Shock Trooper


Stormtrooper Captain, SSD Lusankya[463, ENTER]

1) JUMP 463 and ENTER
2) Go N;W;N;W;N;N;N;W;D
3) Go W;W;S;W;W;W
4) Going W beyond this point is ONE-WAY west only
5) Go W;W;W;W;W and kill the Burly Guard, loot the key, and unlock the gate
6) Go W;N;E;E;N;E
7) Go N and kill the pair of Burly Guards, loot the key, unlock the gate
8) Go N;N;D;N;D
9) The Stormtrooper Captain is in the next room to the north with adds

Object 'a stormtrooper captains patch', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory Patch 
Item is: Magic 
Weight: 2, Value: 12500, Rent: 1000
AC-apply is 1
Quality: Brand New.
This armor has a level 1 system mount
 Integrated Comlink
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Constitution by 6
   Affects: Hitroll by -1
   Affects: Hitpoints by 10


L22 Entrench - better rest
L25 Focused Shot - attack with two-handed weapon
L30 Treat Lesser Injury - heal over time, requires medical kit, 2 medical supplies
L35 Barrage - hit every mob in a room, requires a two-handed weapon?
L40 Advance Position - enter a room and immediately attack a target


-----------------------------=< Entrench >=------------------------------

Shock Trooper Level 22

Usage: entrench

Elite soldiers have learned the art of fortifying their positions in dangerous areas.
Entrenched areas give a feeling of safety and comfort, allowing for better more
peaceful rest. 

See Also: Shock trooper

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Focused Shot

---------------------------=< Focused Shot >=----------------------------

Shock Trooper Level 25

Usage: focus
In the heat of combat a Shock trooper is so well trained, that they
can concentrate on a single target even during a barrage of blasts
coming from both directions. It does however take time, and a well
balanced two handed weapon to accomplish this.

See Also: Shock trooper

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Treat Lesser Injury

-----------------------=< Treat Lesser Injury >=-------------------------

Shock Trooper Level 30

Usage : treat lesser <victim>

Uses medical knowledge that treats and repairs light injury and
bruising.  The healing process occurs over a 15 second time

Medical Supplies required: 2

See Also: Shock trooper

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-----------------------------=< Barrage >=-------------------------------

Shock Trooper Level 35

Usage: barrage

Heavy weapons are part of a Shock Troopers specialty. Being able to
take out your largest gun and just blast every single thing in the room
doesn't really look too difficult, but it does take some training to
do with style. 

See Also: Shock trooper

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Advance Position

-------------------------=< Advance Position >=--------------------------

Shock Trooper Level 40

Usage: charge <direction> <target>

A shock trooper is trained in the art of quick strikes and 
taking their enemy by surprise. By advancing position, they can
strike fast and gain a small advantage.

See Also: Shock trooper, Stormtrooper

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