Yoda, Jedi Tower, Coruscant [555] or Dagobah [483]

Jedi Tower
1) Land on Coruscant
2) Go S;W;W;W
3) Go all the way north and RIDE the lift
4) Get past the guards to enter the tower
5) ?

1) Land on Dagobah
2) Go N;W;N;W;W;W;S;S;W;W;W;N to the Hut Entrance


L60 Foresee - see room that mob or player is in
L65 Crucitorn - reduce damage by 1/2 or 3/4 on others
L70 Sunburst - force attack, stun evil targets
L75 Force Harmony - group Crucitorn
L80 Healing Trance - powerful self heal
L85 Force Hold - prevent escape, handicaps to defense and attack
L90 Absorb Force - absorb offensive force attacks, kaiburr crystal attacks
L100 Healing Aura - powerful group heal


-----------------------------=< Foresee >=-------------------------------

Consular Level 60
Sith Lord Level 72

Usage: conc 'foresee' <victim>

This spell enables one to see a vision of something far away. The 
caster concentrates on seeing a player or mob, and will see all that
can be seen normally in the room the player or mob is in.

See Also: Consular, Sith lord

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----------------------------=< Crucitorn >=------------------------------

Defender Level 60
Consular Level 65
Sentinel Level 70

Usage: conc 'crucitorn' <self>

When protected by Crucitorn, a Jedi will only receive 1/2 the normal
damage caused by a particular blow.  Non-Jedi protected by Crucitorn
will only receive 3/4 normal damage.

See Also: Focus, Concentrate, Consular, Defender, Sentinel, Combat cost

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-----------------------------=< Sunburst >=------------------------------

Consular Level 70

Usage: conc 'sunburst' <target>

With this spell, Consulars can direct explosive force energy towards
the target, causing intense damage. The spell is so powerful that any
evil victims may be stunned for a time, unable to attack.

If a Consular targets himself/herself with Sunburst, it will cause
no damage, and instead will dispel any un-natural darkness in the room.

See Also: Consular, Concentrate

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Force Harmony

--------------------------=< Force Harmony >=----------------------------

Consular Level 75

Usage: conc 'force harmony'

Force Harmony imbues every member of the Consular's group with 
Crucitorn. The effect on the group members only lasts while the Consular 
is near them.

See Also: Concentrate, Force, Focus, Crucitorn, Consular, Combat cost

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Healing Trance

--------------------------=< Healing Trance >=---------------------------

Consular Level 80
Sentinel Level 90

Usage: conc 'healing trance'

This skill represents the ultimate in Jedi healing abilities.
By focusing inward with the Force, a Jedi greatly increases the natural 
healing ability they possess.  However due to the nature of the power,
it can only be used effectively on the individual casting it.

Note: The skill takes great concentration. A Jedi will need time
before they are able to attempt casting it again.

See Also: Consular, Sentinel

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Force Hold

----------------------------=< Force Hold >=-----------------------------

Consular Level 85

Usage:  concentrate 'force hold' <victim>

Upon mastering the elements of the force, a Jedi can use it to many
means. In this case, he can call upon it to grasp his opponents in 
an iron prison, rendering his victims helpless to escape, and 
significantly handicapping their ability to defend and attack. The
power and duration of the Force's hold on an opponent, however, may
vary greatly as to the control the Jedi has over the discipline. If
the Jedi is too weak to control these powers, retaliation is sure to

See Also: Consular

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Absorb Force

---------------------------=< Absorb Force >=----------------------------

Consular Level 90

Usage: automatic

  At this level a Consular can absorb offensive force attacks used
against him/her.  This includes powers such as Force Lightning, and also
Kaiburr crystals.  The chance of absorbing an attack depends on skill
level and attacker and defenders level.

See Also: Consular

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Healing Aura

---------------------------=< Healing Aura >=----------------------------

Consular Level 100

Usage: conc 'healing aura'

This skill represents the ultimate in Jedi healing abilities.
By focusing outward with the Force, a Consular greatly increases the 
natural healing ability of others around them. It is also very strenuous
and it takes time for a Consular to use it again. 

See Also: Consular

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