-----------------------------=< Factions >=------------------------------

The Galaxy is in the middle of a brutal Civil War.  A small Alliance
of Rebels, headed by Senators of the Old Republic, have taken up arms
against Palpatine's Galactic Empire.

Along with the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire, there are other
factions that exist in this conflict.  A vast underground criminal
empire known as the Black Sun and one of the most powerful commerce
guilds in the galaxy known as the Techno Union also participate
in this conflict.  They have their own motives and directives; sometimes
working with the Rebels or Empire, but never fully on either side.

Players of any class can choose any faction to support.  To join a
faction, seek out the Recruiting Officer and ENLIST.  Recruiters can be
found all over the galaxy.

To join a faction costs nothing, but be warned - to leave their service
is not cheap.

For information on the current Balance of Power, type: power

See Also: Power, Rebel, Empire, Black sun, Techno union, Jedi order

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-----------------------------=< Outpost >=-------------------------------

Command: Outpost
Usage in Command Center: Outpost <Command>

There are a number of Outposts on various planets of the Galaxy.
Imperial and Rebel faction members can fight over ownership of 
these outposts in return for bonuses to their faction.

Outposts can be claimed by gaining access to the control room
and claiming the base. Claiming the base however, will probably
require someone who can hack the control console, meaning a slicer
or a technician.  Slicers have greater skill in this area.
Mobile defenders, however, will try to  stop you. Players may also 
battle against you, all Outpost locations are Arena zones, meaning 
non-loss Player vs. Player combat can occur. (like dueling)

Outpost defenses start minimal, but the owning faction can upgrade
its defenses to a higher level for a certain credit cost.  This
upgrade will increase mobile defender levels, add additional
defenders, and other features.

Each outpost owned by grants all faction members a 1% bonus on exp.

See Also: Faction, Empire, Rebellion

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------------------------------=< Outpost >=------------------------------

       <--- Courtyard --->    <--- Upper level --->         Basement
         ___  ___  ___               ___                    ___  ___
        /d_/-/__/-/__/              /__/ Command Center    /u_/-/__/
        ___  _/_  ___          ___  _/_  ___
       /u_/-/__/-/u_/         /d_/-/__/-/d_/
            _/_  ___  ___     _/_       _/_
           /__/-/__/-/__/    /__/      /__/
           _/_               _/_       _/_
          /__/ Gate         /__/      /__/

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Outpost Locations

Mos Eisley - 2S 4E 1N from Port
Corellia - 1N 1E 1N from Port
Minos Cluster - Adarlon - 1N 1E 1N from Port
Demophon - 2S 1E 1N from Port

Available Outpost Commands :
  Status  : Give Status of all Outposts
  Upgrade : Upgrade Outpost
  Lock    : Lock Control Console from non-faction members
  Unlock  : Unlock Control Console so anyone has access to it

L02 = 1,000 credits
L03 = 5,000 credits, outpost alarm system
L04 = 10,000 credits, gun emplacements
L05 = 20,000 credits
L06 = 30,000 credits
L07 = 50,000 credits
L08 = ?



Mos Eisley - 2S 1E 1S from Port
Coruscant - north end of Imperial Way
Corellia - 5N 1E 1N from Port

------------------------------=< Empire >=-------------------------------

The Galactic Empire, under Emperor Palpatine, has dominated the
Government of the galaxy for over two decades.  Vast Fleets of ships
and millions of Stormtroopers roam the Galaxy, bringing order and
peace to those who need it.

The Emperor beckons you - help restore order and peace to the galaxy.
Help destroy those who would threaten stability.  Recruiting Officers
can be easily found on most major Imperial worlds.

See Also: Outpost, Faction, Impnet

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------------------------------=< Impnet >=-------------------------------

Usage: impnet <text>

IMPNET is the command used to activate and communicate on the Imperial
Galactic Communications Network. IGCN, the "Holonet", is secure (for now)
from Rebel monitoring and slicer interference.

Only members of the Empire know the proper frequencies and possess the
proper code-shifting transmitters needed to gain access to the network.

To turn off this channel, type 'noimp'

See Also: Factions, Comlink

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Rebel Alliance


Mos Eisley - down the hatchway in the basement of the Thornton mansion
Coruscant - Inside the Corellian Embassy
Corellia - Inside the Imperial Library
Aganonia - Beneath the south lookout tower by the west gate
Demophon - east side of the railway tunnel
Yavin 4 - inside the temple

--------------------------=< Rebel Alliance >=---------------------------

The Alliance to Restore the Republic was founded with the signing of
the Corellian Treaty, which fused together various anti-Imperial
factions.  The Alliance includes diverse races such as Sullustans,
Bothans, Mon Calamari, Wookiees, Quarrans and many others.  Humans
currently make up the bulk of the Rebellion, however.

The Rebels know that their chances of victory are slim, but they do
have right - and the force - on their side.  They are lead by a
Council, headed by determined Chandrilan Mon Mothma.

