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L60 Sixth Sense - get aggro status of mobs
L65 Camouflage - try to reduce aggro of nearby mobs
L70 Collateral Damage - extra attack with a two-handed weapon
L75 Rally Cry - temporary group bonus to hit points and combat ability
L80 Retreat - flee to a specified room
L85 Steady Shot - increased accuracy with any secondary weapon
L90 Rampage - hit all mobs in a room 3 times a round
L95 Commando Tactics - 3 times normal damage during land combat
L100 Strike Force - summon group of assisting mobs for a single land fight

Sixth Sense

---------------------------=< Sixth Sense >=-----------------------------

Commando Level 60

Usage: conc 'sixth sense'

Sixth Sense enables the Commando to get an inclination as to the hostility
levels of neighboring mobs.  This skill, honed from years in combat,
provides useful information regarding the aggressiveness of opposing mobs.

See Also: Commando

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Steady Shot

---------------------------=< Steady Shot >=-----------------------------

Commando level 63

Usage: steady

A Commando has trained for years to make sure they are as
accurate as possible when firing secondary weapon systems.

Using this skill allows a Commando to fire the secondary weapon
system of any weapon with increased accuracy.

See Also: Commando

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----------------------------=< Camouflage >=-----------------------------

Commando Level 66

Usage: camouflage

A cunning and stealthy commando paints his face and body in
camouflage paint to avoid being seen by his enemies.  The successful
application of camouflage will reduce the chance that aggressive mobs will
notice and therefore attack you.

There is no way of knowing if the camouflage has been effectively applied without
trying it out.

Camouflage is affected by your surroundings.  It is very effective in 
forests and rainforests, moderately effective in mountains, hills and fields
and much less effective in cities and indoors.

See Also: Commando, Blend

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Collateral Damage

------------------------=< Collateral Damage >=--------------------------

Commando Level 70
Body Guard Level 85

Usage: Automatic

   Mercenaries are not known for their precision, but rather their damage.  
And once a skilled mercenary starts blasting, well, its kind of hard to stop.
So much so that they can get more firepower out of a big gun than your average
person.  This always leads to some "collateral damage" in the process.  In game
terms, it means that a mercenary will get an extra attack when using a
two-handed weapon.  It's up to the mercenary whether or not to charge extra for
that extra damage.    

See Also: Mercenary, Bodyguard, Commando

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Rally Cry

----------------------------=< Rally Cry >=------------------------------

Commando Level 72

Usage: rally

Rally Cry inspires those in the commando's unit to fight with
greater desire.  All those in the group gain bonuses to both
hit points and and combat ability for a set duration.

Each use of Rally Cry will drain your pool of focus, no matter if you
are currently affected by a prior Rally Cry or not.

See Also: Commando

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-----------------------------=< Retreat >=-------------------------------

Commando Level 78

Usage: retreat <direction>

A master of hit and run tactics, this skill enables a commando to escape 
from combat in any direction he or she wishes.  Often helpful when one 
wishes to flee to a specific room.

See Also: Commando

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-----------------------------=< Rampage >=-------------------------------

Commando Level 84

usage: rampage

A truly experienced fighter can do some devastating damage.  Rampage
allows a Commando to hit all the mobs in the room 3 times a round.

See Also: Berserk

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Commando Tactics

-------------------------=< Commando Tactics >=--------------------------

Commando Level 90 

Usage: Automatic (random; in combat)

The cunning Commando, having studied and fought many opponents, has
come to understand the strengths and weaknesses of many different races.

With their analytical mind, a Commando can often determine
the extent of these weaknesses for a given race or species,
such as a vulnerable organ or surface, and can also seek
out places where armor may be missing or insufficient.

The Commando has also honed these methods to be useful against
droids.  Knowing exactly which motivator or circuit to disable
will deliver devastating blows during combat with droids.

Commando Tactics are only useful on land, as space tactics
would require a different approach to the analysis.

When successful, the blows dealt to your enemy with Commando Tactics
will deliver three times as much damage as an ordinary attack.

The probability of your being able to successfully exploit your
enemies' weaknesses improves greatly with your character's level
and over time as you hone the skill through combat.

See Also: Commando

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Strike Force

---------------------------=< Strike Force >=----------------------------

Commando Level 100

Usage: strike

With strike force a commando will call in a skilled team of operatives
that will assist in the current combat action.  These are not followers
but assisting mobiles, and they will only stay for the duration of one
battle.  Afterwards they will return back to their other duties.

The strike command is to be used once combat has begun, and up to a
half dozen strike force members will assist you.  The number is random,
but charisma will bring up the minimum total.  There are six types of 
team members that will support you, each with his or her own skills,
Which type assist you is totally random.

Strike Force Assistors:
  Soldier - Standard combat troop with mercenary skill set.
  Infiltrator - Dexterous troop with smuggler skill set.
  Medic - A Healing troop type, Medics will heal you in combat.
  Saboteur - An explosive expert, he has high damage capabilities.
  Martyr - Willing to die for the cause, the martyr will "Protect" you.
  Fanatic - Crazed alliance member, with high damage, many attacks.

After being deployed, the strike force must regroup and
rearm for a short time before being able to be used again.
Note also that this ability cannot be used in space.

See Also: Commando

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