Geonosis Spire

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Geonosis Spire

DT: Many DTs on the assembly line
Stay at high altitude and fly east over the battlefield
Go down into the steam vent to get to the factory

masked genosian drones in the catacomb hallway

--------------------=< Geonosis Factory Entrance >=---------------------

    Entrance is the bottom of the steam vent
    North end of hallway automatically goes down to Conveyor Belts

             /d_/   Down to Conveyor Belts A3 Metal Shapers
 ___  ___  _/_
/u_/-/__/=/__/      Up to Geonosis

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

Assembly Line

  1. You need about 750 HP to survive the conveyor belt.
  2. You don't need to do anything once on the belt. It will take you to the loading bay. This takes about five minutes.
  3. You will go the Oil Bath, which, if it hits you, will set you to 1 HP.
  4. At this time, moving on the conveyor belt (instead of letting it carry you) can crash the MUD.
  5. If you die on the conveyor belt, it counts as a PVP death.
---------------=< Geonosis Factory - Conveyor Belts >=------------------

                     ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  _/_
          ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

    You drop down at A3 Metal Shapers
    Conveyor A moves east
    There is a DT west (Furnace)
    You don't need to move on the conveyor belt. It will take you to the loading bay.
    At this time, moving on the conveyor belt can crash the MUD.
    You will go through several rooms that cause damage. You need about 750 HP to survive.
    You end up in the loading bay, which you can go west to get captured and taken to the spire.

    Conveyor A goes east to Conveyor B.
    Conveyor B moves west to Conveyor C.
    Conveyor C moves north (not shown here) to Downward Spiral, Activation, and Loading Bay.
    Go west from Loading Bay into the troop transport to be taken to the spire..

    If you get off the conveyor belt onto the upper walkway, there is a DT east.

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

7) If you make it to the DOWNWARD SPIRAL, you end up locked in a cell

--------------=< Geonosis Factory Equipping and Loading >=--------------

    Go north from the bottom of the Downward Spiral to Equipping
    Continue to the west to get to the Loading Dock
    You automatically get captured in the Loading Dock

     ___  ___
    ___  _/_  _______________  ___  ___  ___
   ___  _/_                             _/_
  /__/-/__/        to Downward Spiral<-/__/
                                more conveyor belts?               

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

L85 A formation of battledroids

Inside the Spire

8) Regen in the cell
9) Wait for a Geonosian to open the cell to feed you, then go NORTH to escape
9a) The door to cell can also be picked, sliced, bashed, or slashed.

--------------------------=< Geonosis Spire >=--------------------------
                to Sand Dunes <--/__/__/__/  Hangar
                ___                 _X_
        ______ /__/                /!_/
       /__/__/ _=_  ___  ___  ___  _/_
     /__/__/  _/_                /__/ ___
             /__/               /__/ /u_/ Up to Upper Spire
              =                 _/_  _/_  ___  ___  ___  ___
         to Arena              /__/-/__/-/__/-/__/-/__/X/!_/
                               _/_       _/_       _/_  ___
                              /__/      /!_/      /__/X/__/
                              _/_                 _/_  ___
                             /__/                /__/X/__/
                             _/_       ___       _/_  ___
    to Arena                /__/      /!_/      /__/X/__/
       _=_                  _/_  ___  _/_  ___  _/_  ___
      /__/                 /__/-/__/-/__/-/__/-/__/X/__/ 
      _/_  ___  ___  ___  /__/            _/_
    X/__/-/__/-/__/-/__/-/__/            /d_/ Down to Spire Floor
          _X_  _X_  _X_
         /__/ /__/ /__/ Prison Cells

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

1) going out on an outcropping spawns multiple spire guards

geonosian picador

Banking Clans
a small weapon platform (sniper) (very dangerous)
destroyer guard
super battle droid

What/75 Poggle the Lesser (a large and powerful looking Geonosian Archduke)
(Poggle's bone command staff)

------------------- Main Commands -------------------
1) Command to Enter Password and unlock panel.
     Password %code%

2) Command to relock this control panel.

3) Command to Activate the battlefield holographic

4) Command to deactivate battlefield holographic

5) Command to view battlefield sector status

6) Command to reinforce a sector
     Reinforce %sector #%

Spire Floor

-----------------------=< Geonosis Spire Floor >=-----------------------
               /d_/  Down to Catacombs (dead end)
     ___   ____/_______
    /__/--/__/__/__/__/ ___
    _/_  /__/__/__/__/=/d_/ Down Stairs to Factory floor
   /__/ /__/__/__/__/
      _/_    _/_
     /__/   /u_/
             up to Spire

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

Upper Level

-----------------------=< Geonosis Upper Spire >=-----------------------
                          /d_/  Down to Spire
                     ___  _/_  ___  ___  ___
 Balcony            /__/-/__/-/__/-/__/=/__/ Control Room
     ___  ___  ___  _/_  ___  _/_  _/_
    /d_/-/__/-/__/-/__/ /__/ /__/ /__/
                   _/_  _/_  ___  _/_
  Down to Arena   /__/-/__/-/__/-/__/

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

1) Down to Arena

royal spire guard
royal spire warrior

geonosian controller

A control panel for the entire factory is mounted to the wall.
This control panel can control various activities in the factory beneath the
Spire. Valid command words are: Monitor, Move, Activate and Deactivate.

