Legend Run Mobs Kill Guide

Guide to Legend Running

Written By: Aeoln and Arkuldash (I did very little). Edited and some mobs added by Rann/Ardos. Space 120s and some 101s added by Darkensi


Lando Calrissian

Power: Neutral

Jump 272: Lando wanders. It's best to really just learn all the areas where he goes, or if you are a tracker just track him. He does not go into the casino, but he will go up into both towers, and in the service corridors.

Strategy: Deflectable/Sweepable! Tank Choice: Standard (first-to-attack, no tank-switching problems).

Class: Swindler

Lando is a Swindler, so he counterstrikes, uses dirty tricks (poison/blinds), and disarms. Whoever attacks him will tank him first. Can rescue/flip without issues. Lando can be swept/stunned etc.

Location Restrictions: Lando will not spawn on Bespin during Rebel Control. He will be Tamtel in Jabba’s Palace. As Tamtel he is not a legend mob.

Death Maker (DM)

Power: All

Jump 96: land;walk dddddsseeessdsssssssdddwwsswwwd (He is hidden south of here, you will need to use a room attack etc in order to bring him out)

Strategy: Deflectable if his lightsaber is loaded (almost never is, or has been removed entirely?), not deflectable if it is not. Not stunnable.

Tank-choice: Standard (first-to-attack, no issues with tank-switching)

Class: Sith Lord (Force lightning, Despair)

One of the easier legend mobs in the game. This is the mob you should choose to first to test out your soloing capabilities on. No issues with tank switching.

Cave Monster (CM)

Power: All

Jump 282: enter; w; w; w; s; w; s; w; d; d; d; d; d; n; n; n; n; d; s; s;
s; e; e; n
From this point there is a “hidden” Sniper mob that loads the key to the green door. Unlock the door east, and cave monster is 2e from this room.

Strategy: Not-deflectable. Tank-choice: Standard



Procs: Berserk, Sweep.

Cave Monster isn't too difficult with a group of 2-3 strong legends you can usually one go him. He berserks often and is (Red Aura). He also sweeps. No tank issues, whoever attacks tanks first. Can rescue/flip on him fine. You cannot flee vs cave monster, the only exit is a locked door to the east, and CM has the key.

Lord Hoth

Power: All

Jump 781: enter;e;e;d;walk seeeesseeeeneeeueee
From this point: Enter to go inside the tent. Lord Hoth is n;n from the entrance.

Strategy: Deflectable!

Tank-choice: First-in/100 prof (explained below)

Damage-type: slash

Shield-to-use: Verpine (12.5% reduction)

Class: Jedi

Hoth has Crucitorn/Sanc. His tank situation is a little strange and hard to understand. There are several mobs that do this in the game though, so it is important that you understand how it works.
The first person to enter the room with Lord Hoth is the tank. This person must also have 100 proficiency in order to tank Lord Hoth. If they do not, Hoth will move on to the next person that entered the room. It is not possible to switch tanks on Hoth through normal means, such as rescue/flip. However, if your tank is low on health and does not have 100 prof unarmed, he can just remove his weapon, and the second person to enter the room becomes the tank. There are several mobs that do this to select a tank in the game. From here on out this will be referred to as first-in/100prof. On first-in mobs, flip will do nothing. Divert/rescue will cause the tank to choose the SECOND person to enter the room to become the tank, so be very careful when choosing to take one for the team, as you may be actually sacrificing your low hp sith.

Lord Kaan

Power: All

Jump 781: Typically people will do Kaan after Lord Hoth. For a walk you will want to use this from the room directly outside the tent. (Walk ss from Lord Hoth and type leave)
From the room outside of tent: Walk nndnnnnnnnnnnuwwww (Kaan is north)

Strategy: Deflectable!

Damage: Slash

Shield: Verpine

Class: Sith Lord

Kaan is a Sith Lord-type mob with Fury. He casts force lightning, despair, force slam, and quake. Kaan chooses a tank based on who has the lowest current hp. For instance if your Defender tank has 1333HP, and your Sith Marauder has 1334HP. The Defender will be the tank. However, if the SM is hit by an attack and drops below the defender’s current HP, the SM will become the tank. This will later be referred to in this guide as lowesthp. Rescue works on Kaan, however keep in mind if you rescue the tank on Kaan as he does a room attack (quake), he will then go back to choosing them for a tank, and you just lagged them for a round. Flip does nothing on Kaan.

Darth Bane

Power: All

Jump 781: Typically people will do Bane after Kaan. For a walk you will want to use this from South of Kaan.
From South of Kaan: walk nwwdsdwnnnwwddddwwuwwwwwwwwwuunn (Bane is u from here).

Strategy: Deflectable! Tank choice: sporadic.

Bane seems to randomly choose a tank. He will also punt someone into the middle of the battlefield so be prepared to hoof it back if you can.

