This is a page where you can list ideas you'd like to see implemented in the mud, post an example of the implementation, and the changes it might make to gameplay and balance.

Adrenaline Boost

Idea: Shorten adrenaline boost cooldown from 10 ticks to 5

Reasoning: Strike Force is ready every two ticks, and provides: tanking, extra damage, and healing. As it seems to be in the game right now, Strike Force is far more useful than Adrenaline Boost. Strike Force can be counted on in the cadence of tanking or playing solo, it will be ready about when regen is done, or you've moved to the next mob. Adrenaline Boost is "spiky" in the sense that it will be on for a few ticks, then off for a long time, making its consistent use difficult, and it not a reliably available skill on the level of Strike Force.

Adrenaline Boost feels made for the days of the mud when tanks could be healed in combat, when legend mobs were few and far between, and when body guards did a lot of tanking. As it stands, Body Guards feel like they've gone by the wayside, and it would be nice to see them restored to the same level as Commandos. A Body Guard cannot effectively bodyguard when he can't depend on his top skill.

Space Blockade

Idea: item or ability to keep mobs in space from fleeing.


  • Tractor beam skill could be expanded to allow you to tractor the mob you're fighting. Your skill at tractoring, the size of your ship, or perhaps different quality tractor beams could contribute to how successful your hold on the mob is.
  • A subguild could get a special skill (space engineer?) to allow this ability
  • Items like barricades/gravity generators could be made to allow barricading in space
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