You can monitor the following.
1) Factory
2) Kilns

Enter whom you wish to move and where to move them.
Valid Locations are:
1) Catacombs
2) Entrance
3) Walkway
4) Loading

Execution Arena

---------------------=< Geonosis Execution Arena >=---------------------

                             to Spire
                              /__/ Gate
                          ___ _=_ ___
           ___       ___ /__//__//__/___
          /__/  ___ /__//__//__//__//__/___
     ___  _/_  /__//__//__//__//__//__//__/
    /__/=/__/=/__//__//__//__//__//__//1_/  Jump up to Balcony on
         _/_ /__//__//__//__//__//__//__/     Upper Spire
        /__/    /__//__//__//__//__/
                      /__/ Gate
                    to Spire

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

1) There are 4 to 6 guards by each gate going into the Arena

geonosian gate guard (blocks)

federation battle droid
geonosian spectator
geonosian warrior
destroyer droid
super battle droid
A geonosian warrior works to target his pulse platform at a pair of Jedi.

A2E/80 Nexu (blocks)
A2E/80 Acklay
L85 Reek

L76 Galdos Stouff (A jedi padawan stumbles and nearly falls over a downed comrade.)

L76 Khaat Qiyn (A jedi knight flips through the air to avoid a spread of blaster fire.)

L76 Tan Yuster (A young Jedi desperatly tries to keep ahead of a destroyer's blaster fire.)

L76 Tarados Gon (A Klatoonian cooly brings his blue lightsaber forward to face you.)

L76 Tu'ala (A jedi fighting with a corellian flare to her attacks cuts down a battledroid.)

L76 Sarrissa Jeng (A small jedi woman yells a battle cry as she chops down a battledroid.)

L80 Coleman Trebor (A kindly looking Vurk keeps glancing up towards a balcony overlooking the Arena.)
L80 Lumas Etima (A short blond haired Jedi Knight struggles to keep one step ahead of droid laser blasts.)

L80 Sta-Den-Eekin (A Klatoonian uses the force to throw a battledroid across the arena.)

L82 Fi-ek Sirch (A nearby Jedi cleverly throws one droid into another with the force.)

L82 Pablo-Jill (A Ongree member of the Jedi order with yellow skin takes a moment to observe the battlefield.)

L82 Qui-Mars Redath-Gom (A Weequay Jedi spins quickly bringing his lightsaber up to face you.)

L82 Sar Labooda (A female Vurk looks around between deflections to find a partner to work with.)

L85 Agen Kolar (A dark haired male Zabrak cuts the head off a destroyer droid with his green lightsaber.)

  • Agen Kolar's Lightsaber (avg 15)

L85 Alta Ranga (A mottled green and brown skinned Jedi swings her lightsaber in a wide sweep.)

L85 Bultar Swan (A short female jedi stands at ready, green lightsaber waiting for an attack) (Swan's synthetic leather surcoat)

L85 Sora Bulq (A gruff looking Weequay hacks a battledroid to pieces with his blue lightsaber.)

L85 Stass Allie (A female jedi wearing an organic headdress wields a green lightsaber against nearby droids.)

L86 Barriss Offee (A highly skilled Mirialan with a tatoo running from cheek to cheek fends off blaster fire.) (a dark purple hooded robe)

L87 Eeth Koth (A robed Zabrak stands here, cutting apart federation battledroids.) (a simple Zabrak skull tattoo)

L87 Quinlan Vos (A long black haired Jedi leaps through the air to cut down a Geonosian.)

L87 Roth-Del Masona (An older jedi male fights on, using his wisdom while others use their skill.)

L90 Shaak Ti (An orange faced female from Togruta deflects one droids fire into another.) (Shaak Ti's Cunning Blue Lightsaber)

What/80 Aayla Secura (A beautiful blue Twi'lek deftly swings her lightsaber in defense.)

  • Aayla's Blue Lightsaber (Avg 17, +4% deflect, upgradeable to be one-handed or holdable)
  • a brown synth-leather headdress

What/80 Luminara Unduli (An exotic Mirialanian Jedi with piercing blue eyes fights with astonishing skill.)

  • Luminara Unduli's Lightsaber

What/80 Saesee Tiin (A no-nonsense Jedi with two large horns lays waste to nearby droids.)

Suicide/80 Joclad Danva (A deadly Jedi wielding both a lightsaber and the skills of a martial artist strikes down another droid.)

  • Robes of a Teras Kasi Master

REALLY/100 Kit Fisto (A green tentacle headed Nautolan cuts a droid apart with a heavy overhead chop.)

  • Kit Fisto's sea green lightsaber (17.5, extra attack underwater)

[LEGENDARY] Padme Amidala
[LEGENDARY] Anakin Skywalker

What/80 Plo Koon (TERAS KASI GUILDMASTER) (An imposing jedi with a face hidden by a forked facemask battles nearby.)



A2E/80 dwarf spider droids
A2E/80 Presidente Shu Mai (royal looking Gossam) (golden commerce bracelet)

L79 Chairman's Keeper (a powerful looking droid!!)
A2E/80 Chairman San Hill (a gaunt and pale faced Muun)

What/80 Foreman Wat Tambor

A2E/80 Magistrate Passel Argente (a conspiratorial looking Koorivar)

Geonosis Sand Dunes

-------------------=< Geonosis Hangar and Sand Dunes >=-----------------
                to Sand Dunes <--/__/__/__/  Hangar

    Take any exit from the Hangar to go to 1    
    Sand Dunes are mazy    
    2 is the Landing Platform, down goes to DT
    West from the Landing Platform is Count Dooku's secret hangar    

     ___  ___  ___  _/_                     
    _/_  _/_       _/_  _/_  _/_  _/_
   /__/-/__/=     /__/-/__/-/__/-/__/- 
                   /    /    /   _/_
                             -/1_/-     1 = Start from Hangar

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

1) Exit the hangar by going to the west
2) Mazy area to leads to Count Dooku's landing pad

[LEGENDARY] Count Dooku

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