Suggested Races

Based on the three primary stats, tier 1 is best, listed in order

Tier 1: Mon Calamari, Ithorian
Tier 2: Ewok, Bothan/Human, Falleen, Zabrak, Selkath, Geonosian, Clawdite
Tier 3: Twi'lek, Sullustan, Rodian, Jawa
Tier 4: Trandoshan, Aqualish/Wookie, Gungan, Noghri/Gamorrean


Combat Medic - more combat training
Surgeon - more heals

Class Skills

L01 Pack Bag - refill a bag with medical or surgical supplies
L01 Treat Minor Wound - small heal over 15 seconds
L05 Defibrillator - shock a target, requires surgical supplies
L08 Refill Syringe - refill/inject/sanitize a syringe
L10 Diagnose - ss negative effects on target
L13 Treat Moderate Injury - heal over 15 seconds
L18 Manufacture Pills
L22 Treat Group Injury - group heal over time
L24 Shield Slam - attack target
L26 Medical Monitoring - monitor HP of target
L28 Defensive Fighting - chance to block with equipped shield
L34 Group Medical Monitoring - monitor HP of a group
L36 Fast Hands - combine treat minor/treat moderate
L38 Treat Serious Injury - heal over time
L42 Non-Lethal Weapons - stun organic targets
L45 Throw
L48 Offensive Fighting
L52 Treat Greater Group Injury - group heal over time
L56 Skilled Hands - combines treat moderate/treat serious
L59 Heal Minor Wound -

Starting Equipment

a new medic's starter kit of biological materials, SALVAGE the bag
a tiny medical bag, 5 Medical, 5 Surgical
a medical vest, AC 8, +2 HP/Focus, +1 Hitroll
a medic's holdout blaster, AVG 6.0, +1 Blaster, +1 Hitroll

Supplies and Medical Bags


Medics need supplies in order to heal.
Medical supplies are stored in a medical bag.
Medical kits are refilled by using the pack bag skill.
You can refill as many supplies as your level (can refill up to 10 supplies at level 10).

Name Supplies Location
a small medical kit 10 medical, 0 surgical starting eq, Medic Guild shop
a small medical bag 15 medical, 15 surgical Wexlann Tarn (well dressed bounty hunter), Mos Eisley
Medpak 15 medical, 0 surgical
a medpack 24 medical, 0 surgical medical droid, rebel medic, Sumitra
a stolen medical kit 43 medical, 14 surgical YT-1300 freighter, Kahlia
a small syringe 5 shots Bespin, Dealer

Refill Syringe

--------------------------=< Refill Syringe >=---------------------------

Medic Level 8

Usage: refill <syringe name> <drug type>
       inject <syringe name> <victim>
       sanitize <syringe name>

Processing chemicals at hand, a medic can create powerful drugs and store
these in syringes. These drugs are often addictive.

Name           Level   Basic Description
----           -----   -----------------
Buprenophex       8    drug detoxification
Carsunum         15    mental boost, enables the user to learn faster
Phenethylamine   22    neurotransmitter that increases speed
Klonepin         30    treats seizures, specifically from spice addiction
Kolcta           34    cure blindness
Pyrepenol        37    grants its user a sense of invincibility
Phendimetrazine  45    appetite supressant
Sinthenol        52    nonaddictive alcohol substitute
Regen-Stim       60    increases metabolic rates
Nyex             67    tranquilizer
Chall            75    poison

Syringes must be sanitized before they can be reused for a different

See Also: Medic

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---------------------------=< Manufacture >=-----------------------------

Technician Level 11
Medic Level 18

usage: manufacture <keyword>

With this skill, a player can create many unique items useful to
the player and many others in the galaxy.  In fact, a good amount of
money could be made selling these products to other players.  
There is a certain duration of creation lag that prevents the player 
from building another object right after the first, this lag is reduced 
as one gains levels.  Several Material resources are required to
build these items.

For Medics:
Level        Pills                       Keyword              Materials
------       -------                    ---------          ---------------
Level 18     Vitality Boost              yellow            Lu(20), Cyan(5)
Level 26     Cure Sickness               green             Lu(20), Cyan(5)
Level 30     Cure Poison                 purple            Lu(20), Cyan(5)
Level 30     Focus Mind                  red               Lu(20), Cyan(10)
Level 45     Strength                    blue              Lu(30), Cyan(20)

See Also: Medic, Technician, Droid, Inventor, Materials, Pop

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Medical Monitoring

------------------------=< Medical Monitoring >=-------------------------

Medic Level 26

Usage: monitor (see your monitor readout)
       monitor <name> (to add them to your monitor list)
       alert <percent of subject's max hp> (when you will be alerted)
       monitor off (stops monitoring the patient)

The ability to monitor the vitals of his patients is crucial for a medic to 
ensure that everyone is well cared for. Once monitoring has begun, the
medic is then able to quickly and easily see detailed information about
his patient in order to give him the care he needs, as fast as possible.

Note: This skill will EVENTUALLY require the medic to have a special 
monitoring device in his inventory or installed in his armor.

See Also: Medic

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