Suggested Races

Based on the three primary stats, tier 1 is best, listed in order

Tier 1: Trandoshan, Aqualish, Jawa, Gamorrean, Noghri
Tier 2: Gungan, Wookie, Geonosian, Rodian, Clawdite, Ewok, Twi'lek
Tier 3: Sullustan, Human, Falleen/Selkath, Zabrak, Bothan
Tier 4: Mon Calamari, Ithorian


Bodyguard - protective specialist
Commando - land combat specialist

Class Skills

L01 Kick
L05 Bash - attack plus chance of 1 round knockdown
L10 Rescue - redirect mob attacks from victim to yourself
L12 Throw
L14 Punch
L18 Sweep - attack plus chance of 2 round knockdown
L23 Precision Fire - buff to attack speed
L28 Defensive Fighting
L30 Overload - add extra ammo to a weapon
L36 Combat Speed - automatic bonus to attack speed
L38 Quickload - reload secondary weapons during combat
L40 Rage - damage reduction, can't flee
L44 Berserk - attack multiple targets
L48 Offensive Fighting
L52 Frenzy - increased combat speed, can't flee
L56 Bandage Wounds - self heal
L59 Suppressing Fire - fire multiple rounds from a secondary weapon

Starting Equipment

a mercenary blast vest, AC 8, +2 Focus/HP/MV
a mercenary blaster, AVG 6.0, +1 Blaster/Hitroll, Grenade Launcher (3)
a grenade launcher ammo clip, 5 rounds in clip
a grenade launcher install kit, 5 rounds, install on Blaster

Secondary Weapons Systems

--------------------=< Secondary Weapons Systems >=----------------------

Some weapons can have a secondary weapon system installed.  This allows
another attack and can cause significant damage to the target.    

There are several types of secondary weapons.  They can either be
installed by Inventors or items such as installation kits.

Secondary Weapon           Ammo         Weapon Types
--------------          --------        -------------
Grenade Launcher        grenade         Blasters & Ranged Weapons
Rocket Launcher         rocket          Blasters & Ranged Weapons
Flamethrower            fuel            Blasters & Ranged Weapons
Static Discharge        static cell     Melee & Dagger Weapons
Static Field            static cell     Melee & Dagger Weapons
Ion Cannon              ion cell        Blaster & Ranged Weapons
Bayonet                 none            Blaster & Ranged Weapons

Since recoil from these systems can be severe, they work best when used
on a two-handed weapon. They can be installed on a one-handed weapon, but
firing accuracy will be severely affected.  They cannot be installed on
a holdable weapon.

There are also many types of ammo for Armor Systems that can be installed,
for those types and information, type help Armor Systems Ammo.

To put additional ammunition into the weapons system use: reload <weapon>

See Also: Install kit, Reload, Stab, Fire, Forge, Armor systems ammo

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Install Kit

---------------------------=< Install Kit >=-----------------------------

usage: install <kit> <item>

Kits are special items that allow you to customize and improve your equipment.
You must have the item and the kit in your inventory.

See Also: Secondary, Ship systems

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------------------------------=< Reload >=-------------------------------

Usage: reload <weapon>
reload jetpack
reload armor
rearm <ship>

The reload command reloads secondary weapon systems installed on a
weapon, and the rearm command reloads ammunition based ship special
systems.  (i.e. rocket launchers, proton torpedo launchers, etc)

On the reload command, the first item in your inventory MUST be the
ammunition you want to reload with. If you have more ammunition
than space available in your clip, any extra will remain in your 

Some ammunition will load in game, while others must be constructed
by an Inventor or Space Engineer, or procured by an Arms Dealer.

NOTE: Re-arming your equipment is a time-consuming process and
      cannot be done in the heat of battle!

See Also: Status, Deal arms, Construct

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-------------------------------=< Fire >=--------------------------------

useage: fire

This command allows you to fire a secondary weapon if you have one
installed on your primary weapon.  It is also used to fire vehicle
and ship weapon systems.

See Also: Secondary weapon, Fire, Forge

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-------------------------------=< Stab >=--------------------------------

usage: stab

Stab is the command to use the bayonet secondary weapon system.

See Also: Forge, Fire, Secondary weapon

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