Jos Vondar (dark haired Corellian), Corellia [565]

'A dark haired Corellian with a medical kit thrown over one shoulder strolls by.'

1) Land on Corellia and start looking north of port


L60 Dissect - practice surgery on corpse, gather biological resources
L66 Transfusion - help patient recover faster
L72 Surgical Removal - remove integrated items from a patient
L78 Heal Serious Wound
L84 Reconstruct Body - major heal, uses 30 surgical supplies
L90 Surgical Strike - critical hit?
L95 Heal Critical Wound
L100 Euthanize


-----------------------------=< Dissect >=-------------------------------

Surgeon Level 60

Usage: dissect <corpse>

Surgeons practicing their craft on the corpses of the
recently departed allows them to learn from their use
of the scalpel.  Practice with their surgical abilities
is what makes them grow faster in ability.

After a corpse has been dissected, the surgeon will not 
only gain some experience from investigating the bodies
of those around them in the galaxy, but often the 
surgeon will be able to recover a great deal of biological 
material as well.

See Also: Surgeon

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-------------------------=< Surgeon Level 66 >=--------------------------

Surgeon Level 66

Usage: transfusion <patient>

Once clear of the battlefield, the surgeon can administer a quick transfusion
between them and their patient, allowing the stronger of the two to help the
weaker recover faster.

See Also: Surgeon

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Surgical Removal

-------------------------=< Surgical Removal >=--------------------------

Surgeon Level 72

Usage: sremove <target> <object>

> sremove self wiring
You surgically remove some spinal wiring from Wyld's body.

Some items around the galaxy are designed, grown, or custom-fitted and
as a result, some things cannot be just taken off like a set of clothes.
Illicit surgery is the solution often used by the scum of the galaxy,
as gear along these lines is not typically available on the open market.

See Also: Surgeon

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Heal Serious Wound

------------------------=< Heal Serious Wound >=-------------------------

Surgeon Level 78

Usage: heal <victim> <wound number>

Through advanced knowledge of the anatomy of various races, a surgeon
can heal serious wounds and mutilations.

See Also: Surgeon

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Reconstruct Body

-------------------------=< Reconstruct Body >=--------------------------

Surgeon Level 84

Usage: reconstruct <victim>

Sometimes regular medical aid is inadequate. In these cases a surgeon can attempt
a major operation on someone gravely injured. This usually cures any temporary 
injuries. Due to the stress on the body caused by major surgery this same person
can't be operated on again for a while.
Surgical Supplies required: 30

See Also: Surgeon

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Surgical Strike

-------------------------=< Surgical Strike >=---------------------------

Surgeon Level 90

Usage: surgical <target>

Surgeons being the expert of delicate biological features, they are
more than well enough prepared to target their strikes to more
critical areas of an opponent.

The target argument is not necessary while in combat.  However,
if you specify who you would like to strike, your character will
attempt to make a surgical strike (or initate combat) with
the target you provide.

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Heal Critical Wound

-----------------------=< Heal Critical Wound >=-------------------------

Surgeon Level 95

Usage: heal <victim> <wound number>

Through expert knowledge of the anatomy of various races, a surgeon
can heal critical wounds, mutilations and recover lost limbs.

See Also: Surgeon

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