Obi-wan Kenobi, Jundland Wastes, Tatooine [692], Droid Control ship, Naboo [571], Ohma D'un [671]

Jundland Wastes
1) Go out the west gate of Mos Eisley
2) Go W;W;W;W;W;W;W;S;S (7W, 2S) and Obi-wan is around the hut

Trade Federation Droid Control Ship
1) Jump to 571 and ENTER
2) Go W;W;W and Obi-wan is in the droid storage room

Ohma D'un
1) Jump to 671 land
2) All north then he wanders around with a group a few east


L60 Conceal - hide themselves from others
L65 Offhand - second attack with held weapon
L70 Crucitorn - reduce damage by 1/2 or 3/4 on others
L75 Force Track - track a victim
L80 Blademaster - improves other lightsaber skills
L85 Force Bind - Grapple and Slow target
L90 Peace - end combat immediately
L95 Healing Trance - powerful self heal
L100 Battle Meditation - buffs group combat abilities


-----------------------------=< Conceal >=-------------------------------

Sentinel Level 60

Usage: conc 'conceal' <self>

Sentinels have been trained to shroud themselves with the force to hide
themselves from others. Though this does not make them invisible,
it does make them very unnoticable -- even to those seeking knowledge
of who is currently on the MUD.

See Also: Sentinel

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----------------------------=< Crucitorn >=------------------------------

Defender Level 60
Consular Level 65
Sentinel Level 70

Usage: conc 'crucitorn' <self>

When protected by Crucitorn, a Jedi will only receive 1/2 the normal
damage caused by a particular blow.  Non-Jedi protected by Crucitorn
will only receive 3/4 normal damage.

See Also: Focus, Concentrate, Consular, Defender, Sentinel, Combat cost

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Force Track

---------------------------=< Force Track >=-----------------------------

Usage: conc 'force track' <victimname>
Sith Lord lvl 72
Sentinel Level 75

This ability will allow the user to track its target using their connection
to the Force. 

Note - this skill is quite finished now

See Also: Sentinel, Sith marauder

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---------------------------=< Blademaster >=-----------------------------

Defender Level 72
Sith Marauder Level 78
Sentinel Level 80

Usage: automatic

A Blademaster, or Battlemaster as it is sometimes called in the
Jedi Order, represents the highest level of lightsaber mastery.
A blademaster is not only fluid in all traditional forms of lightsaber
combat and techniques, but often experiments in the lesser known forms
and even attempts creation of new forms.

In game terms, the blademaster skill demonstrates mastery by 
improving several of the Defender's other skills:
- an advanced proficiency using Deflect
- an improved ability using the Defend skill
- an additional attack when using the Flurry skill
- a double slash when using Slash

See Also: Jedi, Defender, Lightsaber

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----------------------------=< Force Bind >=-----------------------------

Sentinel Level 85

Usage: conc 'force bind' <target>

Force binding is a non-violent telekinetic skill Jedi Sentinels may use to
grapple and slow their enemies.  Victims affected by force binding will
find it difficult to move and will miss the opportunity for a number of their

This force power requires constant attention which will drain a Sentinels
focus every round until the target or sentinel leave the room; or until
one of the two are killed.

While force bind is in effect no other Jedi focus powers may be used,
though normal combat can occur as usual.

See Also: Sentinel

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------------------------------=< Peace >=--------------------------------

Sentinel Level 90

Usage: conc 'peace' <target>

Peace enables a Sentinel to end combat immediately, either one he is
involved in, or another fight.  It does not prevent an aggressive
mob from attacking again however.

See Also: Concentrate, Force

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Healing Trance

--------------------------=< Healing Trance >=---------------------------

Consular Level 80
Sentinel Level 90

Usage: conc 'healing trance'

This skill represents the ultimate in Jedi healing abilities.
By focusing inward with the Force, a Jedi greatly increases the natural 
healing ability they possess.  However due to the nature of the power,
it can only be used effectively on the individual casting it.

Note: The skill takes great concentration. A Jedi will need time
before they are able to attempt casting it again.

See Also: Sentinel, Consular

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Battle Meditation

------------------------=< Battle Meditation >=--------------------------

Sentinel Level 100

Usage: bmeditate

During great conflicts, space battles or land battles, the presence of a 
Sentinel can make all the difference between victory and defeat.  Highly 
experienced Sentinels have managed to master the technique of battle 
meditation.  During this time the Sentinel will not fight personally, 
but enhance the fighting capabilities of others by removing doubt, 
enhancing coordination, etc.  The effects last for a while, but will end
if the Sentinel ends the battle meditation.

See Also: Sentinel

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