Uncle Owen, Moisture Farm, Tatooine [692]

Easy Way
1) Go to the Jawa Sandcrawler and go up one level
2) Take the Exit Ramp from the Drod Holding area to get to the farm

Harder Way
1) Go N;N;N from Port
2) Go W;W;W;S;S to get to outside the garage
3) Don't get lost in the desert

Guild Gear

Object 'a Farmer's pitchfork', Item type: Weapon
It can be worn: Inventory Wield 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 10, Value: 0, Rent: 0
Damage Dice is '3D7' for an average per-round damage of 12.0.
Combat type: Melee Combat
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Hitroll by 1
   Affects: Melee Combat by 1


L01 Farm Water - fill container with water
L04 Farm Food - create food
L07 Sense Weather - try to accurately get information on the weather
L10 Tame - tame/mount a rideable creature
L15 Endurance - temporary bonus to CON stat
L20 Alter Weather - change air pressure

Farm Water

----------------------------=< Farm Water >=-----------------------------

Farmer Level 1

Usage: conc 'farm water' <container>

Using Farm Water, a Farmer can harvest water from the air to drink.
For obvious reasons, this cannot be done in space.

See Also: Farmer

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Farm Food

----------------------------=< Farm Food >=------------------------------

Farmer Level 4

Usage farm <option>

Using Farm Food, a Farmer can produce a food item to be consumed.
Since solid ground is needed, this cannot be done in space.
Food produced by a farmer will have positive affects when eaten.
As the farmer gains in level, different types of food can be farmed.

Crop            Level      Keyword
----            -----      -------
Rock Melons       4        "melons"
Lipana Berries    7        "berries"
Balka Greens     10        "greens"
Domrai Fruit     13        "fruit"
MazeStalk        16        "stalks"
Puzzle Flower    20        "flower"

Farming will consume focus and operates on a one minute timer.

See Also: Farmer

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Sense Weather

--------------------------=< Sense Weather >=----------------------------

Farmer Level 7

Usage: weather

Farmers need to know exactly what the weather is like, and what kind
of weather is on the way.  Weather sense provides a more scientific
reading of the weather through use of the weather command.  While
more accurate and detailed, there is still a chance this prediction
may be wrong. (But you should have better odds than the weather man,
who probably isn't even from the planet your on!)

See Also: Weather, Farmer

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-------------------------------=< Tame >=--------------------------------

Farmer Level 10

Usage: tame <victim>
       mount <victim>

Using the tame command, a farmer can tame or persuade a ridable
creature to follow him or her. Once the creature follows, the
farmer can mount and dismount the creature to ride it, much like
others might ride a speeder. Different mounts may have different
benefits and/or penalties. All mounts will take a bite or two 
out of your enemies during combat with damage based on their
damage dice.

A successful tame depends on your targets level and your charisma.

See Also: Farmer

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----------------------------=< Endurance >=------------------------------

Farmer Level 15

Usage: conc 'endurance'

The Endurance spell provides a temporary increase to your constitution
based on your level.

See Also: Farmer

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Alter Weather

--------------------------=< Alter Weather >=----------------------------

Farmer Level 20

Usage: conc 'alter weather' increase   - Increases Air Pressure
       conc 'alter weather' decrease   - Decreases Air Pressure
       conc 'alter weather'            - Random Change

Farmers of the future are not always content to sit and hope for good
weather.  Instead they find ways to alter the weather.  The preferred
method is to launch small rockets into the sky, containing weather
altering substances.  These substances either increase or decrease
the air pressure in the air, which in turn causes changes in the
weather.  It is not immediate, but you will see effects over time, 
and more so with repeated use.  In general, low air pressure will
increase the chance of good weather, and high pressure will decrease.
Practice and observations of current weather conditions of pressures 
will reveal exactly what helps and what hinders weather alterations.

See Also: Weather, Farmer

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