Suggested Races

Based on the three primary stats, tier 1 is best, listed in order

Tier 1: Mon Calamari, Geonosian
Tier 2: Ithorian, Sullustan/Zabrak, Selkath, Bothan/Rodian, Jawa, Human
Tier 3: Ewok, Noghri/Twi'lek, Falleen, Clawdite, Gungan, Aqualish
Tier 4: Trandoshan, Wookie
Tier 5: Gamorrean


Defender - light side melee
Consular - light side force, healers
Sentinel - light side melee/force
Sith Marauder - dark side melee
Sith Lord - dark side force

Class Skills

L01 Feel the Force
L01 Force Punch - attack
L03 Levitate Object - make an item lighter
L05 Sense Force - detect target's strength in the force
L07 Meditation - better than sleeping
L10 Force Jump - a force assisted leap
L12 Know Alignment - get precise alignment of target
L14 Slash - attack with chance to destroy non-slashing weapon, bleeding
L14 Sense Danger - automatically sense aggro of nearby mobs
L16 Focus Mind - increase weapon proficiency and hitroll
L18 Strength - boost STR stat
L20 Detect Alignment - shows red/blue auras of nearby mobs
L22 Sense Presence - detect hidden, cloak, or invisible mobs in the room
L24 Mind Trick - attempt to charm target
L27 Defensive Fighting
L30 Force Speed - increases chance of extra attacks
L33 Telekinesis - throw objects at target
L35 Flip - moves you ahead of your enemy in the combat order
L37 Force Reflex - increases damage and hitroll in both land and space
L39 Force Conversion - convert movement to focus
L42 Deflect - automatically block/return any attack, based on DEX
L45 Force Push - chance to knockdown a victim
L48 Throw
L51 Slow Metabolism - not get hungry or thirsty as fast and makes them immune to poison gas
L51 Force Heal - use the corce to Cure Light on themselves
L54 Offensive Fighting
L56 Force Slam - repel enemies in a random direction
L57 Defend - fend off attacks aimed at a target

Starting Equipment

Object 'a light-blue lightsaber', Item type: Weapon
It can be worn: Inventory Wield 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 5, Value: 0, Rent: 0
Damage Dice is '3D5' for an average per-round damage of 9.0.
Combat type: Lightsaber Combat
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Focus by 5
   Affects: Hitroll by 1
Object 'some flowing Jedi robes', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory On Body About Body 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 2, Value: 0, Rent: 0
AC-apply is 8
Quality: Brand New.
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Intelligence by 5
   Affects: Wisdom by 5
   Affects: Focus by 5

Mind Trick

----------------------------=< Mind Trick >=-----------------------------

Jedi Level 24

Usage: conc 'mind trick' <victim> (action)

The force can have a strong influence over the weak minded.
Mind Trick will use the force to strongly suggest that your victim do
your bidding.  Unlike the more powerful sith spell 'control mind', which 
completely takes over the victim's will, mind trick suggests that a 
character perform a single action.

conc 'mind trick' stormtroooper say These are not the droids we're looking for.

Game Specifics:
No affect over droids or stronger willed people (players, some mobs).
Mobs that can't be controlled will only accept movement commands.
Mobs that do not wander will not accept movement commands.
For balance and to preserve some skills, mobs will not perform some actions. 
  (eg. Hit, punch, sweep, follow, rescue, sleep)
When giving a command the mud first checks to see if it is an abbreviation of
a prohibited action.  You must give enough of the command to distinguish them.
  Example: 'steal' is a prohibited action.  If you order a mob to stand by
  typing 'st' then the mud will see this as an abbreviation of a prohibited 
  action and deny it.  You would have to order the mob to 'sta' to 
  distinguish the command.  When in doubt, type it out.

See Also: Jedi, Concentrate, Force

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Force Reflexes

--------------------------=< Force reflexes >=---------------------------

Jedi Level 37

Usage: conc 'force reflex'

Initiated outside of combat, the Jedi using force reflexes focuses on the
flow and rhythm of combat in all forms.  While not in combat, a Jedi 
focusing on combat will suffer no costs.  Once committed to battle, 
however, the Jedi will be using their focus and concentration to provide
specific advantages.

On Land: (depending on your combat style)
  -Normal: Modestly improve his accuracy, damage, and defense.
  -Defensive: The Jedi is more adept at dodging and avoiding attacks.
  -Offensive: The Jedi focuses solely on his deadliness and precision

In Space:
  -Quicker reactions resulting in firing more accurately.
  -Fluid movement into precise position, firing more deadly.

See Also: Refocus, Combat cost, Concentrate, Focus, Force, Jedi

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Force Slam

----------------------------=< Force Slam >=-----------------------------

Jedi Level 56

Usage: conc 'force slam'

When the enemy is closing in and a Jedi finds himself surrounded, the Jedi can
use the Force to create some breathing room.  By first drawing in the energy
around themselves, Force users can then release that energy in a concussive
slam to those surrounding them.  The resulting blast will often fling opponents
away from the Jedi, giving them better odds or allowing them to catch their
breath.  This power is only available when in combat and the Jedi cannot
control which opponent is slammed or the direction they fly.

Because of the frustration and anger that can often accompany the use this
power, many Jedi Masters question the appropriateness of its use.  The Sith,
however, revel in using it every chance that they get.

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