Khabarakh, Honoghr [875] (JUMP 875, land, e, d, d, 3N)


L60 First Aid - heal others, requires a medical kit
L65 Search - find someone hidden in a room
L70 Pummel - attack a victim
L73 Hawkeye - find anyone or anything trying to sneak
L75 Push - push victim out of a room
L80 Protect - deflects and absorbs damage aimed towards another player
L85 Collateral Damage - extra attack with a two-handed weapon
L90 Tackle - stun a victim
L95 Group Retreat - moves group into an adjacent room
L100 Adrenaline Boost - huge increase to hit points for 5 minutes every 30 minutes

First Aid

----------------------------=< First Aid >=------------------------------

Body Guard Level 60

Usage: bandage <victim>

First Aid works just like bandage, except it is used on others.
It requires the user to have a medical kit in their inventory.

See Also: Bodyguard, Bandage

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------------------------------=< Search >=-------------------------------

Smuggler Level 39
Bounty Hunter Level 43
Body Guard Level 65

Usage: search

The search skill allows a player to turn over a room and find anyone
who may be hiding in the room.  It takes quite a while to completely search
a room (you will receive several rounds on lag).  Hidden persons do not 
generally like being discovered, searching for a hidden mob will start 
a fight.

See Also: Hide

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------------------------------=< Pummel >=-------------------------------

Body Guard Level 70

Usage: pummel <victim>

This attack does great amounts of damage to your opponent, who you pummel
with vicious blows to the head and body.

The success of a pummel attack depends on how well you are learned. The
higher level you reach the harder you pummel your opponent.

See Also: Body guard

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-----------------------------=< Hawkeye >=-------------------------------

Smuggler Level 54
Body Guard Level 73

Usage: automatic

A person with the Hawkeye skill has honed their senses to such a degree that
they can spot movement when others might see nothing. This allows the player
to notice people sneaking around and trying to avoid being seen.

See Also: Hide, Sneak, Bodyguard, Smuggler

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-------------------------------=< Push >=--------------------------------

Body Guard Level 75

Usage: push <victim> <direction>

The success of a push depends upon how well you are learned. When you
succeed, you will push your victim out of the room in the direction you

This is useful in removing protective bodyguards from around a mob.

See Also: Body guard

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-----------------------------=< Protect >=-------------------------------

Body Guard Level 80

Usage: protect <player>

Protect provides another player with the knowledge that he/she is
well guarded by the Bodyguard.  Any attacks on the protected player
is deflected as the Bodyguard absorbs the attacks.  Quite useful if
the protected player is not fully capable of taking large amounts of

See Also: Mercenary, Body guard

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Collateral Damage

------------------------=< Collateral Damage >=--------------------------

Commando Level 70
Body Guard Level 85

Usage: Automatic

   Mercenaries are not known for their precision, but rather their damage.  
And once a skilled mercenary starts blasting, well, its kind of hard to stop.
So much so that they can get more firepower out of a big gun than your average
person.  This always leads to some "collateral damage" in the process.  In game
terms, it means that a mercenary will get an extra attack when using a
two-handed weapon.  It's up to the mercenary whether or not to charge extra for
that extra damage.    

See Also: Mercenary, Bodyguard, Commando

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------------------------------=< Tackle >=-------------------------------

Body Guard Level 90

Usage: tackle <victim>

If a tackle attempt is successful, the target will be stunned and
unable to take any actions for a time.  If attacked while stunned, a
much greater amount of damage can be delivered.

See Also: Body guard

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Group Retreat

--------------------------=< Group Retreat >=----------------------------

Body Guard Level 95

Usage: gretreat <direction>

This skill enables a Body Guard to allow his group the option to escape from
combat in any direction he or she wishes.  Often helpful when the group
wishes to flee to a specific room.

See Also: Body guard

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Adrenalin Boost

-------------------------=< Adrenaline Boost >=--------------------------

Body Guard Level 100

Usage: boost

To protect their charges to the limits of their ability, bodyguards
have found a way to boost their adrenaline through simple mental
fortitude.  This is not without side effects however, and bodyguards
have learned to not over boost their adrenaline. (The results of which
were often nasty violence induced deaths)  

With the boost command, a bodyguard increases his or her hitpoints to
a fantastic level for a short period of time. (about 5 minutes).  
This boost can only be triggered once every 30 minutes or so.

See Also: Bodyguard

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