Princess Leia, Rebel Base, Hoth [282]

------------------------=< Hoth - Echo Base >=--------------------------

      up to Power Generator
              /_/           __   
             /_/         __/_/_  __ c = command center, Princess Leia
            /_/         /_/_/_/ /c/
           /_/__________/  __  _/       __  __
          /_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ /_/=/_/      /_/ /_/
                   __/_/__/______  __  _=  _=  __
                 _/__      /_/___    _/  _/
                /_/_/     /_/_/_/   /_/ /_/
               /_/_      __   /
                      __/_/  /
              ____   /_/_/__/__  __
 Ice     __  /_/_/__  /_/_/_/_/=/u/--> to Snow Plain
Slope <-/1/-/_/_//_/ /_/_/_/    _/  
           /2/_/ /        /    /_/>e 
                /        /      
              _/ __ __ _/       u to Hoth Asteroid Field
             /_//_//_//_/       1 = going east from 1 goes to 2
        __   /
  to Snow Plain

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Padme Amidala on Geonosis [788]

Guild equipment

Object 'a set of diplomatic credentials', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory Neck Arms Hold 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 2, Value: 40, Rent: 10
AC-apply is 7
Quality: Brand New.
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Focus by 5
   Affects: Charisma by 5

Object 'a diplomatic infopad', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory Hold 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 5, Value: 25, Rent: 25
AC-apply is 5
Quality: Brand New.
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Intelligence by 5
   Affects: Dexterity by 5

Object 'a diplomatic shuttle', Item type: Spaceship
It can be worn: Inventory Piloted 
Item is: !Donate !Auction !Sell Fragile EQ 
Weight: 1, Value: 0, Rent: 0
Ship Type: Small       
Ship Damage Dice are '1D4'
 for an average per-round damage of 2.5.
Hull Integrity: 100 Percent 
Shield Integrity: 100 Percent 
Ship Armor: No Armor 
Special Systems:
Hyperdrive: x4 
Combat Speed: Modest


L01 Political Know - Roleplay mode
L04 Summon Bodyguard - create a follower
L07 Charisma - boost to CHA stat
L10 Vote - vote on legislation
L15 Diplomatic Shuttle - create a non-combat ship
L20 Planetary Gifts - get a random reward
L25 Raise Funds - get credits from all mobs/players in room
L30 Speech - summons mobs from adjacent rooms
L35 Diplomatic Immunity - prevent attacks from faction aggressive mobs
L40 Decoy - chance to bypass damage, lag enemy

Political Know

--------------------------=< Political Know >=---------------------------

Politician level 1

Usage: Automatic when RP is turned on
       Know (command to see online politicians)
       Polnet <blah blah>

Political know is a politicians ability to monitor current legislative
topics (what is currently under vote), and also their ability to see
what other politicians are participating.  It is purely informational
and not a practicable skill.

Politicians have their own discussion channel called Polnet.  It can
only be used when your RP is turned on.

See Also: Politician

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Summon Bodyguard

-------------------------=< Summon Bodyguard >=--------------------------

Politician level 4

Usage: conc 'summon bodyguard'

With this skill a politician can summon forth a loyal
bodyguard to follow his or her "orders".  The higher
the politicians level, the more powerful the bodyguard.

See Also: Follow, Order, Politician

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-----------------------------=< Charisma >=------------------------------

Politician Level 7

Usage: conc 'charisma'

This ability represents a politicians ability to turn on the charm,
becoming more likable and persuasive to all those around him or her.
When in effect, the politicians charisma will increase.

Note: If you are looking for information on the uses of charisma,
take a look at HELP STATS.

See Also: Politician, Stats

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-------------------------------=< Vote >=--------------------------------

Politician Level 10

Usage: vote <yea/nay>

At level 10 a politician moves from being merely an observer in
legislation, to taking an active part in it's passage.  On a 
scheduled basis (once per mud day), an item will come up for vote.
As long as you have RP on, you will be made aware of this, and can
vote yay or nay on topic.  There is a window of 2 mud hours (2 ticks)
in which to vote.  If you forget the topic up for vote, just type
vote without an argument to see whats currently up.  At the end of
of the voting period, the results will be reported and acted upon.

