Dengar, wanders around Corellia [565]

'A strong man, with a bandaged head, is here, looking abouts the room.'

1) Land on Corellia and go north
2) Can usually be found around the WarDome


L60 Cyborg Speed - temporarily buffs Quickness stat
L72 Self Repair - self heal, requires repair kit
L78 Bionic Strength - buff STR and endurance
L84 Cybernetic Targeting - buffs accuracy
L90 Adaptation - damage reduction
L100 Blitz - perform multiple attacks on a target

Cyborg Speed

---------------------------=< Cyborg Speed >=----------------------------

Cyborg Level 60

Usage: conc 'cyborg speed'

Using Cyborg Speed, Cyborgs can increase their speeds to an inhuman
level for long durations of time.  This grants extra Quickness.

See Also: Cyborg

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Self Repair

---------------------------=< Self Repair >=-----------------------------

Cyborg Level 68

Usage: repair borg self

Through the use of Self Repair, Cyborgs are able to command their
body to repair itself.  Tiny synthetic microbes build, stretch, and
repair the body into what it once was.
A repair kit is required for a cyborg's self repair.

See Also: Cyborg, Repair

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Bionic Strength

-------------------------=< Bionic Strength >=---------------------------

Cyborg Level 78

Usage: conc 'bionic strength'

Through implants and programmed biofeedback routines, a Cyborg can artificially
bolster their strength and endurance.  While under the effects of Bionic Strength,
a Cyborg is significantly harder to kill, as well as stronger, than a mortal member 
of the Cyborg's base species.

See Also: Cyborg, Strength, Force

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Cybernetic Targeting

-----------------------=< Cybernetic Targeting >=------------------------

Cyborg Level 84

Usage: conc 'cybernetic targeting'

Using a special cybernetic implant, cyborgs can superimpose a
targeting grid over their normal vision, allowing them much greater
accuracy than normal eyesight would allow.

See Also: Cyborg

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----------------------------=< Adaptation >=-----------------------------

Cyborg Level 90

Usage: Automatic

Cyborgs have the ability to quickly evolve their bodies to
help them in combat.  The Adaption skill allows Cyborgs to sometimes 
adapt to an attack fast enough, so that it will cause only scratches
for damage.  Examples of this are adapting and absorbing/reflecting
the energy of a laser blast or reinforcing the armor on a leg about
to take a hit from a Gamorrean axe.

See Also: Cyborg

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------------------------------=< Blitz >=--------------------------------

Cyborg Level 100

Usage: Blitz <target>

With a state of the art, move by wire system installed to increase their
speed and reflexes, a Cyborg can unleash an incredible blitz of attacks
sure to devastate an enemy.  These attacks will quickly tire a Cyborg
however, so cannot be used often without consequence.

See Also: Cyborg

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