Jango Fett, Kamino [922]

1) ENTER, D to get to the landing pad on Kamino
2) Go N;E;E;E;N;N
3) Go E through the door
4) Jango hangs out in the northeast corner of the landing pad

Guild Equipment

Object 'a Gunslinger's belt', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory About Body Waist 
Item is: !Sell 
Weight: 10, Value: 0, Rent: 0
AC-apply is 7
Quality: Brand New.
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Dexterity by 5
   Affects: Quickness by 5


L01 Pistol Whip - attack
L03 Draw - switch weapons
L05 Calm Nerves - boost to blaster combat
L07 Rapid Fire - temporary bonus to Quickness stat
L09 Overcharge Blaster - temporary blaster damage bonus
L12 Cover Fire - aggro mob away from victim
L15 Quickdraw - gain first attack with bonus damage
L20 Trickshot - attack with damage bonus

Pistol Whip

---------------------------=< Pistol Whip >=-----------------------------

Gunslinger Level 1

Usage: whip <victim>

With a blaster in hand, this skill allows you to pistol whip your
enemy, causing damage depending on your skill rating, level, and
the weight of the pistol.

See Also: Gunslinger

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-------------------------------=< Draw >=--------------------------------

Gunslinger Level 3
Bounty Hunter Level 4

Usage: Draw <weapon>

In the middle of combat it can be difficult to draw a new weapon or
wield one if you find yourself unarmed.  The time it takes to draw
this weapon can be the difference between life and death.  Bounty
Hunters have become highly skilled at changing out weapons.  With
the Draw skill, a bounty hunter can wield a weapon in combat without
suffering any of the normal lag penalties and can even swap the drawn
weapon with one he/she is currently wielding in the same way.

See Also: Bounty hunter, Gunslinger

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Calm Nerves

---------------------------=< Calm Nerves >=-----------------------------

Gunslinger Level 5

Usage: conc 'calm nerves'

With calmed nerves, a gunslinger's hand is steadier and their aim is more
accurate.  This will help a player with their blaster skill rating.

See Also: Gunslinger

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Rapid Fire

----------------------------=< Rapid Fire >=-----------------------------

Gunslinger Level 7

Usage: conc 'rapid fire'

Rapid Fire increases the quickness of a gunslinger for a period
of time.

See Also: Gunslinger

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Overcharge Blaster

------------------------=< Overcharge Blaster >=-------------------------

Gunslinger Level 9

Usage: conc 'overcharge blaster' <weapon>

Overcharge Blaster will enhance a blaster to do more damage in combat.
The overcharge is not permanent and will wear off over time.

See Also: Gunslinger

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Cover Fire

----------------------------=< Cover Fire >=-----------------------------

Gunslinger Level 12

Usage: cover <victim>

This skill is useful if you want to try and draw an attackers attention 
away from a group mate and onto you.  Simply provide covering fire
for your poor friend and ask your friend for a reward later.

See Also: Gunslinger

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----------------------------=< Quickdraw >=------------------------------

Gunslinger Level 15
Smuggler Level 36

Usage: Automatic

This skill allows a gunslinger to gain the first strike in any combat 
battle.  When it succeeds, the attack will strike for more than its 
normal damage.  The extra damage is highly dependent on your dexterity.  
The higher your dex, the more damage you do with quickdraw.

It will not work against spells cast at the player nor will it protect
for backstab attempts.  Also note that mobs will learn from your tactics
and quickdraw won't be effective for long.

See Also: Smuggler, Gunslinger

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----------------------------=< Trickshot >=------------------------------

Gunslinger level 20

usage: tshot

A gunslinger is a master of pulling off the incredible shot
that no other being would try.  Using this skill will cause
the gunslinger to make a trickshot and cause some extra

See Also: Gunslinger

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