Some of the current voting topics are as follows,

Levy Taxes - Taxes the non-politician players and gives you the proceeds.
*note* A large portion of collected taxes will go to the faction that
is currently winning the Galactic War.
Faction Support - Support either Rebel or Imperial galactic faction rating.
Garrison - Options to add/remove Imperial garrisons on several worlds.
Trade Routes - Create trade routes between systems, adding new mobs.
Crime Laws - If PK ratings are live, this can adjust someone's PK rating.
Research - Promote research, adding random items into the game.

Obviously, we can have alot of fun with this, and will add/adjust voting 
topics at anytime.

See Also: Politician

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Diplomatic Shuttle

------------------------=< Diplomatic Shuttle >=-------------------------

Politician Level 15

Usage: shuttle

With this ability a politician can summon up a diplomatic shuttle to
fly around the galaxy at no cost, if they are ever in need of a ship.
This ship has no real combat capabilities, and is just a way to get around.

This skill operates on a one minute timer.

See Also: Politician

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Planetary Gifts

-------------------------=< Planetary Gifts >=---------------------------

Politician Level 20

Usage: gift

Many planets are more than willing to hand out gifts to influential
politicians in the hopes that votes will go in their favor in the
future.  All a politician needs to do is visit a planet and use
the gift command to encourage this generosity. 

Not all planets will take part in these shady dealings, and gifts
are somewhat random, sometimes useful, sometimes not.  Over time
planets offering gifts may very well change as the political
climate changes. (i.e. whenever Imms feel like)

Planetary Gifts operate on a five minute timer.

See Also: Politician

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Raise Funds

---------------------------=< Raise Funds >=-----------------------------

Politician Level 25

Usage: raisefunds

With this skill a politician can encourage others in the room to give
money to his/her campaign.  The amount donated depends upon those
in the room and the politicians charisma.

All in the room are affected, including players.  If the politician
wishes to bypass PC's, they must have SAFEMODE on.

On failure, a NPC will become enraged by the politician and attack.

See Also: Politician, Safemode

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------------------------------=< Speech >=-------------------------------

Politician Level 30

Usage: speech

With the speech skill, a politician takes a moment to give a political
speech to those around him or her. Speeches of this nature attract
attention, and wandering mobiles from nearby rooms will often come
to your room to listen. Be warned, however, if they don't like you 
(i.e. are aggressive towards you), they may still attack no matter how 
good your speech is. 

This skill operates on a 60 second timer and is affected by character 
level and charisma.

See Also: Politician

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Diplomatic Immunity

-----------------------=< Diplomatic Immunity >=-------------------------

Politician Level 35

Usage: automatic

Politicians with diplomatic immunity will perform a skill check when
they encounter a mob aggressive to their faction.  If successful, the
given mob will not attack.  This will not protect from normally 
aggressive mobs, only against faction aggressiveness.

This skill does not work in ARENA rooms. (i.e. Outposts)

See Also: Factions

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------------------------------=< Decoy >=--------------------------------

Politician Level 40

Usage: decoy

This skill allows to begin using a decoy that looks alot like you.  
If you are attacked and are not already in combat or starting the
fight, your decoy will take hit and die with the honor of having
protected you.  It will take your attacker a few moments to figure
out what happened. (they will be lagged)

The confusion will only last a few moments, so make your action
quickly if you want to run or fight.  If your decoy dies to an
NPC, there will be a 3 minute timer before you can summon another.
If your decoy dies to a PC, there will be a 10 minute timer. 
There is also a short timer when you log in before you can summon
a decoy.

You can choose to stop using a decoy by using the "decoy" command
again.  You can toggle it off and on at will unless it has died.

Some attacks, such as berserk will hit you regardless of a decoy.

See Also: Politician

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