Suggested Races

Based on the three primary stats, tier 1 is best, listed in order

Tier 1: Ewok, Falleen
Tier 2: Mon Calamari, Twi'lek, Bothan, Human, Clawdite, Ithorian, Rodian
Tier 3: Zabrak, Geonosian/Sullustan, Jawa/Selkath, Aqualish
Tier 4: Trandoshan/Noghri/Gungan, Gamorrean, Wookie


Droid - combat
Inventor - engineers, create items

Starting INT for a Technician should be at least 50.
It costs 100 Focus to create a droid.

Repair Kits

small repair kit, 15 repair, 15 refit

Object 'a small repair kit', Item type: Repair Kit
It can be worn: Inventory About Body Waist 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 5, Value: 150, Rent: 150
Max Repair Supplies: 15
Current Repair Supplies: 15
Max Refit Supplies: 15
Current Refit Supplies: 15

Class Skills

L01 Create Droid - use resources to create droid followers
L03 Pick Lock - need a lockpick set or similar lockpicking tool
L04 Restock Kit - refill supplies to repair/refit droids
L05 Repair Minor - fix a droid/Cyborg, 1 repair supply
L07 Armor - temporarily strengthen armor
L09 Stun
L11 Manufacture
L13 Identify
L15 Throw
L17 Punch
L19 Repair Moderate - fix a droid/Cyborg, 2 repair supplies
L25 Inspect - detect sabotage in an object
L28 Uninstall - remove a secondary weapon, kit, or system from an item
L30 Construct - create ammo
L32 Mend Armor - attempt to repair damaged armor
L32 Quake - area of effect attack
L38 Repair Minor Group - repair a group of droids/Cyborgs, 3 Repair supplies
L40 Fix - remove sabotaged item
L42 Defensive Fighting
L44 Forge - add a secondary weapon
L46 Sabotage - reduce hitroll of players/weapons, negate AC for armor
L48 Offensive Fighting
L51 Repair Serious - fix a droid/Cyborg, 4 repair supplies
L54 Restore Defaults - makes object NOBITS, unable to enhance item
L57 Summon - teleports victim to Technician's location
L59 Repair Minor Combat - repair during combat, 2 repair supplies

Starting Equipment

an apprentice body harness, AC 10, +2 Focus/HP, +1 Hitroll
an apprentice's wrench, AVG 6.0, +1 Melee, +1 Hitroll
a sack of rare materials, one time device, casts Armor

Create Droid

---------------------------=< Create Droid >=----------------------------

Technician Level 1
Skillpoint Skill (R2 and 3PO droids)
Cost: 25sp

Usage: create [type]

Using Create Droid, a technician can create a droid from the junk
scraps around him.  The higher the level of the technician, the better
the droid.  This droid will be his servant and follow every "order"
given to it.  Also note that some droids may have special functions
that they can perform.  IE: Messenger droids allow the tech to send
mail messages without having to be in a post office.

Different levels of techs can create different droids:For All Technicians:
Level         Items                      Keyword              Materials
------       -------                    ---------          ---------------
Level 1      MSE-6 Messenger             messenger     Dur(5),  Neut(1)
Level 5      R-1 recon droid             probe         Dur(25), Neut(10), Moly(1)
Level 10     CLL-8 binary load lifter    load          Dur(25), Neut(10), Moly(1)
Level 20     G2 Repair droid             repair        Dur(10), Neut(5)
Level 30     K4 Security droid           security      Dur(35), Neut(15), Moly(5)
Level 40     FX-7 Medical Droid          fx            Dur(50), Neut(20), Moly(7)
Level 50     Mark IV Assault Droid       assault       Dur(75), Neut(30), Moly(10)

For Droids:
Level         Items                      Keyword              Materials
------       -------                    ---------          ---------------
Level 60     Treadwell repair droid      treadwell     Dur(250), Neut(5),  Moly(5)
Level 70     B1 Battledroid              b1            Dur(25),  Neut(5)
Level 80     B2 Super Battledroid        super         Dur(300), Neut(25), Moly(5)
Level 90     EG-6 Power Droid            power         Dur(350), Neut(10), Moly(20)
Level 100    Droideka                    droideka      Dur(525), Neut(50), Moly(10)

For Inventors:
Level         Items                      Keyword              Materials
------       -------                    ---------          ---------------
Level 60    2-1B Medical droid           medical       Dur(250), Neut(5),  Moly(5)
Level 70    TelBrinTel Science Research  research      Dur(125), Neut(26), Moly(40)
Level 80    IG-series Assassin           assassin      Dur(500), Neut(25), Moly(10)
Level 90    GL-916 Shopkeeper droid      shopkeeper    Dur(75),  Neut(175)
Level 100   Human Replicant              replicant     Dur(525), Neut(5),  Moly(10)

For All Classes:
Level         Items                      Keyword              Materials
------       -------                    ---------          ---------------
SP skill    R2-series astromech droid    r2            Dur(25), Neut(10),  Moly(1)
SP skill    3PO-series protocol droid    protocol      Dur(25), Neut(10),  Moly(1)

See Also: Technician, Advanced droids, Order, Follow

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-------------------------=< Advanced Droids >=---------------------------

With enough skill, technician's can regularly create some fairly 
advanced droid types droids. The schematics for these special
droids are individually purchasable using acquired skill points.

