R2-D2, Forest Moon of Endor [168]


L60 Bionic Sight - infravision, see hidden and masked
L66 Force Field - temporarily absorb normal attacks
L72 Optimize Systems - restores Focus, MV, and HP with some random STR/DEX/INT bonuses
L78 Barrier Field - block an exit with an unremovable barrier
L84 Energy Beam - powerful attack
L90 Swarm - no damage to Droid, followers destroyed by attacking target
L100 Transform - transform into specialized droid forms

Bionic Sight

---------------------------=< Bionic Sight >=----------------------------

Droid Level 60

Usage:  conc 'bionic sight'

Bionic Sight enables the Droid to detect the heat given off by objects
giving them the ability to have much better vision in dark conditions,
also allows them to see through most masking devices, and finally does
a regular scan for hidden individuals.

See Also: Infravision, Droid

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Force Field

---------------------------=< Force Field >=-----------------------------

Droid Level 66

Usage: field

Generates a bubble-like force field around the Droid, protecting it 
from harm.  This will last for a specified number of attacks before 
the force field will fall.  However, very powerful attacks will 
penetrate the force field and bring it down prematurely.

See Also: Droid

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Optimize Systems

-------------------------=< Optimize Systems >=--------------------------

Droid level 72

Usage: Optimize

   With this function a droid reconfigures its systems for best performance in
all activities.  It restores Focus, Moves, and Hits, as well as provides random
bonuses to strength, dexterity and intellectual functions.    

See Also: Droid

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Barrier Field

-----------------------=< Barrier Force Field >=-------------------------

Droid Level 78

Usage:        barrier <direction>
Remove:       disable barrier

A Droid, using its mechanical abilities, can place a barrier force field
as a barrier to block off an exit or entrance. Also, a barrier force field
cannot be removed by anyone of a lower level than the Droid who placed it
there. As the level of the Droid increases, the length of time the field
will stay increases. Barrier fields will not work in space as the power
needed to generate one large enough to seal in a spacecraft is simply too

See Also: Droid, Barricade

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Energy Beam

---------------------------=< Energy Beam >=-----------------------------

Droid Level 84

usage: blast <target>

Droids have the abilty to summon power from their power core and channel
it as a blast of electrical energy.  It will drain the droid's power and
make it more vulnerable.  The stronger the droid is, the more powerful
the blast will be.

See Also: Droid

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------------------------------=< Swarm >=--------------------------------

Droid Level 90

usage: swarm

Being in control of an army of droids allows a Droid to take advantage of
numbers.  A Droid can order their followers to swarm over a target, distracting
it and preventing it from harming the Droid.  Of course, this type of suicide
mission results in the destruction of the followers.

See Also: Droid, Create droid

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----------------------------=< Transform >=------------------------------

Droid Level 100

Usage: Transform <form>

A droid often finds itself limited by its form.  The most advanced of
droids has gotten around this problem by making changes to their body
that allow them to transform into many shapes.  With the Transform
ability, a droid player can transform into several useful droid forms.

Battle -  Battle Droids have a substantial increase in firepower.
Scout - Scout Droids move quickly over rough terrain and can swim.
Master - Master Droids have the ability to control more droid servants.
Protector -  Protector Droids have strong defensive armor.
Labor - Labor Droid form greatly enhances a Droids carrying capacity.
Normal - Original form, this reverts a droid back to its normal shape.

"Autobots, Transform and Roll Out"

See Also: Droid

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