Gabredor III

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Gabredor III was a planet situated between Dantooine and Obtrexta sector, in Myto's Arrow. It had a Karazak Slavers Cooperative transfer center under the authority of slave master Greezim Trentacal. Trentacal kidnapped the children of the Ambassador of Cantras Gola to force the PowerOn Conglomeration to remain with the Alignment; in exchange, the Alignment agreed not to interfere with Karazak operations. The center was destroyed by the Red Moons, whom rescued the children and other slaves.

Largely unexplored zone due to:

  • Hard and expensive to use recalls. You have to purchase beacons at 100k.
  • Use beacon to go to safe area where you can use pass.
  • Cannot Sleep or Meditate in zone.

There are procs on the surface that put you at -100 move. Bring a vehicle to get out of these.

DT: none found, yet. Likely some further into the zone.

At jump there is a hidden exit south that least to a shop where you buy the flight clearance to enter Gabredor, and beacons to recall.

## Available Item Credits

1) Unlimited A small pencil-shaped homing beacon 375462
2) Unlimited Imperial flight clearance 1501850

After the first purchase of a flight clearance:

## Available Item Credits

1) Unlimited A small pencil-shaped homing beacon 125147
2) Unlimited Imperial flight clearance 500588

Flight clearances are rentable, beacons are 100k to rent.

There is a space zone above Gabredor. Unmapped at this time.

Mobs found so far:

In the jungle at landing

Gabredorian blood-flies

(Hidden) A swarm of miniscule Gabredorian blood-flies buzz around the canopy, waiting for prey.

They hit for about 10 attacks.

  1. (On the path to the East from the jungle you start at the landing)

Hugo Cutter [LEGENDARY]

A member of the Red Moons mercenary unit, Cutter was a former student at the prestigious Imperial Engineering Academy. Recognizable by his thin build and unruly red hair, Hugo was expelled from the school because of his fascination with blowing things up, rather than creating them. A high-ranking New Republic general once said that "Hugo Cutter is best described as a high-yield bomb looking for a target without a guidance system."

Hugo Cutter is well equipped.

Procs: Electricity discharges from Hugo Cutter's weapon, pulsing through your vehicle.

Brixie Ergo

A stunning young woman, she glares back at you, medpack in hand. When the Pentastar Alignment conscripted her parents as combat medics, she thought of joining the New Republic, but the Republic was unable to spare forces to deal with the Alignment. Recruited by Andrephan Stormcaller of the Red Moon mercenary unit, she decided to join up as a medic. Two months later she accompanied the team sent here to Gabredor III.

When Hugo Cutter attacks, he brings these mobs into the room with him. They assault from another room. Each has procs which do 200-500 HP, as well as 10 attacks each.

Mobs that assist Hugo Cutter:

Lex Kempo


You feel a strange presence as Lex Kempo appears, seemingly from nowhere.

Lex Kempo screams like a mad Vornskr!
He dives behind a fallen log and fires a barrage from his grenade launcher!
A grenade thuds into you and explodes!
A grenade thuds into you and explodes!
A grenade thuds into you and explodes!
A grenade thuds into you and explodes!

Lex Kempo slips out of sight and vanishes!

Sully Tigereye


Sully Tigereye charges into the room, weapon drawn!

Sully Tigereye gives an inhuman roar and unsheaths a wicked vibro-axe from his back!
He grabs hold of a vine with one hand and swings towards you with a scream!
Sully Tigereye slashes his vibro-axe right into your chest!

Recall Beacon:

Recall beacon takes two rounds of combat to activate:

1. Activate beacon: You depress a small button on the homing beacon.
(Round of combat passes.)
2. Beep! Beeeeep! BEEEEEP!
A mercenary extraction team bursts in, blasters blazing!
(Round of combat passes.)
3. The extraction team grabs you and drags you away to safety!

There is a path to the east out of the initial jungle. I don't know if there are other paths, yet. The jungle seems to be a non-mazy box about 8-by-8 that is guiding you to the go to the east. Hugo Cutter and Brixie are on the path.

Path goes east, south, west, south. Once you go all west there are mines on the path to the south. Hovering does not get you over the mines. A vehicle does not currently take the mine damageā€”it goes straight through to your HP. In the room before all west on the path, there is a vine it says you can SWING on, but my attempts to do so have resulted in "Huh?!" It seems like the vine gets you over the mines, but may not be working right now. If someone discovers the way to use it, please post it here.

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