Space Engineer


Auran, Mos Eisley, Tatooine [692]

Space Engineers should have high charisma so they can have many droid followers.
Ewoks and Falleen have the highest natural CHA.

Ewoks, 260 CHA = 6 followers
Falleen, 245 CHA = 5 followers
CHA >= 155 = 4 followers
CHA < 140 = 3 followers


P60 Create Ship
P61 Ship Uninstall - remove ship system
P65 Upgrade Armor - increase ships' armor using resources
P66 Analyze Ship - scan a ship to get the ship's specifications
P68 Rebuild Hull - turn a hull into a new ship of the same size
P70 Create Ship - create a droid ship follower

Create Ship

---------------------------=< Create Ship >=-----------------------------

Space Engineer Level 60

Usage: create <ship type>

With this skill, the space engineer can create a droid ship using
materials they have gathered.  The higher the level, the more ship
variations available.  The ship will follow the engineer in
space combat and follow every "order" given to it.

For Space Engineers:

Level      Ship Name             Keyword       Material Cost
--------   --------------------- ---------     ------------------------------
Level 60   Viper probe droid     probe         Dur(5),   Neut(50),  Moly(1)
Level 60   Cargo drone barge     barge         Dur(25),  Neut(200), Moly(0)
Level 65   Vulture droidfighter  vulture       Dur(35),  Neut(100), Moly(0)
Level 70   Maintanence tender    tender        Dur(100), Neut(250), Moly(5)
Level 75   Droid tri-fighter     trifighter    Dur(50),  Neut(300), Moly(2)
Level 80   Automated R&D ship    r&dship       Dur(100), Neut(500), Moly(5)
Level 85   Droid Control Ship    control       Dur(25),  Neut(100), Moly(7)
Level 90   Targeting satellite   satellite     Dur(45),  Neut(125), Moly(10)

See Also: Space engineer, Follow, Order

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Ship Uninstall

----------------------------=< Uninstall >=------------------------------

Space Engineer Level 61

Usage: uninstall <system> <ship>

While Technicians are capable of stripping down armor and weapons,
it takes the expertise of a Space Engineer to strip systems off of ships.
The Ship Uninstall skill allows the engineer to remove a system from a

See Also: Ship systems, Space engineer, Armor systems, Secondary, Techn

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Upgrade Armor

--------------------------=< Upgrade Armor >=----------------------------

Space Engineer Level 65

Usage: conc 'upgrade armor' <ship>

With this skill, the space engineer can install new armor or upgrade
existing armor on any individual's starship.  The level of quality
of the armor depends upon the level of the space engineer - lower level
engineers won't produce the same quality armor as seasoned space engineers.
Payment for services rendered is left up to the space engineer and client
to enforce.

    Levels of Ship Armor:
        Ultra Heavy

Using this skill will take resources.

See Also: Space engineer

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Analyze Ship

---------------------------=< Analyze Ship >=----------------------------

Space Engineer Level 66

Usage: conc 'analyze ship' <ship>

Space engineers deal with spaceships day in and day out, and can quickly
and efficiently look over a ship and produce its specifications.

See Also: Space engineer

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Rebuild Hull

-----------------------------=< Rebuild >=-------------------------------

Space Engineer Level 68

Usage: rebuild wreckage object

With this ability a Space Engineer can rebuild a hull wreck into a workable
ship.  The engineer must be creative in the rebuilding process, and so the
new ship will have little in common to its original source.  Only the size
of the ship will remain similar, although the more powerful ships will
drop more effective hulls to rebuild.

Some NPC ship technicians can also rebuild wrecked hulls, which are obtained
from destroyed NPC space mobs, but Engineers will on average produce a 
better ship with the same materials.

See Also: Space engineer

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