Aurra Sing, Mos Espa Racetrack, Tatooine [692]

1) Go to the Racetrack in Mos Espa
2) Go all the way to the west then all the way to the south
3) Go E;E then go all the way to the south
4) Go E;N to get to Aurra Sing

-----------------------=< Mos Espa - Racetrack >=------------------------

                                         to south gate
                                          of Mos Espa
                                              _=_                 ___  ___
                                             /__/                /__/ /__/
                                             _/_  ___       ___  _/_  _/_  ___ 
                                            /__/-/__/      /__/-/__/-/__/-/__/
                                                 _/_       _/_  _/_  _/_
                                                /__/      /__/ /__/ /__/
                                           ___  _/_  ___  _/_  ___
                               up to      _/_            _/_  ___   up to
                           viewing tower /u_/           /u_/-/__/grandstands  
      ___  ___  ___  ___   ___   ___     _/_       ___  ___  __              
     /__/W/__/W/__/W/__/W</__/W</__/W<--/__/      /__/-/d_/-/__/
     _S_       _N_                      _N_       upper     _/_
    /__/      /__/                     /__/   grandstands  /__/
    _S_       _N_  ___  ___  ___  ___  _N_
   /__/      /__/E/__/E/__/E/__/E/__/E/__/
   _S_  ___  _N_  ___  ___  ___  ___  _N_
  /__/E/__/E/__/E/__/E/__/E/__/E/__/E/__/   W = one-way going west
            _S_  ___  ___  ___  ___  _N_    S = one-way going south
           /__/E/__/E/__/E/__/E/__/E/__/    N = one-way going north
           _/_                              E = one-way going east
          _/_  ___ 
         /__/W/_A/ Aurra Sing, Sensite guildmaster
         _/_  _/_

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Object 'a Sensite's force-energized crystal', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory Neck Hold 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 0, Value: 0, Rent: 0
AC-apply is 5
Quality: Brand New.
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Focus by 5
   Affects: Intelligence by 5
   Affects: Wisdom by 5


L01 Force Affinity - temporary boost to Focus
L04 Sense Force - get the strength in the Force of a target
L07 Teslic Fury - Force based electrical attack
L10 Prediction - bonus to hitroll and space accuracy
L13 Mend Wounds - heal others, not themselves
L16 Sense Weakness - lowers damage resistance bonus from CON stat of target
L20 Serenity/Dark Serenity - critical heal or critical hit/damage bonus

Force Affinity

--------------------------=< Force Affinity >=---------------------------

Sensite Level 1

Usage: conc 'force affinity'

Sensite's have a closer connection to the force than others of their
species, but it takes concentration for them to realize this 

When this power is used, a sensite will gain a boost in their
focus pool, which will last for a somewhat random period of time.
The amount of focus gained is dependent on Intelligence.

See Also: Sensite, Focus

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Sense Force

---------------------------=< Sense Force >=-----------------------------

Jedi Level 5
Sensite Level 4

Usage: conc 'sense force' <target>

Sense Force allows you to determine the strength of an individual in 
the force.  It also can determine the extent to which your target has
used his or her power.

Darth Vader: "The force is strong with this one."

See Also: Concentrate, Force, Sensite, Jedi

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Teslic Fury

---------------------------=< Teslic Fury >=-----------------------------

Sensite Level 7

Usage: conc 'teslic fury'

By tapping into their aggression, Sensite's have found they can 
manifest electricity, and sometimes control it to attack their 
enemies.  However, this control is shaky, and the damage done
to the target is not very great.

The Jedi Order generally frowns on the use of this aggressive
power, though it is not an unknown ability to Jedi Sensite's.
(You could expect Jedi role-players to penalize users)

See Also: Sensite

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----------------------------=< Prediction >=-----------------------------

Sensite Level 10

Usage: conc 'prediction'

With this power a Sensite starts to make prediction about which way
their enemy is going to move in combat.  This gives them bonuses to
hitroll and space accuracy.

See Also: Refocus, Combat cost, Concentrate, Focus, Sensite

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Mend Wounds

---------------------------=< Mend Wounds >=-----------------------------

Sensite Level 13

conc 'mend wounds' target

This will heal a small amount of hitpoints on a wounded target.  The
caster can only heal other people, not himself/herself.  

See Also: Sensite

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Sense Weakness

--------------------------=< Sense Weakness >=---------------------------

Sensite Level 16

conc 'sense weakness'

With this ability a Sensite starts to detect some of the hidden
weaknesses of an opponent.  In game terms, targets the Sensite
fights will get less of a damage resistance bonus from Constitution.
(NPC mobs also have Constitution, so it works against them also)

See Also: Refocus, Combat cost, Concentrate, Focus, Sensite

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Serenity/Dark Serenity

--------------------=< Serenity and Dark Serenity >=---------------------

Sensite Level 20

conc 'serenity'
conc 'dark serenity'

With these two powers a Sensite enters a serene state of mind
enhancing their effectiveness with the force.  However, those
with too much evil in their hearts and on their minds will be
unable to find Serenity, while those with to much good will
be unable to find its dark counter-part.  Even though your
general alignment may tend to neutrality, you still will
always be leaning one way or the other.

With Serenity, a force user will gain a chance to critical
a heal, healing much more damage than normal.

With Dark Serenity, a force user will gain a chance to 
critical an offensive power like Teslic Fury, doing much
more damage.

See Also: Sensite

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