Suggested Races

Based on the three primary stats, tier 1 is best, listed in order

Tier 1: Ewok
Tier 2: Falleen, Bothan/Twi'lek, Rodian, Human, Mon Calamari/Geonosian
Tier 3: Selkath, Selkath/Clawdite/Sullustan, Jawa, Ithorian, Zabrak/Noghri, Gungan, Aqualish, Trandoshan
Tier 4: Gamorrean
Tier 5: Wookie


Scoundrel - knife/thrown weapon specialists
Swindler - thieves

Class Skills

L01 Low Blow - attack + stun for one round
L04 Sneak - move in and out of rooms without attracting attention
L07 Throw
L09 Pick Lock
L12 Instinct - improved accuracy
L15 Glance - look at victim
L18 Gamble - LUCK modifier
L20 Slip - secretly give an item/credits to a victim
L23 Steal - secretly take an item from a victim
L26 Backstab - 2x to 7x damage multiplier
L28 Defensive Fighting
L30 Poison - add poison to an item/weapon
L33 Scan - get mobs in adjacent rooms, requires scanning device/array
L36 Quick Draw - get first strike in combat
L39 Search
L41 Dirty Tricks - automatic special attacks?
L43 Identify get details on an object
L46 Track - get directions to mobs/players
L48 Offensive Fighting
L51 Locate Object - find an object
L54 Hawkeye - spot sneaking/hidden
L57 Hide - hide in a room
L59 Wild Card - throw attack with a random effect

Starting Equipment

a smuggling jacket, AC 8, +2 Focus/HP/MV
a smuggler's knife, AVG 5.0, +1 Dagger Attacks, +1 Hitroll

Object 'a smuggling jacket', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory On Body 
Item is: !Sell 
Weight: 10, Value: 0, Rent: 20
AC-apply is 8
Quality: Brand New.
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Focus by 2
   Affects: Hitpoints by 2
   Affects: Movement by 2
Object 'a smuggler's knife', Item type: Weapon
It can be worn: Inventory Wield 
Item is: !Sell 
Weight: 0, Value: 0, Rent: 20
Damage Dice is '1D9' for an average per-round damage of 5.0.
Combat type: Dagger Combat
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Dagger Attacks by 1
   Affects: Hitroll by 1

Dirty Tricks

---------------------------=< Dirty Tricks >=----------------------------

Smuggler Level 41

The smuggler will resort to any means necessary to gain the upper hand
in any situation.  Combat is no exception.  With this skill the smuggler will 
resort to tactics typically not employed by other classes.  The effectiveness 
of these actions increase with level.  Dirty tricks are used automatically
once learned.

See Also: Smuggler

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