Sith Lord


The Emperor, Imperial Palace, Coruscant [555]

1) LAND on Coruscant, go S, then all the way east to the Palace
2) The Emperor is on the second floor in the north set of rooms

--------------------=< Coruscant - Imperial Palace >=--------------------

                                         northwest tower
       <-------- Entrance -------->             e = Emperor
                                    |      ___  w = crystal workbench
            ___  ___  ___  ___  ___ |     /t_/  ___  ___  ___  ___
           /u_/ /__/ /__/ /__/ /__/ |     /d_/=/e_/-/e_/=___/-/w_/
           _/_  _=_  _x_  _=_  _/_  |     _/_  ___  ___  ___
          /__/=/__/-/__/ /__/-/__/  |    /__/-/__/-/__/-/t_/
          _/_  ___  ___  ___  _/_   |    _/_  _/_  _/_  ___  ___
         /__/-/__/-/__/-/__/-/__/   |   /__/ /__/-/__/ /__/ /!_/ aggy mob
         _/_  _/_  _/_  _/_  _/_    |   _/_  ___  ___  _=_  _/_
        /__/ /__/-/__/-/__/ /__/    |  /__/-/__/X/__/ /__/=/__/
        _/_  ___  _/_  ___  _/_     |  _/_  ___  ___  ___  ___
       /__/-/__/=/__/-/__/ /u_/     | /__/-/__/-/__/-/__/ /t_/ Astronomer's
                 _/_                |                         Tower
                /__/                |                            
                _/_  ___               <----------- Upper Level ----------->
 High Skies< --/__/-/__/

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L60 Force Lightning - ZAP!
L65 Foresee - see room that mob or player is in
L70 Fortress of Hate - reflects damage, still takes damage
L75 Fear - chance to make victim flee
L80 Despair - chance to make seriously wounded victims to flee or die
L85 Darkness - make a room dark for all but Sith Lords
L90 Force Storm - area of effect force attack
L100 Essence Transfer - prevent equipment loss and permanent wounds if killed

Force Lightning

-------------------------=< Force Lightning >=---------------------------

Sith Lord Level 60

Usage: conc 'force lightning' <victim>

Force Lightning is one of the most powerful Sith abilities.
The Sith shoots lightning from his fingertips.  This lightning
surrounds the target and electrocutes him with surprising force.

See Also: Sith lord, Concentrate, Force

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-----------------------------=< Foresee >=-------------------------------

Consular Level 60
Sith Lord Level 65

Usage: conc 'foresee' <victim>

This spell enables one to see a vision of something far away. The 
caster concentrates on seeing a player or mob, and will see all that
can be seen normally in the room the player or mob is in.

See Also: Consular, Sith lord

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Fortress of Hate

-------------------------=< Fortress of Hate >=--------------------------

Sith Lord Level 70

Usage: conc 'fortress' <target>

Fortress of Hate surrounds the affected with an invisible field of Dark 
Side energy.  The fortress feeds off the hateful and aggressive feelings of 
others and turns these feelings against them.  Anyone attacking a person 
affected by the fortress may have the damage return upon themselves. 
A Fortress of Hate has no interest in protecting the affected and its 
only reason for being is to feed off hate and hurt others.  Therefore the 
affected is not protected from the attack and will also receive normal 
damage. (Provided they are still living, for the fortress strikes first.)

See Also: Refocus, Combat cost, Concentrate, Force, Sith lord

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-------------------------------=< Fear >=--------------------------------

Sith Lord Level 75

Usage: conc 'fear' <victim>
       conc 'fear' <self>

When cast on self, the caster becomes surrounded by an aura of evil,
radiating waves of fear. The Sith Lord can also concentrate this sense
of fear and direct it at a mob or player, possibly causing the target
to flee in terror.

See Also: Sith lord, Combat cost, Refocus

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-----------------------------=< Despair >=-------------------------------

Sith Lord Level 80

Usage: con  'despair'

With this power, the Sith Lord imposes such despair into the heart of
a badly wounded and suffering victim, that he/she loses all hope and gives 
up fighting.

The victim will attempt to resist this despair but if they fail, they can 
only flee or die.  The effect is temporary but should last long enough to 
finish the job.

(Hint: You have to get the victim under a certain percentage of its hit
points for it to succeed at all, after that point they have only normal
save vs spell to resist each attempt.  The maximum percentage increases with
the caster's level.)

See Also: Sith lord

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-----------------------------=< Darkness >=------------------------------

Sith Lord Level 85

Usage: conc 'darkness' <self>

With this power, a Sith Lord can shroud a room in darkness 
for a short time. The Sith Lord, and any other Lords are
immune to this darkness as they understand its nature and how
it works.

See Also: Sith lord

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Force Storm

---------------------------=< Force Storm >=-----------------------------

Sith Lord Level 90

Usage: conc 'force storm'

With this power, a Sith Lord releases all his/her anger and hate
into one massive storm of dark energy that assails every non-player
in the room. Force Storm requires huge expenditures of force points but
is the most powerful attack in the Sith Lord's arsenal.

See Also: Sith lord

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Essence Transfer

-------------------------=< Essence Transfer >=--------------------------

Sith Lord Level 100

Usage: conc 'essence transfer'

At the height of power, a master of the dark side of the force has 
found a way to cheat death and live forever.  Essence Transfer allows
the Sith Lord to prepare for an emergency transfer of his/her
spirit into a cloned body at the point of death.  This saves the
Lord from any equipment loss or permanent wounds. There is a period of
disorientation after the transfer, resulting in a short period of
sickness that will seriously reduce the Lord's combat capabilities.
When prepared for essence transfer (e.g., when spell is in effect),
your focus will be limited a bit, due to the part of your
focus being to keep the transfer ready.

See Also: Sith lord

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