Combat Medic


Elassar Targon (male devaron), upper residential area, Coruscant [555]
A male devaron is here making strange hand gestures.

1) Land on Coruscant
2) Go S;E;E;E to the High Skies of Coruscant
3) Go up, then all the way north
4) Go east to the residential area and look for Elassar Targon


L60 Combat Healing - can't attack, can heal during combat
L65 Casualty Evacuation - move target to another room
L70 Professional First Aid - override effects of minor and serious wounds
L75 Take Cover - prevents attacks when Combat Healing
L80 Medic Neutrality - reduce mob aggro against medic
L85 Under Fire - requires Combat Healing, not interrupted during combat
L90 Medical Evacuation - send target to the Medic Guild
L100 Boost Morale - group damage bonus while medic is in the room

Combat Healing

--------------------------=< Combat Healing >=---------------------------

Usage: comheal

A trained combat medic isn't afraid to jump into the front lines.
While Combat Healing a medic is able to jump into the fray and
heal others who are fighting. 

In game terms: combat healing puts you into an altered state of combat
where your attacks are reduced to 0, however you gain the ability to
use all medical skills while fighting. Your exp earned per heal is 
also increased.

See Also: Combat medic

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Casualty Evacuation

-----------------------=< Casualty Evacuation >=-------------------------

Combat Medic Level 65

Usage: evac <victim> <direction>

When the situation is too dangerous to give treatment to a wounded ally 
directly, the best choice is to get that ally to a safer place. With this
skill the Combat Medic can grab the victim and drag them to safety.

See Also: Combat medic

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Professional First Aid

----------------------=< Professional First Aid >=-----------------------

Combat Medic Level 70

usage: aid <victim>

This skill allows a combat medic to use their skill in patching up the walking wounded
and getting them back into the fight.  It will temporarily override the effects of
minor and serious wounds.

See Also: Combat medic

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Take Cover

----------------------------=< Take Cover >=-----------------------------

Combat Medic Level 75

Usage: Automatic

Combat medics are adept at the skill of ducking behind something
to prevent attacks while Combat Healing.

See Also: Combat medic

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Medic Neutrality

-------------------------=< Medic Neutrality >=--------------------------

Combast Medic Level 80

Usage: neutrality

Veteran medics know they can better be of service when they
themselves can avoid combat.  Maintaining a neutral state
on the battlefield lessens the chance that your aggressors
will initiate combat against you.  However, higher level
aggressors may still ignore your neutrality and fire upon you.

See Also: Combat medic

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Under Fire

----------------------------=< Under Fire >=-----------------------------

Combat Medic Level 85

usage: automatic

Combat medics are cool under fire, and with this skill they can keep
working without freezing up.

This skill only works if both the medic and the victim are engaged
in combat and the medic has combat healing on.

See Also: Combat medic

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Medical Evacuation

------------------------=< Medical Evacuation >=-------------------------

Combat Medic Level 90

Usage: medevac <target>

The veteran Combat Medic is able to secure a Medical Evacuation
for their patients using the guild's MEDEVAC team. Having this
"scoop and run" ability may save the victim's life by transporting
them out of harms way via a shuttle to the Mos Eisley Medic's Guild.

Upon arriving at the rooftop landing zone, the victim is then
rushed into a shelter where emergency bacta tanks are at the ready.
From that point on the victim depends on the regenerative properties
of the bacta tanks. Some situations may require having a dedicated
medic on standby at the landing zone.

See Also: Combat medic

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Boost Morale

---------------------------=< Boost Morale >=----------------------------

Combat Medic Level 100

usage: morale

Having a combat medic in the group can greatly boost the morale of the
other members. They realize the medic has their back and can keep them in
the fight longer, and they fight harder knowing this.

In game terms, this means as long as the medic is in the same room as the
group, they receive a bonus to damage.

See Also: Combat medic

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