Boba Fett, various port areas, Jabba's Sail Barge
- 1N from port in Mos Eisley
- Bespin in the south port area
- ?

Object 'Boba Fett's Helmet', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory Head 
Item is: !Donate Unmaskable Magic !Sith !Jedi !Smuggler !Mercenary !Tech !Medic UNIQUE 
Weight: 15, Value: 150000, Rent: 6000
Minimum Level: 80
AC-apply is 10
Quality: Brand New.
This armor has a level 4 system mount
 Scanning System
 Thermal Scanners
 Integrated Shiplink
 Integrated Comlink
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Hitpoints by 15
   Affects: Hitroll by 2
   Affects: All Stats by 8

Object 'Boba Fett's Battle Armor', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory On Body 
Item is: !Donate Unmaskable Magic !Sith !Jedi !Smuggler !Mercenary !Tech Upgradeable !Cryo !Medic UNIQUE 
Weight: 25, Value: 350000, Rent: 9000
Minimum Level: 80
AC-apply is 14
Quality: Brand New.
This armor has a level 2 system mount
 Augmented Weapons(pulse wave emitter)
Special: Absorption Proc in Combat.
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Hitpoints by 25
   Affects: Combat Ability by 3
   Affects: Movement by -10
   Affects: Regeneration by 1

Object 'a Trophy Belt', Item type: Bandolier
It can be worn: Inventory About Body Waist 
Item is: !Donate Unmaskable Magic !Sith !Jedi !Smuggler !Mercenary !Tech !Medic !Tinker UNIQUE 
Weight: 16, Value: 300000, Rent: 7000
Minimum Level: 80
This bandolier can hold a max weight of 150
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Hitpoints by 20
   Affects: All Stats by 8
   Affects: Armor by -8
   Affects: Hitpoints by 10

Object 'a Long Barreled Blaster', Item type: Weapon
It can be worn: Inventory Wield One Handed 
Item is: !Donate Unmaskable Magic !Sith !Jedi Upgradeable !Medic UNIQUE 
Weight: 14, Value: 160000, Rent: 5000
Minimum Level: 75
Damage Dice is '8D3' for an average per-round damage of 16.0.
Combat type: Blaster Combat
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Hitroll by 3
   Affects: All Stats by 5
   Affects: Blaster Marksmanship by 3
   Affects: Damage by 1


L60 Stealth - remove from WHO, become untrackable?, avoid tripwires
L65 Offhand - additional attacks from held weapon while multi-wielding
L70 Snipe - "one shot, one kill"
L75 Make Round - make ammo for a sniper rifle
L75 Stalk - automatically move to a player's location, no DTs
L80 Vanish - force mob to switch targets
L85 Lethal Weaponry - additional attacks from wristworn and secondary weapons
L90 Combat Snipe - "one shot, one kill" in combat
L95 Take Aim - improve chance to hit a target
L100 Killing Blow - kill a target with one attack


-----------------------------=< Stealth >=-------------------------------

Assassin Level 60

Usage: stealth

Stealth allows the Assassin to begin avoiding contact in cities
and zones, as well as hide signs of his or her passing and
thereby avoiding any traces of a path which could be tracked.

With Stealth in use, the Assassin also has learned how to
avoid motion sensor tripwires and will no longer trigger
any of those such silent alarms.

See Also: Assassin

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Lethal Weaponry

---------------------------=< Lethal Weaponry >=------------------------

Assassin Level 65

Usage: automatic

An Assassin excels at his craft when he makes full use of all weapons
at his or her disposal. While similar equipment may just make other beings
dangerous, when used by an Assassin they become truly lethal.

In game terms, an Assassin has the chance to gain additional attacks from
wristworn weapons and any supplemental weapons installed in his armor.

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------------------------------=< Sniper >=-------------------------------

Assassin Level 70

Usage: target <direction> <victim>

The sniper skill is one reserved for the more notorious of the Bounty
Hunters.  With this skill, the Hunter becomes an even more silent,
and deadly adversary.  The motto of the sniper, "One shot, one kill"
becomes reality when equipped with the specially designed sniper
rifle.  A weapon of this type is required to use this powerful skill.

Also, upon being fired upon, certain mob targets may take cover to
prevent injury from sniper fire.  Note too, that a round fired in this
mode will cause greater damage than is inflicted otherwise.

To use this skill an Assassin must acquire a Sniper Rifle, which 
should be recognized by the name or when the weapon is scanned.

Sniper weapons must be loaded with cartridges using the 
loadcartridge command, and cartridges may be ejected from the rifle
with the ejectcartridge command.

See Also: Ejectcartridge, Loadcartridge, Round, Cartridge, Assassin

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------------------------------=< Sniper >=-------------------------------

   Snipers are a special breed of hunters, with a special talent for dropping
targets from great distrances.  They equip themselves with custom rifles which
contain a projectile-based round system, capable of delivering many kinds of
sniper rounds into the very hearts of their targets.  Sniper weapons also have
a short-range energy based system which is used for closer combat when the
projectile system will not do.    
   Snipers have learned the skill of packing cartridges with ammunition rounds
which are manufactured specially for sniping. Below are the commands used for
manipulating rounds and cartridges for use with sniper weapons.

loadround <cartridge> <round>
  - loads a round <round> into a cartridge <cartridge> in your inventory.
  - Cartridges take a max of 6 rounds, but they may be of varying types.

ejectround <cartridge>
  - ejects the next (chamber-ready) round from a cartridge.
  - Round will appear in inventory.

loadcartridge <cartridge>
  - Loads cartridge <cartridge> from inventory into wielded sniper weapon.
  - A cartridge cannot be loaded into a weapon which is already loaded.
  - All rounds in the cartridge will be inserted into the rifle in the same
    order they appear in the cartridge.

