Weak/Simple Equipment

One step up from newbie equipment.

Weak Armor

Hotshot Rookie's Piloting Helmet
broken helmet
instructive headset (comlink) (Kasmino, child)
piloting goggles
dragon collar (baby krayt dragon, Combat Arena)
macrobinoculars (jawa leader)
ancient dragonslayer amulet (cultists, black rock)
winter scarf (Echo Base, guards)
spacefarer necklace
cracked energy shield
energy shield (Echo Base)
pajamas (guards at Prison)
thick grey cloak (Grand Poobah, Black Rock)
loose fitting shirt
Trainee Piloting Sleeves
leather sleeves
gloves (Jedi shop)
leather gloves (Echo Base)
leather wrist guard (newbie pirates)
wristchain (Camie, Anchorhead)
farming pants
pirate ring (newbie pirates)

Padawan's patch

Simple Weapons

beam drill (melee) (jawa craftsman)
chipped knife (dagger)
wrench (melee)
stun pistol (blaster) (Bespin citzens)

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