Types, commands, and costs are:
  JN-66 analysis droid          --   'analysis'  25 sp
  HK-77 flamethrower droid      --   'flame'     40 sp
  JK-13 stunning droid          --   'stun'      45 sp
  Scarab Mark VI poison droid   --   'poison'    50 sp
  P-100 salvage droid           --   'salvage'   50 sp 

To create an advanced droid once you have aquired the skill: 
    create <advanced droid name>

Note: You can never have more than 1 of any particular type
      Once purchased you will always be able to create the type.

See Also: Sp, Create droid, Technician

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---------------------------=< Manufacture >=-----------------------------

Technician Level 11
Medic Level 18

usage: manufacture <keyword>

With this skill, a player can create many unique items useful to
the player and many others in the galaxy.  In fact, a good amount of
money could be made selling these products to other players.  
There is a certain duration of creation lag that prevents the player 
from building another object right after the first, this lag is reduced 
as one gains levels.  Several Material resources are required to
build these items.

For All Technicians:
Level         Items                      Keyword              Materials
------       -------                    ---------          ---------------
Level 11     Lockpick                    lock         Dur(7), Neut(3)
Level 20     Fragmentation Grenade       frag         Dur(10), Neut(4)
Level 30     Emergency Recall Device     recall       Dur(26), Neut(10)
Level 40     Thermal Detonator           thermal      Dur(16), Neut(6), Moly(1)
Level 50     Hitpoint well               stimshot     Dur(10), Neut(8), Moly(2)

For Droids:
Level         Items                      Keyword              Materials
------       -------                    ---------          ---------------
Level 60     Medium Repair Kit           repair       Dur(25), Neut(10), Moly(4)
Level 70     Biological Toxin            toxin        Dur(30), Neut(12), Moly(5)
Level 80     Smoke Bomb                  smoke        Dur(35), Neut(15), Moly(6)
Level 90     Alloy Hardening Compound    compound     Dur(40), Neut(18), Moly(7)
Level 100    A cortosis-hewn discblade   discblade    Dur(45), Neut(20), Moly(10)

For Inventors:
Level         Items                      Keyword              Materials
------       -------                    ---------          ---------------
Level 60    Journal to take notes        note         Dur(25), Neut(10), Moly(4)
Level 70    Neural Booster               booster      Dur(30), Neut(12), Moly(5)
Level 80    Industrial Waste             waste        Dur(35), Neut(15), Moly(6)
Level 90    Instantaneous Holoprojecter  holo         Dur(40), Neut(18), Moly(8)
Level 100   Sonic Disruptor              sonic        Dur(80), Neut(40), Moly(20)

See Also: Medic, Technician, Droid, Inventor, Materials, Pop

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----------------------------=< Construct >=------------------------------

Technician Level 30
Space Engineer Level 65

Usage: construct <number> <item>

Two skills of a very similar nature.  Construct allows a Technician
the ability to create ammunition items used on land, while Space 
Construct allows a Space engineer to build items used in space.
CANNOT CONSTRUCT THE LAND ITEMS. (sorry for caps, no one understood)
Multiple items can be constructed at one time, ammunition items will
create one object with a larger quantity of reloads.  Items will
use a quantity of materials listed below.  Remember to multiply this
by the number of items you are making to determine a true cost.

Land Ammo            Level    Keyword         Materials 
-----------          ------   --------        ----------
Static Cel           30       static          Neut(2), Moly(1)
Grenades (launcher)  40       grenades        Dura(3), Neut(2)
Hydrogen Fuel        50       hydrogen        Neut(5)
Hydrogen Cell        55       hcell           Neut(1)
Ion Cells            60       ion             Neut(2), Moly(3)
Non-lethal           70       nonlethal       Dura(4), Neut(1)
Rockets              80       rockets         Dura(2), Moly(3)

Vehicle Ammo
-----------          ------    --------       ----------
Proton Rockets       35        prockets       Dura(10), Neut(3)
Hailfire Missiles    45        hailfire       Dura(10), Moly(2)

Space Ammo                     Keyword        Materials 
-----------          ------    --------       ----------
Proton Torpedoes               protons        Dura(30), Moly(3)
Concussion Missiles            concussion     Dura(25), Neut(2)
Fighters (for bays)            fighters       Dura(75), Neut(5), Moly(5)

See Also: Materials, Technician, Space engineer

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------------------------------=< Forge >=--------------------------------

Technician Level 44

Usage: forge <existing weapon> <secondary system>

With forge, a Technician can add-on a secondary weapon system onto
an existing weapon.  This secondary weapon system utilizes ammunition
and can be operated upon command using the keyword, "fire".  Since the
recoil can be severe, secondary systems can only be installed on 
primary weapons(wieldable and one-handed) and not on holdables.
Installing them on one-handed weapons will cause them to be less
accurate then a two-handed weapon.  Some weapon systems will be of 
the direct damage nature, while others will activate a weapon combat 
bonus or some other special effect for a short duration.

Forge requires a flat amount of focus and material resources, which
are used in total regardless of success or failure.

Forged Weapon           Keyword         Weapon Types
--------------          --------        -------------
Grenade Launcher        grenade         Blasters & Ranged Weapons
Rocket Launcher         rocket          Blasters & Ranged Weapons
Flamethrower            flamethrower    Blasters & Ranged Weapons
Static Discharge        staticdis       Melee & Dagger Weapons
Static Field            staticfield     Melee & Dagger Weapons

See Also: Inventor, Reload, Fire, Secondary weapon

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