  - Ejects the cartridge from a wielded sniper weapon.
  - Cartridge will appear in inventory.
  - Most sniper weapons load in the game with an empty catridge which
    can be ejected and loaded with rounds.

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examine <cartridge>
  - the normal examine command, when used on cartridges, will list the
    rounds contained in the cartridge and indicate which round will
    fire next. There is no way to look at the individual rounds loaded
    into a sniper weapon, the cartridge must first be ejected.

* Cartridges can be purchased at the Mos Eisley BH Guild.
* Standard (normal) sniper rounds can be purchased at the BH guild as well.
* Other (non-standard) rounds are available through various means across the
  galaxy. Some example are poisoned sniper rounds, tranquilizing sniper rounds,
  concussion sniper rounds, etc.

See Also: Assassin, Snipe

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Sniper Rounds

--------------------------=< Sniper Rounds >=----------------------------

There are various types of rounds (ammunition) available for sniper rounds.
They range from basic bullets to Force-imbued projectiles.  Skilled snipers
have been known to create a variety of enhanced ammunition rounds, such as
poisoned rounds that will inject the victim with a toxic substance, and
explosive rounds, which will fragment with explosive force upon entering 
the victim's body.

You can buy sniper rounds, or scavenge them from dead assassins and other
snipers around the Galaxy.

See Also: Assassin, Cartridge, Loadcartridge, Ejectcartridge

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----------------------------=< Cartridge >=------------------------------

   Cartridges are used exclusively by Assassins to package ammunition for
sniper weapons. Cartridges may be EXAMINEd to determine their contents,
producing output similar to this:

This cartridge contains:
<position> : <type>
        1  : a poisoned round (next into chamber)
        2  : a poisoned round
        3  : a standard round
        4  : a standard round
        5  : a tranquilizer round

You may eject rounds from a cartridge with the ejectround command,
and load rounds with the loadround command. Cartridges may be ejected
from sniper weapons with the ejectcartridge command, and loaded into
weapons with the loadcartridge command.

Sniper weapons typically load with empty cartridges. You may pack
that cartridge with rounds or use one of your own cartridges. New
cartridges are available in the Bounty Hunters guild, they conform
to a universal standard.

See Also: Assassin, Snipe, Loadcartridge, Loadround, Ejectcartridge

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Make Round

----------------------------=< Make Round >=-----------------------------

Assassin Level 75

Usage: make <number> <type>

Land Ammo                 Keyword         Materials 
-----------               --------        ----------
Standard round            standard        Dura(10)
Poison round              poison          Dura(10), Neut(5)
Tranquilizer round        tranquilizer    Dura(10), Moly(5)
Explosive round           explosive       Dura(10), Neut(6)
Penetrating round         penetrating     Dura(10), Neut(8)
Tracer round              tracer          Dura(8), Neut(8)

With this skill the Assassin can make various types of rounds (ammunition)
for their sniper rifles. Skilled snipers have been known to create a 
variety of enhanced ammunition rounds, such as poisoned rounds that will
inject the victim with a toxic substance. A Maximum of 6 rounds can be
made at a time.

See Also: Snipe, Assassin, Round

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------------------------------=< Vanish >=-------------------------------

Assassin Level 80

Usage: vanish

This skill allows an Assassin to momentarily distract an enemy during combat
allowing the Assassin to escape, change his attack, or use another skill.
Vanish only works for the Assassin, and it is temporary.  An aggie mob will
soon realize the Assassin is still there and attack again. In game this 
skill also forces the mobile to switch targets from the tanker to another
player fighting him.

See Also: Assassin

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Find Prey

----------------------------=< Find Prey >=------------------------------

Assassin Level 85

Usage: find <victim>

With this skill an assassin can locate the name of the room his target is
in.  In some cases there may be multiple targets, and in that case, all
targets and their locations will be listed.

Targets higher than your level may be difficult to find using this skill.

See Also: Assassin

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Take Aim

-----------------------------=< Take Aim >=------------------------------

Assassin Level 90

Usage: aim <direction> <target>

Using this skill, assassins will take extra careful aim at their
target, improving their chances to hit their target.

See Also: Snipe, Assassin

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------------------------------=< Stalk >=--------------------------------

Assassin Level 95

Usage: stalk <player-name>

With this skill, an Assassin can Stalk directly to another character,
failing rarely.  The movement is automatic, and operates too fast
to list the rooms, so one need not worry about running into a
death trap.

See Also: Assassin

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Killing Blow

---------------------------=< Killing Blow >=----------------------------

Assassin Level 100

Usage: kb

With Killing Blow, an Assassin can kill a target in one single attack.
This killing blow check occurs automatically, so any strike, could be
one that ends your foe's life.  The odds of a killing blow occuring
decrease the greater the level and hitpoints of your opponent.

Note: killing blow now must be activated in order to function.

See Also: Assassin

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