Everyone has 5 classes:
- primary class / subguild
- pilot / piloting subguild
- vehicle operator / vehicle operator subguild
- secondary class / secondary subguild
- tertiary class

Located in Mos Eisley

Class Mose Eisley Guild Hall Subguilds
Bounty Hunter 8S, E, 2S, E, N, U Assassin, Cyborg
Jedi S, W, 3N Consular, Defender, Sentinel, Sith Lord, Sith Marauder
Medic 5S, W, 2N, E, 2N, E Combat Medic, Surgeon
Mercenary 2S, 2E, S, U, 2N Body Guard, Commando
Smuggler 5S, E, S, E, D, N Scoundrel, Swindler
Technician 10S, W, 2S, 3W, N, S, W Droid, Inventor
Piloting N, 2E, 2S Fighter Pilot, Pirate, Space Engineer, Naval Officer
Vehicle Operator Coruscant, from Docking Bay: S, 6W, 7N, 2W, N Biker, Walker, Tank


Subguild Guildmaster Planet
Assassin Boba Fett (aggy) port areas
Cyborg Dengar Corellia, wanders
Consular Yoda Jedi Tower (Coruscant)or Dagobah
Defender Luke Skywalker Uncle Owen's Moisture Farm, Bespin, Yavin Temple
Defender Mace Windu Jedi Tower or Geonosis Arena
Sentinel Obi-wan Kenobi Jundland Waste, Droid Control Ship(Naboo), Ohma D'un
Sith Lord The Emperor Coruscant, Imperial Palace, upper floor
Sith Marauder Darth Maul Naboo Power Generator
Combat Medic Elassar Targon (male devaron) Coruscant, upper residential area
Surgeon Jos Vondar (dark haired Corellian) Corellia, wanders
Bodyguard Khabarakh Honoghr (JUMP 875, land, e, d, d, 3N)
Commando Chewbacca Millennium Falcon
Scoundrel Han Solo Millennium Falcon
Swindler Lando Calrissian Bespin, wanders
Droid R2-D2 Forest Moon of Endor, by the Shield Generator
Inventor Qwi Xux Maw Installation, northwest section
Fighter Pilot Wedge Antilles Battle of Endor (168, ENTER)
Pirate Tor Skylow Minos Cluster/Travnin, Grand Design
Space Engineer Auran Mos Eisley (From Port: 2N, 2E, S)
Naval Officer Admiral Ackbar Home One, Endor, behind a locked door to the bridge
Bike Operator Bike Operator GM Coruscant, from Docking Bay: S, 6W, 7N, 2W, N, E
Tank Operator Tank Operator GM Coruscant, from Docking Bay: S, 6W, 7N, 2W, N, N
Walker Operator Walker Operator GM Coruscant, from Docking Bay: S, 6W, 7N, 2W, N, W

Secondary classes

Merchants can select Spice Dealer or Arms Dealer as a secondary subguild
Merchant can also be selected as a tertiary class

Lesser class Guildmaster Planet
Explorer Thor Minos Cluster/Adarlan, wanders
Merchant Watto Mos Espa, from West Gate of Mos Espa: 6E, 2N
Spice Dealer Moruth Doole Kessel, deep in the southern mountains
Arms Dealer Dex Coruscant, Dex's Diner
Politician Princess Leia Hoth, Echo Base Control Center
Politician Queen Amidala Naboo, Theed Palace Throne Room
Stormtrooper Stormtrooper Captain Bastion STF, open the Gishway Gate and go E;E;S;S;W
Shock Trooper Stormtrooper Captain Lusankya's Prison, Thyferra, down to the prison, east to the mines
Officer Grand Admiral Thrawn ISD Chimera, Myrkr, located on the Upper Bridge (top level)

Tertiary classes

Spice Dealer is now the subguild for a Merchant Secondary class
The Merchant class can still be selected as a Tertiary class
Teras Kasi is Level 10 Legendary only

Lesser class Guildmaster Planet
Droid Handler EV9-D9 overseer droid Tatooine, Jabba's Palace, south of the cells
Farmer Uncle Owen Tatooine, take the exit ramp from the Jawa Sandcrawler
Gunslinger Jango Fett Kamino, on the east landing platform
Merchant Watto Mos Espa, from West Gate of Mos Espa: 6E, 2N
Sensite Aurra Sing Mos Espa racetrack, take the south path on the racetrack
Slicer Morpheus Demophon, wanders around port
Teras Kasi Plo Koon Coruscant [555] or Geonosis Arena [788]

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