Custom Items
Part T1/L10 T2/L26 T3/L51 T4/L76
Power Supply - Rylith, 11P, PowTex
- alkaline chemical
- silver lithium
- SSct, DXR-4, compact
- small nuclear
- Ranamk, Bpr-99, I-s4D
- micro-fission
- Draxton-12
Convertor Thelman, DenX3
Tech One
JRR9-2, convertor valve
Tech Two
Tech Three
Tech Four
Fabric - wad of torn fabric
- bantha hide
- bundle of duraleather
- steresteel plating
- Aiwa cloth
- vornskr hide
- boar-wolf hide
- roll of kevlar
- swath of fine linen
Bulletted Iridium
Plating armor padding, chromium - reinforced armor
- kiirium
- allum
- thick armor plating
- Vondum Skerr Kyrric
Binding polyweave, cloth
leather strapping
Ankarax, nerf-hide
leather binding
- fiberplast
- unused durasteel
- chain-link
- Cyrene silk
- blessed silk
Kaiburr cracked chunk, chip slightly imperfect large pulsing mass giant homogeneous deposit
Gas Control slightly damaged micro powerful highly modified
Glass chipped fragment small chunk large block perfect sample
Cut Lens broken lens smudged lens unpolished lens
Raw Gem Opila
uncut orange
Firkrann, Adegan
uncut green
- Jenruax
- uncut red
- Ankarres
- uncut blue
Cut Gems - cracked crystal
- cut yellow
- freshly cut
- cut green
well-polished Jerec's, Katarn's?
Staff A short wooden staff with a crooked end forked durasteel twisted iridium A small polished shaft of an unrecognizable brilliant metal
Ingot Quadanium
- Bronze, iron
- Duranium - Ferrocrabon
- durasteel
Vibro-Motor tiny small medium-sized large
Part T1/P19 T2/P38 T3/P57 T4/P??
Sublight 6X4 fusial
2a Incom
Twin Novaldex J-77
SRB42 set of 30-5
Hyperdrive Kuat 3.0 MT-5 H2-1 SSP05
Weapon Array - Prm-3
- artillery guns
- miniature plasma
- DL-III NightFang
- large ground artillery
SB-920 - w-165 planetary
massive turbo
Targeting ANq 2.4 tracking - T-s7b
- a ANx-y/2 sensor cluster
heads up display
Imperial Neural Interface Device

See: Custom Armor for details on Custom Armor, Custom Robes, Custom Gloves
See: Custom Weapons for details on Crystals, Lightsabers, Blasters/Exotic, Vibroblades, Melee
See: Custom Ships for more details on custom ships
See: Custom Parts Scans for scans on the actual items

Custom Weapons

Type Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Optional Parts
Blaster/Ranged gas control power converter power supply lens weapon stabilizer
sniper scope (ranged only)
Lightsaber power convertor gem power supply lens weapon stabilizer
a double-bladed lightsaber coupling device (quest item)
Melee shaft power convertor power supply binding weapon stabilizer
Crystal imbued kaiburr
force energy
power convertor staff binding
Vibroblade ingot power convertor power supply vibro-motor weapon stabilizer
Blasters/exotics also require a barrel, which determines the damage type

Custom Armor

Type Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 Part 4 Optional Parts
Armor fabric plating power supply injectors system mounts
special systems
Robe fabric plating binding imbued kaiburr
force energy
Gloves fabric power convertor power supply injector
injector = +stat type
armor power supply = amount of +stat / glove power supply = +prof
binding = robe +hitroll
imbued kaiburr = spell type

Custom Ships

Type Part 1
Armor rating
Part 2
Attack speed
Part 3
jump speed
Part 4
Optional Parts
Ship hull sublight engine hyperdrive weapons array targeting computer
ship systems
targeting computer = +space hitroll
Ship Systems (P22) Astromech: an integrated astromech droid interface
(P22) Ion Cannons: a Dar-2 ion cannon
(P22) Cargo hold: some ship's cargo holds
(P30) Augmented Cannons: some MS-1 fire-linked heavy laser cannons
(P45) Scanner: an Ans-9.5w wide range sensor system
(P45) Proton Torpedoes: MG7-A proton torpedo launching tubes
(P75) Holofield: a CS-Mark 10 holoprojector
Verpine Shields: a starship class shield generator
(?): a dismantled disintegration device
(?) ECM: 4x-Phantom short-range sensor jammer
Cargo: a cargobay installation module

Additional Info

Player created items are called custom items.
All custom items can be upgraded.
Some random equipment can also be upgraded if it has the upgrade flag.

Adding 1 weapon stabilizer will make a weapon one-handed
You need 30 in weapon proficiency for a one-handed weapon

Adding 2 weapon stabilizers will make a weapon off-hand
You need 60 in weapon proficiency for an off-hand weapon

Lenses are created from glass by the Droid Craftsman on Demophon
Lightsaber crystals are cut from uncut gems by the Gem Cutter on Kessel

Imbued Kaiburr crystals are created from uncut kaiburr crystals and force energy by a Librarian
- The Jedi Librarian is found in the Jedi Guild in Mos Eisley.
- The Sith Librarian is found on Pergitor in the Minos Cluster.

Upgradeable Items

Non-custom items can still be upgradeable also, but only certain stats can be upgraded with specific parts:

  • Lights - Lights can be upgraded with power supplied to extend their life
  • On-body armor - Fabric can upgrade the item's AC and can take a system mount
  • Head armor - Fabric can upgrade the item's AC and can take a system mount
  • Hand armor - Fabric can be used to upgrade the item's damage
  • Crystal - Kaiburrs can be used to upgrade the item's damage
  • Lightsaber - Gems can be used to upgrade the item's damage
  • Vibroblade - Ingots can be used to upgrade the item's damage
  • Blaster - Gas control unit can be used to upgrade the item's damage
  • Force-pike - Shaft can be used to upgrade the item's damage
  • All weapons - Weapon stabilizers can make the item 1-handed (1 stabilizer) or holdable (2 stabilizers) but will decrease the average damage of the weapon

To upgrade an Upgradeable item, find an appropriate workbench and use the 'upgrade' command.

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