Han Solo, on-board the Millennium Falcon


L60 Escape - flee in a specified direction
L66 Beguile
L72 Scoundrel's Reflex - chance for extra attack with an offhand knife
L74 Bombardment - throw multiple projectiles in a round, can combine with Wild Card
L78 Suicidal Charge - aggro all nearby mobs
L84 Trip - single round stun, longer effect if used outside combat
L90 Double Backstab
L100 Cheat - trigger to get bonus effects, better effects by waiting to trigger


------------------------------=< Escape >=-------------------------------

Scoundrel Level 60
Swindler Level 66
Fighter Pilot Level 90

Usage: escape <direction>

Using escape to flee enables you to choose the direction you would like
to flee in. It is often helpful when you wish to flee into a specific

Fighter Pilots get an escape skill that is only useable in space.

See Also: Flee, Scoundrel, Swindler, Fighter pilot

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-----------------------------=< Beguile >=-------------------------------

Scoundrel Level 66

Usage: beguile <group mate>

Scoundrels are worried about looking out for just one person: Themselves.
With beguile, a Scoundrel can convince a member of his or her group to
step forward and take attacks meant for the Scoundrel.  This hurts, 
obviously, so the beguiled victim will only intercept a percentage of attacks 
based on the Scoundrel's charisma.  Only players in your group can be
beguiled, those outside your group are not around long enough for you befriend, and NPC followers are too simple minded to react 
quickly enough to intercept an attack.

"But they're gonna kill her!"
"Better her than me." -- Han Solo, Scoundrel

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Scoundrel's Reflex

------------------------=< Scoundrel's Reflex >=-------------------------

Scoundrel Level 72

Demonstrating uncanny mastery of the blade, a Scoundrel may be able
to quickly strike for an extra attack with a knife in his off-hand.

See Also: Smuggler, Multi wield, Scoundrel

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---------------------------=< Bombardment >=-----------------------------

Scoundrel Level 74

Usage: bombard

   Sometimes in the heat of battle, throwing one projectile just simply isn't
good enough.  Scoundrels have developed the keen ability to hurl several
projectiles at one time at their targets.  This debilitating fusillade on the
Scoundrel's target can often bring them down quickly and in a devastating

Note: This skill may also be used in conjunction with Wild Card and is only
 useable in combat.

See Also: Scoundrel, Throw

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Suicidal Charge

-------------------------=< Suicidal Charge >=---------------------------

Scoundrel Level 78

Usage: suicide

Suicidal charge is like Han Solo, charging forward, screaming loudly, 
drawing the attention of everyone away from your friends.  This will
cause everyone to start attacking you while the group can retreat from

See Also: Scoundrel

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-------------------------------=< Trip >=--------------------------------

Scoundrel Level 84

Usage: trip <victim>

The trip skill is used to knock an opponent to the ground. When
used in combat it will stun your target for a single round. With
the element of surprise (outside of combat) it may be possible
to stun the victim for longer. Remember though that this is an
offensive skill, so beware failure.

See Also: Scoundrel

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Double Backstab

-------------------------=< Double Backstab >=---------------------------

Scoundrel Level 90

Usage: Automatic

A Scoundrel with this skill has perfected the art of backstabbing, and has
reached the point where they are so quick and deadly that they are able
to strike someone twice, before they can even begin to defend themselves.

See Also: Scoundrel, Backstab

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------------------------------=< Cheat >=--------------------------------

Scoundrel Level 100

Usage: cheat

All Scoundrels cheat, but Scoundrels at the highest level are masters of it,
gaining advantages in NEARly every category of the game....unfair advantages.

The cheat skill has a timer that will count seconds upwards to a maximum of
1500 (25 minutes).  Different cheat affects become available as the timer
increases and the timer resets when used, so the longer one waits to use
this skill, the more powerful the affects.  All affects at the timer level
or lower occur when the skill is used.  Example if used at maximum, every
single effect will occur.

Failure to use the skill will result in a 300 second (5 min) timer penalty.
Certain affects last a couple ticks while others are instant.

Cheats and when they occur:
300 Seconds (5 min): 20% Self Heal (Hits,Mana,Movement,Ship Hull & Shields)
480 Seconds (8 min): Scoundrel skills work as if the skill is "Mastered"
600 Seconds (10 min): Regeneration rates are doubled
720 Seconds (12 min): Weapon damage dice will always roll maximum
840 Seconds (14 min): 40% Self Heal (instead of 20%)
960 Seconds (16 min): Significant experience bonus on mob kills
1080 Seconds (18 min): A very brief period of NEAR-invulnerability in combat
1200 Seconds (20 min): 60% Self Heal (instead of 40%)
1500 Seconds (25 min): Double damage in combat

See Also: Scoundrel
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