Grand Admiral Thrawn, ISD Chimaera[624, DOCK]

1) DOCK with the Chimaera and go N;N;N;U
2) Go E;E;E;E (4N)
3) Go U;U;U;U;U;U;U (7U) to get to the upper bridge
4) Go W
5) Thrawn is located in the north room with his bodyguard


L22 Group Tactics - bonus experience during combat
L25 Lead From The Rear - group tactical bonuses
L30 Order Fire - order a coordinated attack?
L35 Cordon - prevent mobs from entering a room
L40 Group Advance - move group into a room and group attack a target

Group Tactics

--------------------------=< Group Tactics >=----------------------------

Officer Level 22

Usage: tactics

An Officer of the Imperial forces must be a leader, even in the
heat of combat.  Being able to change your battle plan and issue
new tactics to your troops in the heat of the moment is essential
for good leadership skills.  In simple terms, this gives everyone
in the officer's group bonuses to experience earned during combat.

See Also: Officer

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Lead From The Rear

-----------------------=< Lead From The Rear >=-------------------------

Officer Level 25

Usage: automatic
Officers spend more time reading maps, laying out battle plans,
and devising tactics while others do most of the fighting for them.
When in the rear of the company an officer gains tactical bonuses 
for his/her group.

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Order Fire

----------------------------=< Order Fire >=-----------------------------

Officer Level 30

Usage: ofire

A talented Officer has a strong field presence and strong command over
his or her troops. An Officer knows the opportune time to order a coordinated

See Also: Officer

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------------------------------=< Cordon >=-------------------------------

Officer Level 35

Usage: cordon

Officers in the Imperial service are often required to run investigations
on crimes and other incidents. They have become adept at cordoning off areas
so as to keep people out during such an investigation. 

See Also: Officer

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Group Advance

----------------------=< Group Advance Position >=-----------------------

Officer Level 40

Usage: gcharge <direction> <target>

Officers command a great presence on the battlefield and stunning
tactics abilities. They are capable of planning coordinated
group strikes with lightning speed and efficiency. 

See Also: Officer

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