See Also: Empire, Faction, Rebnet, Outpost

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------------------------------=< Rebnet >=-------------------------------

Usage: rebnet <text>

The Rebel Alliance to Restore the Republic has established, deep within
its bases, a top-secret network of communications relay centers 
on well-guarded frequencies.

Members of the Rebel Alliance have transmitters that allow them to 
broadcast, and receive, messages over the Rebel Communications
Network (RCN, the Relay Net).  At present, the Empire does not have
the ability to intercept such transmissions, as the frequencies and 
relay station locations are kept closely guarded.

To turn off this channel, type 'noreb'

See Also: Rebel alliance, Factions, Comlink

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Techno Union


---------------------------=< Techno Union >=----------------------------

One of the most powerful commerce guilds in the Republic, the Techno
Union is an organization made up of major technological manufacturers. 
Starship, computer, weapons and droid developers banded together under the 
leadership of the Union to further their own business ends. 

Many of the galaxy's most industrialized worlds are key members of 
the Techno Union. To protect its intellectual properties and technological
assets the Techno Union had been given alarming freedom to maintain 
its own droid security as protection.  Shipyards and
laboratories grew to house huge droid armies, which were eventually 
funneled to the Separatist cause during the Clone Wars. 

See Also: Technet, Faction, Rebel, Empire, Black sun

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-----------------------------=< Technet >=-------------------------------

Using highly encrypted transmissions and specialized software, Techno 
Union members have their own comlink channel known as TECHNET.

To turn off this channel, type 'notech'.

If you are looking for the TECHNICIAN class helpfile,
you need to use a few more letters. Try at least using
HELP TECHNI to match up with the full class name.

See Also: Factions, Comlink, Techno union, Technician

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Black Sun


Become a Slicer

----------------------------=< Black Sun >=------------------------------

Underneath all the battles raging for supremacy in the Galaxy, there
has always been a vast criminal organization lurking in the shadows.

The syndicate's tentacles reach everywhere -- from the polished spires of
Imperial Center to the seamiest Outer Rim tavern.

Many of the organization's tens of thousands of operatives had no idea
that they were benefiting Black Sun, so layered and intricate were
the fronts that the syndicate hid behind.

Note: 10% of all spice sales in the galaxy will go to the Black Sun treasury.

See Also: Faction, Empire, Rebel, Techno union, Sunnet

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-----------------------=< Un-named Help Entry >=-------------------------

Black Sun operatives have their own discrete and secure ways to communicate
with each other.  It's based on a subcarrier signal present in all comlink
communications.  Known as SUNNET, it can be used by all Black Sun 

To turn this channel off, use 'nosun'

See Also: Faction, Comlink, Black sun

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The Jedi Order


--------------------------=< The Jedi Order >=---------------------------

   The Jedi Order has been in existence for thousands of years.  During this
time, they have trained hundreds of Jedi Padawans and molded them into Jedi
Knights.  Some go on to become DEFENDERs, much like Obi-Wan Kenobi; others
train to become one with the force as CONSULARs, joining Yoda, Mace Windu and
Jorus C'baoth, to name a few.  Those who seek a balance between force and
combat become SENTINELs, like Ulic Qel-Droma and Corran Horn.    

Luke Skywalker founded the modern Jedi Praxeum (Academy) on Yavin 4 in the ruins
of the Massassi temples as a place to revive the Jedi Order and bring balance to
the Galaxy.  Many of the most famous of living Jedi can be found there, 
practicing their skills and attuning themselves to the powerful Force energies 
that flow through all living things. 

You, as a player, can become a Jedi either by birth (joining the Jedi guild) or 
by training latent Force abilities (PRACTICEing your Force skills) If you choose
to join the Jedi guild to fulfill your destiny as a Force talent, you will
automatically become a Bear Clan in the Jedi Order.  By training your abilities 
and interacting with famous Consulars and Defenders in the game, you can earn 
promotions within the Jedi Order, growing from a Bear Clan into a Padawan, a 
Knight, a Jedi Master, or a Council Member.  But beware -- the Dark Side is 
powerful.  Anger, fear, and aggression towards others may result in you being 
cast out of the Jedi Order, sending you down a dangerous path towards corruption 
and hatred.  Jedi Order members have their own private Force comlink 
channel -- the JEDINET.    

See Also: Code, Jedinet, Factions

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-----------------------------=< Jedinet >=-------------------------------

Usage: jedinet <text>

Since the days of the Jedi Council, many Jedis have possessed an innate ability
to communicate with other members of the Jedi Order through the Force.
Communication through the Force is unique in that emotions, images, and other
abstract concepts may be communicated, not just simple words and conversations.
The Force allows Jedi the ability to "feel", something that can not be said of
any other communications network currently known to exist within the Galaxy.
Use of the Jedi Net (as the Force communication ability is called by members of
the Jedi Order) is impossible for those who are not truly attuned to the Force
or to those who have been banished from the ranks of the Jedi Order.

See Also: Jedi order, Factions

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