Kyle Katarn

Power: All

(East Room in Top of Tower in Valley of the Jedi)
Jump 782:
land, walk ndennnnnn;open door w;walk wwnewwne
kill worror, see, pull lever
(wait until you hear rumbling) walk wnene
kill johun, see, push switch
(wait until you hear rumbling) walk wwnnee
kill raskta,kill sarro,see,pull lever
(wait until you hear rumbling, notice a pattern here?) walk wwnneen
kill valenthyne, see, push switch
(wait until you hear rumbling) walk swwnnene
kill qu rahn, see, pull lever, walk wwww, kill sariss, see, pull lever, walk ee
spam launch/jump (people using jump will have to wait for the rumbling)

Strategy: Deflectable! Tank Choice: First in/100-Prof (See Lord Hoth)

Damage: Slash

Shield: Verpine

Most groups will kill Kyle second. He has Crucitorn. Also casts force slam, and does a damage proc (shoots his blaster) that hits for about 100-200 damage. You can counter the force slamming your tank out of the room by “close door west”.


Power: All

(West Room in Top of Tower in Valley of the Jedi)
Jump 782: See Kyle Katarn Walk.

Strategy: Deflectable! Tank Choice: Standard? (Please confirm.)

Jerec is a Sith Marauder-class mob, Red Aura. He has extremely spikey damage so be very careful here. He casts force slam, and also does a damage proc (shoots a red orb) that hits for about 100-200 damage. IMPALING mob! You do not want to get bloody or below fighting Jerec (impale can be an insta-kill with subbers.) You can counter the force slamming your tank out of the room by “close door east”, however be very careful if your tank gets low, the command to open the door is “open door east”,(open door) alone will not work. Can Rescue/Flip on Jerec with no issues.

Demophon Darktrooper (Demo DT)

Power: All

Jump 821: walk nneedesssseueswuenwusenuswnusenuwseunwsus

Strategy: Deflectable! Half-Magic Room! You cannot pass from his room.

Cyborg-class mob. You do not want to mess with him solo. He hovers, adapts, evades, snares, and uses cybernetic targetting. Your tank here is really going to want some type of guaranteed way out of the room if things go south, such as divert and summon combo, gret, or peace. Demo DT can be very snare happy, meaning that as you slice he reapplies snare, it can get hectic. No issues with tank swapping here.

Han Solo and Chewbacca

Power: All

They are both on-board the Millenium Falcon
Millenium Falcon locations: Command to board the Falcon is “Enter”
Tatooine: (from port) walk sww
Jump 738: Approach
Jump 654: Land
Jump 565: Land, n, w
Jump 282: enter, d, open shield, walk www
Jump 272: Land

Strategy: Han Solo: Deflectable! Chewbacca: Not deflectable! Tank Choice: Last-in. Blocks retreat/flee. Rampages. Uses Strike Force.

This is one of the more interesting fights in a game and can very quickly go south. The description for this fight will be very lengthy as there are two different mobs involved that you must fight at the same time. For this guide, I will only use the Han kill first version, although there is a Chewbacca version that is used sometimes in larger/damage heavy groups. You will use the Han kill version 9/10 times.
Recommend hover/flying on these mobs. Ideally you will want two tanks for this fight, one person to tank Han, and one person to tank Chewbacca. First, the Han tank. Han’s damage is negligible, most of the damage the Han tank will actually come from Chewbacca (rampage.) However, Han uses wildcard, bombard, and can poison and BLIND.

In some cases you may want to hold a pass in case you are blinded so you can pass if necessary. Most of the time you want to finish Han, and have everyone get out of the fight, regen/heal up, and then go back to finish Chewbacca. If you do not one-go Han Solo, he will track you, causing Chewbacca to teleport back in as well once he starts combat.

Second, your Chewbacca tank. You want to choose the beefiest person in your group to tank Chewbacca. He hurts. There are a couple of different ways to do this. Chewbacca is a commando, rampager. This means he will choose the player character on the top of the room list as his target/tank. So you have a couple of different options to manipulate how to choose your Chewbacca tank. The most popular choice is to make that person the bottom of the group, (asstank). However, once you get used to running them consistently, usually that person will just wait until the group moves in the room, flee, and come back, thus putting them on the top of the room list and ready to tank Chewbacca. Because of this it is very important if you are a squishy damage dealer, and you flee during the fight, Do NOT walk back the room, as you will become the tank. Future reference in this guide for this type of mob tank choice style will be last-in. Do not rescue on Chewbacca. You will just cause your tank unnecessary lag, and probably make them angry at you.

A third strategy is to attack Han, peace when Chewie comes in, and repeat each time Chewie joins the fight. This will finish Han quickly and leave same tank set up correctly for Chewie. The tank should flee and re-enter the room right before starting the Han fight, to ensure he is last-in for Chewie.

