Vehicle Operator


Vehicle Operator Guildmaster, Coruscant [555]


Select at Vehicle Operator level 60

Bike Operator
Tank Operator
Walker Operator


V01 Drive - operate a Walker, Tank, or Speeder Bike
V10 Patch Vehicle - repair damage to a vehicle, requires Duranium
V20 Vehicle Ion - use ion weapons on vehicle
V30 Vehicle Rockets - attack with rockets from a vehicle
V40 Jam Comlink - cut off comlink communication in room
V50 Repair Vehicle


------------------------------=< Drive >=--------------------------------

Vehicle Operator Level 1

Usage: automatic

This skill allows you to operate one of the three combat vehicle types:
Walkers, Tanks and Speeder Bikes.

See Also: Vehicle operator

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Patch Vehicle

------------------=< Patch Vehicle / Repair Vehicle >=-------------------

Vehicle Operator Level 10
Vehicle Operator Level 50

Usage: patch <vehicle>

All vehicle operators need to have basic knowledge to repair damage done
to their vehicles.  They cannot patch vehicles in the middle of combat.

The patch vehicle skill will repair hull point damage done to a combat
vehicle.  A quantity of duranium is required to patch a vehicle.

At level 10 the vehicle may be patched while outside of combat.
At level 50 a new skill "repair vehicle" is available which
uses the same syntax but allows you to patch while in combat.

See Also: Duranium, Vehicle operator

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Vehicle Ion

---------------------------=< Vehicle Ion >=-----------------------------

Vehicle Operator Level 20

Usage: ionize <victim>

This skill allows a vehicle operator to utilize ion cannons if
they have been installed on their combat vehicle.  Ion cannons
will cause a round of lag if the target is driving a vehicle
or a droid.

See Also: Vehicle operator

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Vehicle Rockets

-------------------------=< Vehicle Rockets >=---------------------------

Vehicle Operator Level 30

Usage: Fire <victim>
       status -- Displays remaining ammo

This skill allows vehicle operators to fire high energy proton rockets
providing their vehicle is equiped with a proton rocket system and has
available ammunition loaded.  Upon obtaining spare proton rocket rounds
you can reload your vehicle using the RELOAD command.

See Also: Vehicle operator

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Jam Comlink

---------------------------=< Jam Comlink >=-----------------------------

Vehicle Operator Level 40

Usage: jam

Using the jam command a vehicle operator can disable comlink
communications within their same room.  A vehicle must be
equiped with comlink jammers to utilize this skill.

See Also: Vehicle operator

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