Equipment List

Starting Equipment

You get one starting piece of armor based on your Race.

All classes start with AC 8 fantastic body armor, except for Technicians that start with AC 10 fantastic body armor.

All starting weapons are +1 hit and +1 weapon proficiency.
Bounty Hunters and Smugglers start with a DPS 5.0 moderate weapon
Techs, Medics, and Mercs start with a DPS 6.0 moderate weapon
Jedis start with DPS 9.0 powerful lightsaber.


Rodians, Jawas, and Aliens have natural infravision

Infravision Goggles (Technician Guild, buy at shop) (head, wt 5, rent 100)
a pen with built in light (Duro, L25 or L30 an important businessman) (wt 1, rent 500, +stats)
a spheroid globe (Minos Cluster, Travnin, level in mid-20s Rollo Morsai) (wt 4, rent 400)
some Glowing Cones (Berchest, L40 Space Traffic Controller) (wt 5, rent 200)
a Mandalorian Fusion Lamp (Bounty Hunter Guild, highbie Slisst) (wt 3, rent 2000, stats)
a Radioactive Tiberium Slug (unknown)
a pale orb (unknown, A pale orb is in Pale Room)

One Handed Weapons

WIELDed weapon when dual wielding

Holdable Weapons

HOLDable weapon/offhand weapon when dual wielding

Moderate Items (AC 5 or 6 / DPS 6.0 to 9.0)

padawan robe (Padawans in the Jedi Guild), (AC 5)

very clean rifle (L09 prison guard in Mos Eisley Prison) (DPS 7, +2 ranged)

Inya Gravity belt (L02 Stu the Recruit, Minos Cluster, Travnin), (AC 5, +50 weight)

Superior Armor (AC 7)

Powerful Weapons (DPS 9.0 to 11.0)

DPS 9.0 Thorn's Lightsaber (Thornton's House, Mos Eisley) (wt 8, rent 500, +1Hit +1 Lightsaber)
DPS 9.0 Alexa's Blaster (Thornton's House, Mos Eisley) (wt 14, rent 200, +2Hit)
DPS 9.0 Cad's blaster (Thornton's House, Mos Eisley) (wt 9, rent 400, 1H)

DPS 10.5 a laser rifle (Hoth, L34 rebel captain) (ranged, wt 12, rent 1022)

Fantastic Armor (AC 8 to 10)

AC 8, the cape of Natalar, (Minos Cluster, Adarlon, Earl of Natalar) (about body, wt 5, rent 800)

Vicious Weapons (DPS 12.0 to 14.0)

Custom weapon damage is determined by the dice/dice2 parts
DPS 12 - custom weapon with rank 1 parts
DPS 13 - custom weapon with mixed rank 1/rank 2 parts
DPS 14 - custom weapon with all rank 2 parts

DPS 14 postal-issue laster rifle (Mos Eisley Post Office, frenzied postal worker) (blaster, wt 12, rent 1000, +3Hit)
DPS 12 a Thyferran Blaster Rifle (Thyferra, guards) (blaster, wt 12, rent 1500, -1Hit)
DPS 12 Merr-Sonn Mark II repeating blaster rifle (Dantooine, rebel guard) (wt 40,rent 1000, +1 Blaster)
DPS 12 an Artanien blaster (Corellia, Artanian battle droid) (blaster, wt 1, rent 500, +1 Combat)

DPS 12 a commando rifle (Hoth, imperial commando) (ranged, wt 14, rent 1400, +stats)
DPS 12 a sniper rifle (Bakura Kurtzen Village) (ranged, wt 15, rent 400, L30+)

DPS 12 the Clan Eikh'mir ruling staff (Honoghr) (melee, wt 11, rent 4000, +stats)

Brutal Weapons (DPS 15.0 to 17.5)

a SoroSuub Stormtrooper-Issue blaster rifle ([Maw Cluster, ISD Gorgon) (blaster, Wt 14, Rent 1500, -2Hit)
Captain Ashero's blaster (Bakura, Captain Ashero) (blaster, wt 15, rent 2000, +stats)

Green Sniper's sniper rifle (Hoth, Tophalion Research Base) (ranged, Wt 5, Rent 3500, +1Hit)

a sword with an ultra-thin blade (Honoghr) (melee, wt 15, rent 2250, L50+, stats)

Godly Armor (AC 12)

AC 12 - custom armor with rank 1 fabric

a tanpaw hunter's armor (Dustaln, Cordell the Hunter) (on body, wt 12, rent 2500, +1Hit)

Savage Weapons (DPS 18.0)

Merciless Weapons

Ferocious Weapons

Cruel Weapons

Small/Fighter/Bomber Ships

Medium Ships

Large Ships

Capital Ships

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