Mace Windu, Jedi Tower, Coruscant [555] or Geonosis Arena [788]

Jedi Tower
1) Land on Coruscant
2) Go S;W;W;W
3) Go all the way north and RIDE the lift
4) Get past the guards to enter the tower (very hard, also likely old information)
5) Wander, usually north and west

Geonosis Arena
1) Wanders in the arena


L60 Crucitorn - reduce damage by 1/2 or 3/4 on others
L65 Combat Speed - passive bonus to attack speed
L70 Blademaster - dual saber mastery
L75 Saber Throw - throw a saber, more complex than it sounds
L80 Healing Trance - powerful self heal
L85 Flurry - multiple attacks on a target
L90 Redirect - deflect attacks to another target
L100 Saber Ward - stop attacking, increased deflect and defend, taunt targets


----------------------------=< Crucitorn >=------------------------------

Defender Level 60
Consular Level 65
Sentinel Level 70

Usage: conc 'crucitorn' <self>

When protected by Crucitorn, a Jedi will only receive 1/2 the normal
damage caused by a particular blow.  Non-Jedi protected by Crucitorn
will only receive 3/4 normal damage.

See Also: Focus, Concentrate, Consular, Defender, Sentinel, Combat cost

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Combat Speed

--------------------------=< Combat Speed  >=----------------------------

Defender Level 65
Mercenary Level 36
Bounty Hunter Level 46

Usage: Automatic

   Through experience and training, mercenaries and bounty hunters can increase
the speed at which they attack in combat without the need for an increase in
their quickness.  Fighters trained in this skill will attack more often
allowing them to deal more damage.

See Also: Bounty hunter, Mercenary

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---------------------------=< Blademaster >=-----------------------------

Defender Level 70
Sith Marauder Level 78
Sentinel Level 80

Usage: automatic

A Blademaster, or Battlemaster as it is sometimes called in the
Jedi Order, represents the highest level of lightsaber mastery.
A blademaster is not only fluid in all traditional forms of lightsaber
combat and techniques, but often experiments in the lesser known forms
and even attempts creation of new forms.

In game terms, the blademaster skill demonstrates mastery by 
improving several of the Defender's other skills:
- an advanced proficiency using Deflect
- an improved ability using the Defend skill
- an additional attack when using the Flurry skill
- a double slash when using Slash

See Also: Jedi, Defender, Lightsaber

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Saber Throw

---------------------------=< Saber Throw >=-----------------------------

Defender Level 75
Sith Marauder Level 84

Usage: throw <saber weapon> <target>

With the Saber Throw, the Sith Marauder or Defender has learned how to 
throw their saber during combat.  A thrown saber will deal damage
determined by the damage dice of the lightsaber and the location
upon the target which the saber strikes.  Additional effects will
apply to the target depending on the location hit.  For example,
a leg strike will hamstring the target and reduce its movement.

After the lightsaber is thrown, he will automatically recall his weapon
to his hand to continue fighting.  For rooms that restrict usage of the
force or low focus levels can prevent this from happening and the
lightsaber will then find itself upon the ground.

Be warned, this skill is not without its drawbacks.  It is possible
that the thrown lightsaber could accidentally hit the weapon wielded 
by the target and destroy itself.  There is a timer on this skill and
the skill applies only to wielded lightsabers.

There is an added bonus for dual-bladed lightsabers.

See Also: Sith marauder, Defender, Throw

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Healing Trance

--------------------------=< Healing Trance >=---------------------------

Defender Level 80
Consular Level 80
Sentinel Level 95

Usage: conc 'healing trance'

This skill represents the ultimate in Jedi healing abilities.
By focusing inward with the Force, a Jedi greatly increases the natural 
healing ability they possess.  However due to the nature of the power,
it can only be used effectively on the individual casting it.

Note: The skill takes great concentration. A Jedi will need time
before they are able to attempt casting it again.

See Also: Sentinel, Consular

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------------------------------=< Flurry >=-------------------------------

Defender Level 85
Sith Marauder Level 90

Usage: flurry <target>

With the help of the Force to increase their speed and reflexes, Sith
Marauders and Defenders can unleash an incredible flurry of attacks sure 
to devastate an enemy.  These attacks are based on the Sith's or Defender's
ties to the force and his/her weapon proficiency. 

See Also: Sith marauder, Defender

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-----------------------------=< Redirect >=------------------------------

Defender Level 90

Usage: redirect
       redirect <victim>
       redirect <victim> <target>

Imagine for a minute, you could see attacks before they happen, and 
had the ability to redirect these predicted attacks at another target
before they struck home.  Those very strong in the force can do
just this.  With redirect, a Defender can redirect several of
his victims attacks when they are in combat.  These redirected attacks
can even be redirected at another target in the area.
A Defender's ability with this skill is based off his/her skill 
level, wisdom and the level of the target he is attempting to redirect.  
Redirecting attacks without a target will result in the attacks 
striking harmlessly against the ground, wall, or whatever might be 
in the area.

See Also: Defender

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Saber Ward

----------------------------=< Saber Ward >=-----------------------------

Defender level 100

Usage: ward (enter and exit the stance)

A Defender is often charged with the protection and defense of
others in the heat of combat. Sometimes, the only way to truly
defend his allies is to commit completely to defense. Defenders
have honed the ability to use their lightsaber to create a barrier
of protection. This saber ward represents the highest level of
defense in the Jedi Order and will also rescue fellow fighters,
allowing them to escape if necessary.

In game terms, a Defender enters a saber ward stance and will no
longer make any attacks in combat, but will have his ability to
deflect and defend against attacks increased dramatically. To
exit the saber ward stance, simply toggle the ward off.

Also, when the Defender begins his ward during combat, he creates
a distraction that will let others safely leave the room. While in
his saber ward, the Defender can use "divert" to renew the

Note: Defenders in this stance cannot recall while fighting until
they are in mortal peril.

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