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There are currently six primary classes available on Revenge of
the Jedi.  At level 60 your ability to continue your primary class
stops as you must then choose a subguild class to join.  There are
also "lesser classes" that you can join anytime during the building
of your character.  These lesser classes occupy your secondary and
tertiary class choices.  They are leveled separately and can be
gained up to levels 40 and 20, respectively.

You may NOT choose one of the six primary classes listed here as
your secondary or tertiary class -- lesser classes are for this purpose.
The lesser classes are only available at secondary & tertiary levels.

NOTE: Once you have joined a lesser class, you CANNOT LEAVE IT!

Usage: help <class name> for more information on a specific class.

         MEDIC                 JEDI KNIGHT             TECHNICIAN
         MERCENARY             BOUNTY HUNTER           SMUGGLER

See Also: Lesser classes, Races, Subguilds, Guilds

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-------------------------=< Lesser Subguilds >=--------------------------

Some lesser classes have subguilds.  This means that upon reaching level
20 in the lesser class, to continue advancement, a character must go to
a guildmaster of one of the lesser subguilds and 'join'.

The following subguilds are available for each lesser class:

      Stormtrooper            Vehicle Operator
      ------------            ----------------
      OFFICER                 WALKER OPERATOR
                              TANK OPERATOR
      SPICE DEALER      

See Also: Lesser classes

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See: Guildmasters

Primary Classes

Max level 100, must choose a subguild to advance past level 60

Bounty Hunter - Mercenary/Smuggler hybrid, trackers

Jedi - Force Users

  • Defender - light side melee
  • Consular - light side force, healers
  • Sentinel - light side melee/force
    • Gray Jedi - Remort Consular/Defender/Sentinel
  • Sith Marauder - dark side melee
  • Sith Lord - dark side force
    • Dark Master - Remort Sith Lord/Marauder

Medic - Healers

Mercenary - Warriors

  • Bodyguard - protective specialist
  • Commando - land combat specialist
    • Warlord - Remort Bodyguard/Commando

Smuggler - Rogues

  • Scoundrel - knife/thrown weapon specialists
  • Swindler - thieves
    • Crime Lord - Remort Scoundrel/Swindler

Technician - engineer/pet

  • Droid - combat
  • Inventor - engineers, create items
    • Mad Scientist - Remort Droid/Inventor


Prof needed for multiwielding must be natural - no enhancement spells, no eq.

Mercenary - 50
Bounty Hunter - 65
Technician- 80
Jedi - 80 (Sith Lord/Sentinel/Consular)
Sith Maruader/Jedi Defender - 65
Smuggler - 70
Medic - 70


Piloting - Space combat

Vehicle Operator

Vehicle Operator - drive combat vehicles

Secondary Classes

Max level 40. A Secondary Class can also be selected as a Tertiary Class with a max level of 20.
If the lesser class has a subguild, you must join a subguild to advance past level 20
You get a Star Hopper upon joining a Secondary Class

Explorer - help with searching and traveling
Politician - influence and perks

Stormtrooper - basic military training


Object 'a star hopper', Item type: Spaceship
It can be worn: Inventory Piloted 
Item is: !Sell 
Weight: 20, Value: 0, Rent: 20
Ship Type: Small       
Ship Damage Dice are '3D4'
 for an average per-round damage of 7.5.
Hull Integrity: 100 Percent 
Shield Integrity: 100 Percent 
Ship Armor: No Armor 
Special Systems:
Hyperdrive: x6 
Combat Speed: Slow

Tertiary Classes

Max level 20

Farmer - free food, water, and weather
Slicer - hack electronics, surveillance
Gunslinger - blaster specialist
Droid Handler - droid adepts
Sensite - Force sensitives
Teras Kasi - hand to hand combat discipline (Legend Only)

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