Lando Calrissian, wanders around Cloud City, Bespin 272

Object 'Lando's blaster', Item type: Weapon
It can be worn: Inventory Wield One Handed 
Item is: Glowing Magic 
Weight: 12, Value: 120000, Rent: 12000
Damage Dice is '8D3' for an average per-round damage of 16.0.
Combat type: Blaster Combat
Can affect you as :
   Affects: Hitroll by 3
   Affects: Blaster Marksmanship by 2


L60 Palm - try to grab an item without being noticed
L66 Escape - flee in a specified direction (does not escape Snare - see. bounty-hunter)
L72 Trick - get victim into position for a backstab
L78 Dodge - dodge some or all attacks
L84 Swindle - try to get credits or items from a victim
L90 Disarm - make victim unwield their weapon
L100 Counterstrike - attack automatically on a dodged attack


-------------------------------=< Palm >=--------------------------------

Swindler Level 60

Usage: palm <item>

By using the palm command, a Swindler can pick objects up off the
ground without anyone seeing him.  If he fails, they will see him, but
he will not be aware of the fact, which could lead to some interesting

See Also: Swindler

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------------------------------=< Escape >=-------------------------------

Scoundrel Level 60
Swindler Level 66
Fighter Pilot Level 90

Usage: escape <direction>

Using escape to flee enables you to choose the direction you would like
to flee in. It is often helpful when you wish to flee into a specific

Fighter Pilots get an escape skill that is only useable in space.

See Also: Flee, Scoundrel, Swindler, Fighter pilot

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------------------------------=< Trick >=--------------------------------

Swindler Level 72

Usage: trick <victim>

The trick skill is used to fool your enemy into turning his back on you
for a split second, long enough for you to place a dagger into his or
her back.  It can be used in the middle of combat, making this a very
powerful ability.

See Also: Swindler, Backstab

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------------------------------=< Dodge >=--------------------------------

Swindler Level 78

Usage: Automatic

The dodge skill Automatically takes effect once it is learned.  With
this skill a character can dodge some or all attacks directed at him
thus avoiding damage.  It is easier to dodge attacks of lower level
characters compared to higher level characters.

See Also: Swindler

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-----------------------------=< Swindle >=-------------------------------

Swindler Level 84

Usage: swindle <item> <victim>

Swindle allows the silver-tongued swindler to beguile and lull the
intended victim into allowing him/her to "borrow" some credits, an
item in use or in inventory, or even a weapon.  However, it is much
harder to swindle someone out equipment if it is in use or worn.
A high charisma is the swindler's best friend during these exchanges.

Mobs can learn from a swindler, and may be harder to swindle in the
future.  May the "borrower" beware.

See Also: Swindler

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------------------------------=< Disarm >=-------------------------------

Swindler Level 90

Usage: disarm <target>

Using his/her superior charisma and dexterity, a skilled swindler can
distract an opponent before deftly knocking their weapon from their hands.
Player weapons will fall to their inventory while NPC weapons can either
fall to their inventory or to the ground depending on chance, level and
the mobs awareness.  This is an offensive skill, any mistakes on the
swindlers part will no doubt cause some form of retaliation.

If the target is a player, the victim will be unable to wield a weapon 
for several seconds due to numb fingers.  The draw skill can still be

If the target is a mobile, the victim will deal reduced damage for
a short duration of time.  This skill can be used on mobs without
a true weapon object for the damage reduction benefit.  This is

The skill can be used in combat, with reduced chance of success and no
charisma benefits.  The skill operates on a 40 second timer.

See Also: Swindler

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--------------------------=< Counterstrike >=----------------------------

Swindler Level 100

Usage: automatic

Counterstrike will allow the crafty swindler to turn the
tables on a dodged attack and strike back at his attacker.

See Also: Swindler, Dodge

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