Moderate Equipment

Good newbie equipment/beginning lowbie equipment
A full set of mostly moderate armor is considered "Normal Armor".

Moderate Armor

space helmet
restraint collar (Aganonia, prisoners)
force field (Dantooine, Rebel Lt)
cyborg force shield (Mos Eisley guards)
Padawan robes (padawans, Jedi Guild)
hunter armor (BH Guild Shop)
yellow ace's flight suit
pilot jump suit
brown robes (Jedi shop)
fur coat (Echo Base, Air Controller)
leather vest (Echo Base, officer)
deretta's destroyers uniform (Echo Base, Tarrin Datch)
ecliptic evaders uniform (Echo Base, Hobbie)
black imperial Pilots Suit (Coruscant, TIE Factory)
wing guard uniform (Wing Guard, Bespin)
dirty coveralls, Aganonia
hard leather gloves
smelly gloves (animal handler)
work gloves, Aganonia
green gloves (Cheetro, Bespin)
(durasteel bracelet, mod, AC5, comlink, STR-1), Aganonia citizens
Trainee Pilot's Boots

Moderate Weapons

Standard-issue Imperial Blaster (Smart Trainee, Combat Arena)
penetrator (guard captain, Kallistas)
snow blaster (Echo Base, rebel)
tusken rifle (Tusken Raiders)
laser pistol
space blaster
Aganonian blaster
blaster carbine
pretend lightsaber (Black Rock)
orange lightsaber
electronic disrupter (jawas)
neutron welder (pirate engineer)
very clean rifle (Mos Eisley Prison)
pulse rifle (mercenary, Kallistas)
long-range hunting rifle (BH Guild Shop)
snow rifle (Echo Base, officer)
Aganonian rifle
Bespin Gas Gun (Wing Guard, Bespin)
aerowrench (Mos Eisley Zoo, mechanic)
short baton (Cato Neimoidia, Home Guard)
orange gem
spiral shaped crystal

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