Suggested Races

Based on the three primary stats, tier 1 is best, listed in order

Tier 1: Mon Calamari, Ithorian
Tier 2: Ewok, Bothan/Human, Falleen, Zabrak, Selkath, Geonosian, Clawdite
Tier 3: Twi'lek, Sullustan, Rodian, Jawa
Tier 4: Trandoshan, Aqualish/Wookie, Gungan, Noghri/Gamorrean


Combat Medic - more combat training
Surgeon - more heals

Class Skills

Starting Equipment

a new medic's starter kit of biological materials, SALVAGE the bag
a tiny medical bag, 5 Medical, 5 Surgical
a medical vest, AC 8, +2 HP/Focus, +1 Hitroll
a medic's holdout blaster, AVG 6.0, +1 Blaster, +1 Hitroll

Supplies and Medical Bags

Medics need supplies in order to heal.
Medical supplies are stored in a medical bag.
Medical kits are refilled by using the pack bag skill.
You can refill as many supplies as your level (can refill up to 10 supplies at level 10).

Name Supplies Location
a small medical kit 10 medical, 0 surgical starting eq, Medic Guild shop
a small medical bag 15 medical, 15 surgical Wexlann Tarn (well dressed bounty hunter), Mos Eisley
Medpak 15 medical, 0 surgical
a medpack 24 medical, 0 surgical medical droid, rebel medic, Sumitra
a stolen medical kit 43 medical, 14 surgical YT-1300 freighter, Kahlia
a stolen syringe 4 shots
a small syringe 5 shots Bespin, Dealer
a glass syringe 6 shots
a large syringe 15 shots
an overzized syringe 30 shots
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