Naval Officer


Admiral Ackbar, Home One, Endor [168]

1) Jump to 168 and ENTER
2) Go all the way to the east until you get to Home One
3) Unlock the door to either turbolift and go up
4) Find a bridge keycard, could be on a wandering security officer
5) Unlock the west door and go up
6) Admiral Ackbar is located to the east

Capital Ship specialists

Capital Ships - 6 attacks per round


L60 Launch Fighters - control on-board fighters
L65 Withdrawal - flee in a specified direction
L70 Fleet Advance - move into a room and immediately attack a target
L75 Leadership - group accuracy and damage bonus in space
L80 Fleet Withdrawal - group flees in specified direction
L100 Board - attack and possible destroy the target, increased chance of dropping a hull

Launch Fighters

---------------------=< Help File : Fighter Bays >=----------------------

Naval Officer Level 60

Usage: launch
       recover (return fighter to your ship)

Ships equipped with Fighter bays can have up to 10 small one-man
fighters onboard.  Once combat is entered, these fighters can be
launched using the launch command in waves of 5.  They will assist
in your combat, and once complete they will return to your ship.  

If a fighter is destroyed in combat it will not return, and you will
have to find a replacement either in-game or created by a Space
Engineer. They can be added to your ship by use of the REARM command.

See Also: Ship systems, Naval officer

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----------------------------=< Withdrawal >=-----------------------------

Naval Officer Level 65

Usage:  withdrawal <direction>
        wd <direction>

The withdrawal command allows you to make a withdrawal (retreat) from space
combat in the direction of your choosing. There is a period of lag that occurs during the
withdrawal. You cannot withdraw into closed rooms or death traps.

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Fleet Advance

--------------------------=< Fleet Advance >=----------------------------

Naval Officer Level 70

Usage: fadvance <direction> <target>

Naval officers have the ability to formulate plans, and calculate
large scale offensive strikes. Enabling them to attack quickly, and 
in large numbers.

See Also: Naval officer

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----------------------------=< Leadership >=-----------------------------

Naval Officer Level 75

Usage: conc 'leadership'

With leadership a Naval Officer can confer his or her superior
knowledge of fleet combat to the rest of the fleet.  This gives
all members of the Naval Officer's group an accuracy and damage
bonus in space.

See Also: Naval officer

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Fleet Withdrawal

-------------------------=< Fleet Withdrawal >=--------------------------

Naval Officer Level 80

Usage: fwithdrawal <direction>
       fwd <direction>

Fleet withdrawal will bring your entire fleet (group) with
you when you make a withdrawal.  There is a period of lag
that occurs during the withdrawal.

See Also: Withdrawal, Naval officer

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------------------------------=< Board >=--------------------------------

Naval Officer Level 100

Usage: board <target>

Large ships armed with a tractor beam can pull a ship close enough
for its crew to launch an assault boarding operation that will place
charges on the enemy ship and blow its internals to pieces.

Successful boarding operations will always cause damage and have a chance
of destroying the enemy vessel outright based on the enemies size and
damage it has already sustained.

Any mob destroyed by a boarding action will have an increased chance of
dropping a hull since the internals of the ship were the target of the

This skill has a fairly lengthy reuse timer.

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