Tor Skylow, Travnin, Minos Cluster [494]

Medium/Large ship specialists

Medium ships - 4 attacks per round
Large ships - 5 attacks per round


L60 Hotjump - jump to hyperspace during combat
L65 Invert Shields - boost to shields, Medium/Large ships only
L70 Spreadfire - fire a salvo at target
L75 ECM - temporarily divert attacks, requires ECM special system
L80 Reroute Power - boost one ship system, Medium/Large ships only
L85 Dirty Tactics - automatically use dirty tactics during space combat
L100 Fluctuate Powergrid - boost one special ship system


-----------------------------=< Hotjump >=-------------------------------

Pirate Level 60

Usage: hj

Pirates are the fastest hyperspace navigators in the galaxy.  Using
this skill and speed, they can quickly plot a hyperspace jump 
directly out of combat.

Due to their size, this maneuver cannot be performed in a capital
ship. Also, there is a chance that if they fail, they may end up
in another random place in the galaxy.

See Also: Pirate

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Invert Shields

--------------------------=< Invert Shields >=---------------------------

Pirate Level 65

Usage: invert

A Pirate with this skill inverts his/her ship, presenting a fresh 
shield section to the enemy, and in effect getting a boost in shield
integrity.  Due to both power and maneuverability requirements, this can
only be performed with medium and large sized ships, and only once every
2 minutes.  Inverting outside of combat has no effect on shields.

See Also: Pirate

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---------------------------=< Spread Fire >=-----------------------------

Pirate Level 70

Usage: spreadfire <victim>

Sometimes a starship captain just wants to hit a target, no matter the
cost. With spreadfire, the pilot unleashes a salvo of lasers into
space in a well-spaced, spread out pattern.  Each of these laser
blasts have a chance of scoring a hit on the target, but only
those highly skilled will have every shot score a direct hit.

See Also: Transport captain

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-------------------=< Electronic Counter Measures >=---------------------

Fighter Pilot Level 75
Pirate Level 75

Usage: ecm

ECM is short for electronic counter measures, which come in many
forms, but are available in some way or another on all but the largest 
of ships.  They represent decoys, flares, and electronic pulses that 
scramble the targeting systems on other ships.  A person skilled in 
these countermeasures knows how to use the ships ECM to full effect.

The ECM skill, when successful will divert some attacks for a short
duration, after which the system must recharge and reset before it
can be used again.

ECM can only be used if your ship is equipped with electronic
counter measures as a special system.

See Also: Fighter pilot, Pirate

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Reroute Power

--------------------------=< Reroute Power >=----------------------------

Pirate Level 80

Usage: Reroute <system>

Medium sized vessels (Medium & Large) have the capacity to have their
power batteries rerouted quickly to take advantage of different
situations.  Smaller vessels don't have enough power to take advantage
of this, and Capital ships are too complex to quickly make these
minute to minute adjustments.

Engines - Power into sublight engines, increasing your combat speed.
Weapons - Power into weapons, increasing their damage output.
Shields - Power into shields, increasing their durability.
Hyperdrive - Power into hyperdrive, decreasing hyperspace travel times.

See Also: Pirate

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Dirty Tactics

--------------------------=< Dirty Tactics >=----------------------------

Pirate Level 85

Usage: Automatic

The Pirate is often out gunned by more combative ships and will use
clever, if dirty, tactics to gain the upper hand.  With this skill
the Pirate will automatically use these tactics on occasion while
in combat.

See Also: Pirate

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Fluctuate Powergrid

-----------------------=< Fluctuate Powergrid >=-------------------------

Pirate Level 100

Usage: automatic

Using this ability, highly skilled Pirates can fluctuate the
powergrid of their ship to dangerous, if controlled levels.
The power is focused into one of the special systems on the ship,
granting that system a combative benefit.

After a fluctuation, no further flux will occur for several rounds.

Special Systems that can be Fluctuated
Ion Cannons - Increased target lag if fired within 5 rounds
Proton Torpedoes - Increased damage if fired within 5 rounds
Conc Missiles - Increased damage if fired within 5 rounds
Tractor Beam - Evade enemy attacks for short duration as you slingshot
Cloak - Evade enemy attacks for short duration with quick cloaks
Cargo - Intercept enemy attacks for short duration with cargo junk
Verpine - Increased Verpine protection for short duration
Quantum - Increased Quantum protection for short duration
Aug Cannons - Additional attacks occur when this system is fluxed
Astromech - Droid goes wild and heals hull damage immediately
Biomech Armor - Armor heals hull damage immediately
ECM - Will reduce the cooldown time of an ECM system currently cooling

See Also: Pirate

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