Thor, Minos Cluster [494], Adarlon

A famous explorer stands here, looking for his next great adventure.
…he glows with the power of the force!


Object 'a compass', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory Neck Hold 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 6, Value: 0, Rent: 0
AC-apply is 8
Quality: Brand New.
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Intelligence by 5
   Affects: Wisdom by 5

Object 'a set of durable hiking boots', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory Feet 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 4, Value: 90, Rent: 10
AC-apply is 7
Quality: Brand New.
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Hitpoints by 5
   Affects: Quickness by 5


L01 Flare - briefly light a dark area
L05 Fleetness - movement enhancement
L10 Listen - detect hidden mobs, mobs in nearby direction
L13 Recharge Light - attempt to extend life of a light
L15 Survival - avoid weather damage, underwater bonus
L20 Peek - attempt to look inside an adjacent room
L25 Detect Hidden - find hidden doors and passages
L30 Homing Beacon - place/locate a homing beacon
L32 Blaze Trail - place colored markers in a room
L35 Camp - recall to the camp instead of Mose Eisley
L40 Scan - check all adjacent rooms


------------------------------=< Flare >=--------------------------------

Usage: conc 'flare'

Explorer Level 1.

A flare will light a dark room for a short period of time.  It is bright 
enough to also light any dark exits so you can see what rooms surround 
you with the exit command.

See Also: Explorer, Concentrate

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----------------------------=< Fleetness >=------------------------------

Usage: conc 'fleetness'

Explorer Level 5.

Explorers often travel long distances through terrain that is physically
taxing.  In many of these places, even simple vehicles such as speeders
are not available.  With fleetness the Explorer becomes light of foot
and quickly moves across this terrain with little difficulty. As an added
benefit, the explorers quickness will see a slight increase during the
effective period.

See Also: Explorer

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------------------------------=< Listen >=-------------------------------

Explorer Level 10

Usage: listen
       listen <room direction>

Explorers have very sharp hearing, it keeps them alert for dangers
before they befall them.  With listen, an explorer can hear the
movement, breathing of anyone he can't see within the room.  This
does not allow the explorer to see the individual, simply be aware
of their presence.

Listen also can be used to listen into the next room to detect any
individuals in the chosen direction.  

At higher levels, the listener can pinpoint exactly how many 
individuals are in his/her own or the nearby room.

See Also: Explorer

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Recharge Light

--------------------------=< Recharge Light >=---------------------------

Explorer Level 13

Usage: conc 'recharge light' <object>

Getting caught without a light in an unknown location can be a very 
dangerous thing. Recharging a light can extend it's life greatly
however there is a chance that you can damage the light beyond repair
in the process.

See Also: Light, Explorer, Technician

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-----------------------------=< Survival >=------------------------------

Explorer Level 15

Usage: automatic

Explorers learn many tricks and methods to surviving in hostile 
environments, and this skill represents this.  With the survival 
skill, the Explorer will avoid weather damage (Pesky Lightning Bolts)
and know how to swim underwater for extended durations.

See Also: Weather, Explorer

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-------------------------------=< Peek >=--------------------------------

Explorer Level 20

Usage: peek <direction>

By using the peek command, a Explorer can see what a room looks like
and what is in it, before actually entering the room to face the
consequences.  If the peek attempt fails, however, the Explorer will
end up in the room anyway.

See Also: Explorer

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Detect Hidden

--------------------------=< Detect Hidden >=----------------------------

Explorer Level 25

Usage: automatic

Explorers at this level have trained their senses and intuition
to detect hidden doors and passages where others would walk right by.  

Hidden exits will show through the autoexit display or exit command.

See Also: Explorer, Autoexit, Exit

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Homing Beacon

--------------------------=< Homing Beacon >=----------------------------

Explorer Level 30

Usage: place (beacon)
       locate (beacon)

With the Homing Beacon skill, Explorers can place a homing beacon
in any room they choose.  Once placed, the beacon will send out a 
signal from that location until the Explorer places a beacon at
another point.  

Explorers can track their way back to their beacon by using the
locate command, which will point the Explorer in the direction of
their beacon.

See Also: Explorer

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Blaze Trail

---------------------------=< Blaze Trail >=-----------------------------

Explorer Level 32

Usage: blaze <command>

By blazing a trail an explorer leaves behind colored blaze tags and 
markers to help guide the explorer whenever he/she returns to the
same room.  These markers will stay for a significant duration of
time before fading away and are visible to all explorers with 
the skill.  Depending on skill level a blaze marker may not be

Blaze markers will appear whenever an explorer looks at a room.

Blaze commands:
clear - clears any blaze markers from a room
color name - enter one of these color names leave a colored blaze

See Also: Explorer

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-------------------------------=< Camp >=--------------------------------

Explorer Level 35

Usage: camp

Explorers find it useful to set up temporary emergency base camps on
the planets they explore.  When in trouble, they can retreat back to
their base camp instead of sending a distress signal all the way back
to Mos Eisley.

With the Camp command, an Explorer can set a room as his base camp.
From then on, when the explorer activates a normal recall device,
he/she will recall back to the base camp instead of Mos Eisley.
The explorer can only recall to base camp if they recall from within
the same zone as the camp. (Thus, in cases of large zones that 
actually consist of several zone areas, they may not be able to recall
to base camp) A rare number of rooms are not suitable as a camp site
and no camp can be set there.

If the explorer wants to break camp, in order to Recall to Mos Eisley
or wherever he/she's going, they must use the breakcamp command.
This can be done from any location. Only one base camp can be set at 
any given time, and building another will reset your base camp.

See Also: Explorer, Recall, Word of recall

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-------------------------------=< Scan >=--------------------------------

Smuggler Level 33
Bounty Hunter Level 30
Explorer Level 40
Pilot Level 55

Usage: scan

Scan allows you to check all the adjacent rooms and, returns what
mobs and or people are in them.  It is useful in finding aggressive
mobs.  You need to have a scanning device to use the skill
on land, and a scanning array installed on your ship to use the 
skill in space.  NOTE: A scanning array does not take up a slot on
your ship.

See Also: Piloting scan, Look, Smuggler, Bounty hunter

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