Cybertech Gunship (Guns/Gunship/Gunshit)

Power: All

Jump 969: approach, wait for you to get out of the space zone then, walk sesswswwwsesswwwu — The area is an odd 4x3ish square area with most rooms linked to gunships room. Basically, the gunship is in the center room, and you can run around the edges of the square if you want to clear the soldiers.
The only annoying thing about gunship is the wait to enter the zone. In a big group this can take ages. Ideally get a tech to summon the group in.

Strategy: Non-deflectable! Do not attempt to solo! LAG PROC! Perm-Hover!
Gunship is a droid type mob. Tank Choice= First-in/100prof. Do not even attempt to solo this mob. You will die. He can lag you indefinitely. He has very low hp and dies quickly, but he can do very high damage depending on how many rockets/procs he gets. If you use melee/lightsaber/daggers, hover before fighting him, he is a perm-flying mob. If your group is inexperienced I recommend clearing out all of the Cybertech Soldiers in the area, they are cyborg type mobs that snare and track. They are also curious flagged. So if you decide to ignore the soldiers, note that when gunship dies quite a few soldiers will rush in the room to see what just died, and start snaring your group members. That can end badly.

R2-D2/C-3PO (Droids)

Power: All

Jump 168: land, walk wnnnwnw
Strategy: Neither are deflectable. If you have a jedi or a technician you can unlock the bunker to the south for a relatively safe room. The random imperial mobs inside the bunker will attack rebels, but its a hell of a lot safer then chilling in the endor woods. If someone in the group has cordon, have them cordon east, west, and north of the droids location.
R2-D2: You will always want to kill R2-D2 first. He has slightly less hp, and doesn’t hit as hard as C-3PO. Its an obvious choice. However, R2-D2 also uses Oil Slick and then lights the room on fire. This does a pulsing flame attack that can really add up to some damage, if you don’t have flame proofing on your armor. R2-D2 also hovers and energy beams (weak version) occasionally. It is a good idea to hover/fly yourself, because if you need to flee/leave the room hover will bypass the oil slick.
C-3PO will assist once you attack R2, so be very careful if you don’t have a large group.. it may take a few goes, but take your time. They are droids.
C-3PO: Once R2-D2 is dead its smooth sailing from there. The room fire will probably still be on the ground as well as the oil slick, but no more assisting. C-3PO basically just energy beams and does a self repair at malfunctioning. Easy kill.

Major Hewex

Power: All

Jump 168

Groups will usually do Hewex right after droids. From 1s of droids, Hewex is ssww. Stop at ssw and make sure Hewex is set up. "Set up" means that the two troopers and two Shocktroopers in his room are slept. If they are not slept, they will assist, which is bad news. Do not use any room attacks on Hewex as it will awake and strike his sleeping assisters.

Strategy: Deflectable! Bashable!
Tank-choice: First-in\100 prof.

Hewex is a Commando. He will use Strike Force, sweep/bash, and (please verify) suppressing fire/rampage(?). Hover to avoid being swept/bashed, don't if you want to use sweep and bash yourself. Check with your tank before using Strike Force, as it may change tank order (same applies to Chewie and other rampager mobs). He has a fair amount of HP and tracks if you don't kill him in one go, so decide if you think you can take him before starting the fight.


Power: All

Jump 654: walk nedddwwswwsedddssswnnnnndddeesseeddddddwsddesesddddessddddsnwwus

Strategy: Deflectable! Tank choice: Lowest-hp

Jolee is the Gray Jedi GM and as such has Crucitorn (like a Jedi) but uses lowest-hp tanking (like Kaan and Vader, more of a typical Sith move). Has a descent amount of HP, so be prepared for a bit longer than normal fight.

Qui-Gon Jinn

Power: All

Jump 571: walk eeee;open door e;walk eeeeeeeeennnnww;open door n;walk nwwwwwww Then launch/jump twice (Make sure you’re at the very top) then he is seven west.
(please be careful when travelling to Qui-Gon, there are a fuckton of dt’s on the way to him)

Strategy: Deflectable! Sweep/bashable.

Shield-to-use: Verpine

Qui-gon’s room itself has a 2 person entry limit, tunnel rooms and such. This can be bypassed by a technician, individually by the camp skill, or by cheesing peek for a fail. Qui-gon himself has crucitorn, and is designed to be a 2 person fight. He has crucitorn, casts peace, force slam, flurry, and force-heal when out of combat. Main thing to watch out for here is the force slam, it is very possible for him to force slam you west, with Darth Maul sitting there waiting to shove his lightsaber in your chest. Also quick assists here on peace are never a bad thing. Tank switching is doable here but really unnecessary most of the time.


Power: All

Jump 655: land, walk nnnnwww;open door w;w;open door w;w;open door w;w;open door n;n;open door n;n;close door s

Strategy: Non-deflectable! Sweep/bashable.

