Strength - physical damage, maximum carry weight
Intelligence - learning rate, mana, mana cost
Wisdom - heals, learning rate, lightsaber combat
Dexterity - to hit, dodge rate, number of items carried, blaster combat
Constitution, hitpoints, hp regen, damage adjustment
Charisma - mob aggressiveness, number of followers
Quickness - number of attacks/round


You have seven statistics that you can see using the SCORE command.
These statistics are used for many, many game functions. Statistics
can be raised to a maximum of 300.

Strength [S]
Increases your damage output in physical combat situations and
determines the maximum weight you can carry.

Intelligence [I]
Helps increase your mana and rate of learning a skill at your
guildmaster. Intelligence also reduces the mana cost for spells.
Also increases the power of those that use the Force.

Wisdom [W]
Helps increase healing ability and natural skill improvements. Also
helps with Jedi based combat. (i.e. Lightsabers). Wisdom also reduces mana
cost but to a lesser degree.

Dexterity [D]
Improves your chance to hit land attacks, avoid hits, and increases the
number of items you can carry. Also helps with both physical and
blaster based combat.

Constitution [N]
Adds to hit points and hp regeneration. Also used in determining
resistance to negative effects and how long you can hold your
breath underwater. High constitutions will reduce damage taken while very
low constitutions may increase damage.

Charisma [C]
This helps to stop or delay aggressive mobs from attacking you. It
is also used to determine the maximum number of followers you may

Quickness [U]
Relates directly to how many attacks you have in combat.

Luck [L]
There is at least one other thing that's as powerful as the Force: Luck.
Luck can be the difference between life and death, wealth and poverty, sickness and health…
The effects of being lucky (or unlucky) are not always immediately apparent.
The rarest of rare magical items may influence your luck, and some races
and guilds have learned how to bend the odds slightly in their favor…
Luck is not a regular statistic. You are not necessarily born lucky or
unlucky. Luck cannot be trained, only influenced momentarily by the
above-mentioned items or spells/skills.


You can increase your stats by training at your guildmaster.

You can train any stat at your primary class guildmaster

You can train everything except for Constitution, Quickness and Hit Points at the Piloting Guildmaster.

It is much easier to get Space XP then Land XP. You may want to boost Constitution and Quickness higher then normal since you can only train those two stats at your primary class guildmaster.

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