Stormtrooper Captain, Stormtrooper Training Facility, Bastion [602]

1) Land on Bastion
2) The Stormtrooper Captain is located in the STF Vault
3) Enter the STF and go all the way to the east
4) Go all the way down and go west

--------------------------=< Bastion = STF >=----------------------------

                   _o_                <------ Bottom Floor ------>
                2-/3_/-4                  ___  ___  ___  ___
            2      /                     /__/ /__/ /__/ /__/
Gishway    _/_   _/_                     _=_  _=_  _=_  _=_  ___
  Gate  <-/1_/--/2_/o                   /__/-/__/-/__/-/__/-/s_/
           /    _/_                     _=_  _=_  _=_  _=_ 
          3  5-/4_/-1                  /__/ /__/ /__/ /__/
           ___                       <-------- STF Vault -------->
          _=_  ___  ___  ___
         /__/ /__/-/__/-/__/
         _/_  _=_  _=_  _=_  ___                        ___  ___
        /__/-/__/-/__/-/__/-/d_/                      x/__/=/u_/
        _/_  _=_  _=_  _=_ 
       /__/ /__/-/__/-/__/

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Shock Trooper - professional soldier
Officer - group bonuses


    Stormtrooper gear
Object 'a Stormtrooper helmet', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory Head 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 0, Value: 0, Rent: 0
AC-apply is 8
Quality: Brand New.
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Wisdom by 5
   Affects: Hitpoints by 5

    Stormtrooper gear
Object 'some Stormtrooper body armor', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory On Body 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 3, Value: 0, Rent: 0
AC-apply is 8
Quality: Brand New.
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Hitpoints by 5
   Affects: Hitroll by 1
   Affects: Quickness by 5


L01 Utility Belt - summon a belt with useful items
L04 Patch Wound - heal taget, requires bandages
L08 Survey - attack bonus, requirs binoculars
L10 Marksmanship - bonus to blaster and ranged weapon combat
L14 Conditioning - temporary hitpoint bonus
L17 Scout - get info on an adjacent room, requires binoculars
L20 Detain - take a victim prisoner

Utility Belt

---------------------------=< Utility Belt >=----------------------------

Stormtrooper Level 1

Usage: resupply

Stormtroopers in the Imperial Army rely heavily on both equipment
and training to get them through the rough day to day activities 
of a soldier's life. Utility belts are stocked with a variety of
items based on the individual stormtroopers level of experience.

See Also: Stormtrooper, Officer, Shock trooper

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When you look inside, you see:
stormtrooper (carried):

    L40 Shocktrooper backpack
combat (carried): 
( 2) a small bandage
an emergency air filtration system
a pair of binoculars
a tiny handlight
a stormtrooper issue comlink
a E-116 grenade launcher reload
an E-116 standard issue blaster rifle
( 2) a napalm grenade
( 2) a standard issue ration
a Stormtrooper's canteen
a tiny grappling hook
( 2) a small grenade

Patch Wound

---------------------------=< Patch Wounds >=----------------------------

Stormtrooper Level 4

Usage: treat patch <target>

It's extremely important on the battlefield to be able to patch up both
yourself and your buddies in the heat of combat. With patch wounds the 
modern soldier is able to stop bleeding, and prevent someone from 
dying when unconscious.

Note: You must have a bandage (medical component) to patch wounds.

See Also: Stormtrooper

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------------------------------=< Survey >=-------------------------------

Stormtrooper Level 8

Usage: survey

When preparing for battle it is wise to understand the layout
of the land surrounding you. With Survey a Stormtrooper is able
to quickly and accurately discern the lay of the land.
Using survey in conjunction with advance will result in a more
effective and deadly attack.

Note: you must have a pair of binoculars to accurately survey
an area.

See Also: Stormtrooper

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---------------------------=< marksmanship >=----------------------------

Stormtrooper Level 10

Usage: conc 'marksmanship'

With Marksmanship, a player focuses back on their training and handling
of blasters and ranged weapons. This will improve their blaster and ranged
skill rating.

See Also: Stormtrooper

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---------------------------=< Conditioning >=----------------------------

Stormtrooper Level 14

Usage: condition

A daily regiment of exercise and conditioning is the best way for today's
troopers to stay in shape for the battle ahead. Regular conditioning will 
give you extra hitpoints for a period of time.

See Also: Stormtrooper

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------------------------------=< Scout >=--------------------------------

Stormtrooper Level 17

Usage: scout <direction>

Stormtroopers receive special training which allows them to scout
ahead and get intelligence on number and type of enemy, as well as 
some fortifications. Binoculars are required to scout.

See Also: Stormtrooper, Shock trooper, Officer

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------------------------------=< Detain >=-------------------------------

Stormtrooper Level 20

Usage: detain <victim>

One of the many duties that falls upon Imperial Stormtroopers is 
the day to day gathering of information, and searching for wanted
criminals. A properly trained Stormtrooper can detain an individual
for questioning.

Using detain without an argument will show you who you are currently

See Also: Stormtrooper

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