Qwi Xux, Maw Installation, Maw Cluster [866]


L60 Invent - create a random piece of equipment, requires resources
L66 Breakdown - get resources from droid wreckage
L72 Holo Field - redirect attacks, needs a Holo Projector in Space
L78 Transmatter Gates - create a temporary connection between any two physical locations
L84 Recharge - recharge a multi-use device
L90 Tinker - attempt to add a stat to an item
L100 Disintegrate - attempt to one shot, one kill target, always leaves ALL equipment behind


---------------------------=< Invent Spell >=----------------------------

Inventor Level 60

Usage: conc 'invent'

Inventors are smart and handy, and with this spell they can attempt
to make a random piece of equipment.  Chance of success is low, but
the potential is quite high.

Each invention uses 125 Duranium, 25 Molybdenum and 25 Neutronium,
regardless of success or failure.

See Also: Inventor, Materials

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----------------------------=< Breakdown >=------------------------------

Inventor Level 62

Usage: breakdown <wreckage>

Inventors have become so familiar with the inner workings of
droids and mechanical parts that they are able to quickly pick
out what is useful of a broken droid and remove it from the rest
of the wreckage.

From these mechanical parts Inventors can then salvage some 
of the resources required to build other new things. Also, as they
discover new forms of technology Inventors will gain experience 
with their breakdown of droids. 

See Also: Inventor, Materials

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Holo Field

----------------------------=< Holo Field >=-----------------------------

Inventor Level 72

Usage: conc 'holo field'

Inventors can do most anything if they put their mind to it, the trick
is putting this knowledge to good combat use.  In this case, the 
Inventor has developed a technology to produce holograms of him or 
herself.  These holograms blink in and out of view around the Inventor
shimmering as he/she moves, hiding his/her location during combat.
While the Holo Field is up, a number of attacks will harmlessly
strike holograms instead of the Inventor.

Note - In order to use holographic images in space you must
have a ship with a holographic generator.

Note - In order to use holographic images on land you must
have a suit of armor with a holographic generator installed

See Also: Force, Concentrate

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Transmatter Gates

------------------------=< Transmatter Gates >=--------------------------

Inventor Level 72

Usage:generate gate <number>
      place gate <number>
      maintain gates

Through a better understanding of the space-time continuum, inventors are
able to generate gates between two physical locations allowing themselves
and others to travel quickly between the two. 

The inventor must physically create the two objects, which over time will 
breakdown, and place them in the two rooms. An inventor may issue some
maintenance on the gates which will allow them to remain in their locations
longer than normal.

See Also: Inventor, Summon

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-----------------------------=< Recharge >=------------------------------

Inventor Level 84

Usage: conc 'recharge' <object>

Recharge allows an Inventor to replenish the charges in a multi-use device,
but they must be careful because if overcharged the multi-use device will
explode.  Recharge items can also at times wear out and the Inventor 
will no longer be able to recharge them.

See Also: Inventor

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------------------------------=< Tinker >=-------------------------------

Inventor Level 90

Usage: tinker <item> <dex/int/wis/con/qui/cha>

After careful examination of an object, Inventors are able to find ways in 
which the item can be improved. By carefully tinkering with the item, the 
inventor is then able to boost a single stat of it. 

However, to alter an item like this requires a great deal of resources due
to the process of modifying an item without ruining its other properties. 
An item will also only be able to be tinkered with once, so it would be wise
to ensure you make the right choice the first time.

See Also: Advanced tinker, Materials, Inventor

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---------------------------=< Disintegrate >=----------------------------

Inventor Level 100

Usage: disintegrate <target>

Throughout the galaxy, one of the most feared forms of death is 
disintegration.  Few have ever seen it done, and some doubt that
physics would even allow it.  The greatest of Inventors know 

Inventors with this skill have created a disintegration device. It
can be used to target objects and people.  Very powerful, it's only
flaw is all disintegration devices are unstable.  This means it must
be powered slowly over time or risk disintegration of the Inventor!
The disintegrator will charge up over a period of 1-2 minutes, after
which it is armed and available to fire.  

Disintegrate will not always disintegrate its target, and in some
cases will instead cause a great deal of damage as pieces of the
target simply atomize.  This will cause a great deal of damage and
other severe, if random side effects.  When a victim is disintegrated
all equipment will be left behind without a corpse.  Note that the
victim does not even suffer the normal effects of subber death and ALL
equipment will remain.

Note - In order to disintegrate in space you must have a special
ship system installed in your spaceship.

See Also: Inventor

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