Weight: 13, Value: 300, Rent: 1
AC-apply is 1
Quality: Brand New.

Object 'a White/Black Pawn's Pistol', Item type: Weapon
It can be worn: Inventory Wield One Handed 
Item is: !Evil/Good
Weight: 10, Value: 100, Rent: 1
Damage Dice is '3D3' for an average per-round damage of 6.0.
Combat type: Blaster Combat
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