Fighter Pilot


Wedge Antilles, Battle of Endor [168]

Small Craft - 1 attack per round
Fighters - 2 attacks per round
Bombers - 3 attacks per round
Medium ships - 4 attacks per round

Object 'Wedge's X-Wing Fighter', Item type: Spaceship
It can be worn: Inventory Piloted 
Item is: NOBITS !Imperial 
Weight: 19, Value: 175000, Rent: 4000
Ship Type: Fighter     
Ship Damage Dice are '9D3'
 for an average per-round damage of 18.0.
Hull Integrity: 100 Percent 
Shield Integrity: 100 Percent 
Ship Armor: Heavy Armor 
Special Systems:
 Augmented Laser Cannons
 Proton Torpedoes (6/6)
 Astromech Droid
 ECM Equipment
Hyperdrive: x1 
Combat Speed: Screaming       
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Ship Accuracy by 2


L60 Snapshot - quick attack
L62 Tail - bonus to hit vs target
L65 Loop - move ahead of target in combat order
L70 Burst Fire - attack with all laser cannons for bonus damage
L75 ECM - temporarily divert attacks, requires ECM special system
L80 Overlap Shields - disperse attacks to group members, Bombers and smaller
L90 Escape - flee to a specified room
L100 Wingman - summon a random wingman that helps for about five minutes, Bombers and smaller


-----------------------------=< Snapshot >=------------------------------

Fighter Pilot Level 60

Usage: snapshot <victim>

One of the skills of a fighter pilot, a snapshot is a brief 
half-second shot available in the fluidity of a space dogfight.  
It takes the fast thinking steady skills of a fighter pilot
to get this shot off and have any chance of hitting a target.

Obviously, snapshot will cause some damage to any spacecraft hit.

See Also: Fighter pilot

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-------------------------------=< Tail >=--------------------------------

Fighter Pilot Level 62

Usage: tail <victim>

By tailing a victim in a dogfight, a fighter pilot gains a significant
targeting advantage.  Once you begin tailing a target, you will 
continue to tail them for the duration of the fight unless you choose
to begin to fight a different target.  Tailing a target will give you
bonuses to hit.

See Also: Fighter pilot

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-------------------------------=< Loop >=--------------------------------

Fighter Pilot Level 65

Usage: loop

Performing a loop will position a fighter pilot to get shots off in
combat before his or her enemy, much like a flip does on land.

See Also: Fighter pilot

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Burst Fire

----------------------------=< Burst Fire >=-----------------------------

Fighter Pilot Level 70

Usage: burst <victim>

With burst fire, a fighter pilot times his attack just right and fires
off a burst of fire with all laser cannons at his disposal.  When this
firepower strikes the target at the same time, devastating effects
often follow.  

See Also: Fighter pilot

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-------------------=< Electronic Counter Measures >=---------------------

Fighter Pilot Level 75
Pirate Level 75

Usage: ecm

ECM is short for electronic counter measures, which come in many
forms, but are available in some way or another on all but the largest 
of ships.  They represent decoys, flares, and electronic pulses that 
scramble the targeting systems on other ships.  A person skilled in 
these countermeasures knows how to use the ships ECM to full effect.

The ECM skill, when successful will divert some attacks for a short
duration, after which the system must recharge and reset before it
can be used again.

ECM can only be used if your ship is equipped with electronic
counter measures as a special system.

See Also: Fighter pilot, Pirate

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Overlap Shields

-------------------------=< Overlap Shields >=---------------------------

Fighter Pilot Level 80

Usage: overlap

Using precision flying, a highly skilled fighter pilot can overlap
shields with other players.  In effect, overlapped shields provide
a second layer of protection.  If you have group mates with higher
shield ratings, an attack meant for you will instead carry over
to them. 

This skill can only be used with Bombers or smaller, and is
activated with the overlap command.  It will last for a moderate
duration before it must be re-activated.

See Also: Fighter pilot

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------------------------------=< Escape >=-------------------------------

Scoundrel Level 60
Swindler Level 66
Fighter Pilot Level 90

Usage: escape <direction>

Using escape to flee enables you to choose the direction you would like
to flee in. It is often helpful when you wish to flee into a specific

Fighter Pilots get an escape skill that is only useable in space.

See Also: Flee, Scoundrel, Swindler, Fighter pilot

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-----------------------------=< Wingman >=-------------------------------

Fighter Pilot Level 100

Usage: wingman

With this skill a fighter pilot calls in the support of a skilled
wingman who will assist in combat for about five minutes.  The
wingman you get is random, but each has their own tactics.  

Todd Marshall - Attacks a random # of times
Kien Chen - Attacks occasionally, but will give you an extra attack
Jean Devereaux - Normal attack, plus can help you evade enemy fire
Michael Casey - Has consistent high damage attacks
Ian St. John - Normal attack, can maneuver for extra attacks
James Taggart - Normal attack, helped reduce damage taken on hits

To call a wingman will use 20% of your focus pool (10% on failure).
Wingmen are virtual fighters and cannot be killed in combat.

See Also: Fighter pilot

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