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Character Builds

see: Character Builds for some basic suggestions on min/max character builds

Top Tier Class/Race Combos

Based on the three primary stats

BH = Noghri
Jedi = Mon Calamari, Geonosian
Medic = Mon Calamari, Ithorian
Merc = Trandoshan, Aqualish, Jawa, Gamorrean, Noghri
Smuggler = Ewok
Tech = Ewok, Falleen

Mid Tier Class/Race Combos

Jawa, Rodian, Sullustan, Ewok, Geonosian, Selkath
Twi'lek, Human/Zabrak, Mon Calamari/Bothan/Aqualish, Clawdite/Trandoshan/Gungan
Ithoriam, Falleen

Ithorian, Sullustan/Zabrak, Selkath, Bothan/Rodian, Jawa, Human
Ewok, Noghri/Twi'lek, Falleen, Clawdite, Gungan, Aqualish
Trandoshan, Wookie

Ewok, Bothan/Human, Falleen, Zabrak, Selkath, Geonosian, Clawdite
Twi'lek, Sullustan, Rodian, Jawa

Gungan, Wookie, Geonosian, Rodian, Clawdite, Ewok, Twi'lek
Sullustan, Human, Falleen/Selkath, Zanrak, Bothan

Falleen, Bothan/Twi'lek, Rodian, Human, Mon Calamari/Geonosian
Selkath, Selkath/Clawdite/Sullustan, Jawa, Ithorian, Zabrak/Noghri, Gungan, Aqualish, Trandoshan

Mon Calamari, Twi'lek, Bothan, Human, Clawdite, Ithorian, Rodian
Zabrak, Geonosian/Sullustan, Jawa/Selkath, Aqualish

Bottom Tier Class/Race Combos

BH = Gamorrean, Wookie
Jedi = Gamorrean
Medic = Trandoshan, Aqualish/Wookie, Gungan, Noghri/Gamorrean
Merc = Mon Calamari, Ithorian
Smuggler = Wookie
Tech = Trandoshan/Noghri/Gungan, Gamorrean, Wookie


Race determines how much experience it costs to train stats and the max for each stat.
Each Race has a unique ability of varying usefulness.
You also get a decent piece of starting gear.

See: Races

Classes by Race

Based on the three primary stats

Aqualish = Merc, BH, Tech, Smuggler, Jedi, Medic
Bothan = Tech, Jedi, Medic, BH, Merc
Clawdite = Tech, Merc, BH, Smuggler, Medic, Jedi
Ewok = Tech, Smuggler, BH, Merc, Medic, Jedi
Falleen = Tech, Smuggler, Medic, Merc, BH, Jedi
Gamorrean = Merc, BH, Tech, Smuggler, Jedi, Medic
Geonosian = Jedi, BH, Merc, Smuggler/Tech, Medic
Gungan = Merc, BH, Jedi/Smuggler, Tech, Medic
Human = Tech, all other
Ithorian = Medic, Jedi/Tech, BH, Smuggler, Merc
Jawa = Merc, BH, Jedi, Smuggler/Tech, Medic
Mon Calamari = Medic/Tech, Jedi, BH, Smuggler, Merc
Noghri = Merc, BH, Jedi, Smuggler, Tech, Medic
Rodian = BH, Merc/Tech, Jedi, Smuggler, Medic
Selkath = Jedi, BH, Merc, Smuggler, Tech, Medic
Sullustan = BH, Jedi, Merc, Tech, Smuggler, Medic
Trandoshan = Merc, BH, Smuggler, Jedi, Tech, Smuggler, Medic
Twi'lek = Tech, Smuggler, Merc, BH, Jedi, Medic
Wookie = Merc, BH, Jedi, Tech, Smuggler, Medic
Zabrak = Jedi, Tech/BH, Medic, Merc, Smuggler


Constitution determines your HP regen rate. You take additional damage when CON is lower than 125.

Quickness determines how many attacks you do per round.
For weapons a Quickness of 70 is 1 minimum attack and a chance for 2 maximum attacks (2/1).
140 Quickness is 2 minimum and 3 max (3/2).

See: Stats


See: Classes


The two main factions are Rebel and Imperial.
There are zones where mobs are aggy against the opposite faction.
You can ENLIST as an Imperial and then ENLIST as a Rebel.
Not sure if you can go from Rebel to Imperial, or if you can go Imperial-Rebel-Imperial.
It costs 1 million credits to RETIRE from the Rebel faction, probably the same for Imperial.

Technicians start as part of the Techno Union.
Jedi start as part of the Jedi Order faction.
Slicers join the Black Sun faction.
Politicians join a politician-only "faction".

Other secondary or tertiary classes may join one of the lesser factions.

See: Factions


----------------------------=< Alignment >=------------------------------

Alignment is very important in Revenge of the Jedi.

When killing evil mobs or players, your alignment will gradually
become more 'good', and vice versa for killing good mobs.

Internally, alignment ranges from 1000 (perfectly good) to -1000.
Neutral is approx -350 to 350. A Jedi with good alignment
(greater than approx. 500) will be more efficient when tapping
into the Force, and will be able to use less focus when using
some abilities.  The opposite is true for Dark Jedis.

However, should your alignment go to the wrong side of the force,
you will find it much harder to access and use the Force efficiently.

See Also: Zap, Jedi

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

Partial list of alignments from light side to dark side

- Avatar of the light side of the force
- Saintly
- Extremely Good
- Virtuous
- Kind
- Benevolent
- Good
- Good Minded
- Well-Intentioned
- Warm
- Charitable
- Courteous
- Sliding towards the light side
- Friendly
- Neutral
- Unfriendly
- Sliding towards the dark side
- Churlish
- Spiteful


Condensed XP tables

Levels XP Secondary Tertiary Piloting
1 to 5 16,000 32,000 48,000 21,000
6 to 10 93,750 187,500 281,250 125,000
11 to 15 468,750 937,500 1,406,250 625,000
16 to 20 937,500 1,875,000 2,812,500 1,250,000
21 to 25 1,687,500 3,375,000 4,548,000 2,250,000
26 to 30 2,625,000 5,250,000 3,500,000
31 to 35 3,600,000 7,200,000 4,800,000
36 to 40 5,250,000 10,500,000 7,000,000
41 to 45 8,325,000 29,357,000 11,100,000
46 to 50 14,335,000 19,100,000
51 to 55 23,250,000 31,000,000
56 to 60 33,750,000 45,000,000
61 to 65 44,325,000 59,100,000
66 to 70 60,000,000 80,000,000
71 to 75 78,750,000 105,000,000
76 to 80 102,750,000 137,000,000
81 to 85 195,000,000 260,000,000
86 to 90 307,500,000 410,000,000
91 to 95 450,000,000 600,000,000
96 to 100 645,000,000 860,000,000
1,977,663,500 29,357,000 4,548,000 2,636,871,000
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