Arms Dealer

A subguild of the Merchant secondary class





L21 Deal Arms - generate ammo
L23 Locate Ammo
L25 Munitions Warehouse - extra rent slots for ammo
L30 Lobby - AUTOSPEND to see what measures are up for vote
L35 Turn a Profit - Better prices on ammo
L40 Private Reserve - Bonus damage with secondary systems

Deal Arms

----------------------------=< Deal Arms >=------------------------------

Arms Dealer Level 21

Useage: deal <item>

What is an Arms Dealer who can't deal his own wares? This skill
provides the Arms Dealer with the ability to deal wares according
to the needs of their clientele. Armaments arrive from an Arms
Dealer's contacts in the form of a crate containing the items that
they have ordered from their contacts.

Forged Weapon           Keyword             Level
--------------        -----------        -------------
Grenade Ammo            grenade               20    
Static Ammo             static                25  
Nonlethal Ammo         nonlethal              30
Ion Cells                ion                  30
Fuel Cells               fuel                 35
Rocket Ammo             rocket                40

See Also: Arms dealer, Secondary, Munition warehouse

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Locate Ammo

---------------------------=< Locate Ammo >=-----------------------------

Arms Dealer Level 23

Usage: conc 'locate ammo' <ammo name>

With their excellent connections to other arms dealers and gun runners, 
arms dealers can locate specific ammunitions across the universe to feed 
the wars of others, or even their own. It is a great resource and 
will aid them in their efforts to gain complete dominance over their 
territories and other dealers.

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Munitions Warehouse

-----------------------=< Munitions Warehouse >=-------------------------

Arms Dealer Level 25

Useage: Automatic

Given that an Arms Dealer must retain his inventory for a period of time, 
they have built themselves a warehouse to store their munitions for 
extended periods of time. In game terms, this skills functions exactly
like Warehouse, only it provides extended amounts of rent space for those
items related to Arms Dealers.

See Also: Arms dealer, Warehouse, Secondary

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------------------------------=< Lobby >=--------------------------------

Arms Dealer Level 30

Usage: Automatic

Arms Dealers need to know what is going on in the galaxy politically.
In order to do this it requires a certain amount of connections and 
monetary investments. In game terms, this will allow Arms Dealers
to view which measures are currently up for vote in the Galactic
Senate. However, in order to do this they must be willing to part
with some credits. Also, Arms Dealers must have Autospend active
in order for this to work, which will automatically deduct the
credits from their account.

See Also: Autospend, Arms dealer

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Turn a Profit

--------------------------=< Turn A Profit >=----------------------------

Arms Dealer Level 35

Usage: Automatic

Considering the contacts and connections required to deal arms 
effectively, Arms Dealers have developed a network that allows them 
to get better prices on the wares that they sell to shopkeepers. 
Essentially, this works exactly like Barter only provides a bonus 
on items directly related to Arms Dealers. Charisma greatly 
enhances the effectiveness of this skill.

See Also: Arms dealer, Barter

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Private Reserve

-------------------------=< Private Reserves >=--------------------------

Arms Dealer Level 40

Useage: Automatic

While an Arms Dealer spends much of their energy pilfering their goods to the 
masses, they know that sticky situations often arise when dealing with the galaxy's
underground.  As such, Arms Dealers retain the cream of their crop for themselves, 
in case some unhappy clientele happens to come back for some revenge.  In game
terms this provides the Arms Dealer with a bonus to the amount of damage dealt 
by the secondary systems installed on their weapons.

See Also: Secondary, Fire, Arms dealer

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