Shield-to-use: Echani

First step for Celkef: Blind Oorek, or fear/push him out of the room. This is referred to as Celk being "set up." If someone asks, "is Celk set up?"—they mean is Oorek out of the way. This can be done by either the Blindness spell from the level 3 legend shop, or by buying flashpaks from clan halls or the BH Guild. (Walk 8sessenune from port.)

Once Oorek is blind, you basically have 3 ticks to kill Celkef. You never want to be fighting Celkef while Oorek is blind. Celkef is a smuggler mob with a huge chip on his shoulder. He can blind, poison, and lowblow. He has very low hp, but can potentially put you in the dirt in about two seconds. He is sweep/stunnable, and tanking switching is no issue on him.

Once you are comfortable soloing some harder mobs, Celkef is a very quick and easy kill. I do not recommend trying to start out soloing him though, or you will likely end up losing gear/exp.
You want to be very careful on Celkef, as there is only one exit from his room, and he can blind. This can make fleeing very dangerous and scary.

After killing Celkef, please make sure the door two south of him is closed, so the next run on Numistan can go smoothly!


Power: All

From Celkef: walk ss;open door s;s;close door n;walk seeeeneennnneen
The walk above will take you two south of Shana, so when your group is ready to go
n;open door n;n;kill shana

Strategy: Non-deflectable! Sweep/bashable.

Shield-to-use: Echani

Shana is a technician type mob, has about the same HP as Celkef, but hits even harder. She stuns and quakes. To top it off, she usually spawns with 3 Multi-Armed Droids in the room with her. Hopefully someone with teras kasi, or a jedi, has slammed them all out by now though (usually happens with higher uptimes) and she is spawning all alone now. Body Guard push works as well. When all the droids are out, this is referred to as Shana being "set up." Just like Celkef, there is only one exit from her room. She doesn’t blind though, so you can use a pass just fine if things get hairy. I recommend keeping her door closed at all times, so that a boar wolf/condor dragon doesn't walk in and stun you midfight causing you to die a horrible death. After Shana dies and you've collected your points and loot, please make sure the door is closed, so the next kill on her can go smoothly.


Power: Unknown

Note: No one kills Malak, probably because of a Droid being required.

Location: For the purpose of this guide, Malaks location is not important. General info, in order to get to Malak, you must have a Droid in your group.

Strategy: Deflectable! Half-Magic Rooms.

Tank choice: lowest-hp.

Malak is a Sith Lord type mob that chooses the tank based on lowest-hp (see Kaan). He casts force slam, and despair. Malak will also track you if you flee from him. Ideally you want a group that will one go him. Sometimes that just isn’t possible though due to his spikey damage. If not, just have everyone pass and get your Droid to resummon everyone. If you have multiple tanks in your group here, rescue and divert are great as they drop the current lowesthp tank from combat, and he can just sit there and try to leach a point, assuming he doesn’t reassist!

Jos Vondar

Power: All

Jump 565: He wanders around north of the landing zone. Fastest way is usually to just track him, or wander all north scanning in each room.

Strategy: Deflectable! Sweep/bashable. Does not aggie.

Jos has a very high amount of hp and hits fairly hard. Surgeon class mob. He cannot be poisoned. Will poison your tank every time, so carry some antidotes. Jos will also surgical strike your tank, probably you, and all of your group members. This causes a bleed that ticks for a pretty high amount of damage, can also stack more than once. If you are a stormtrooper secondary, you can treat patch this to stop the ticking damage after combat ends. Jos is sweep/stunnable. I do not recommend fighting Jos during a x3 or x4 damage bonus, as this effects the bleed from him, and will probably kill you. Tank swapping is no issue here, although the bleed will still keep rolling on the first tank so be careful here.

Forest Drebbin

Power: All

Jump 637: enter, d, walk newnnnnnnn (forest drebbin will be north)

Strategy: Non-deflectable! Lag proc! Dath is !Summon

Basically you’re going to want to cordon off his room, or clear out all the wild rancors in the area. He has high hp, pretty low damage, but the fight will last a while so it adds up. He berserks, has very few attacks, but will hit all of your group members and damage everyone. He has a lag proc, but his does not go off as often as the cave drebbins does. Tank swapping works on forest drebbin.

Cave Drebbin

Power: All

Jump 637: enter, d, walk newnnnnnnnnnnennenwwneuundnueuuuwnn
From the dead corpse of Forest Drebbin: walk nnennenwwneuundnueuuuwnn

Strategy: Non-deflectable! Lag proc! Dath is !Summon

Basically an opposite of the forest drebbin. Moderately higher damage, lower hp. Still hits everyone, his lag proc fires more often. He also has an insta-kill proc, however it is a dex check of 200 to avoid his insta-kill. If you are fighting cave drebbin though you should have more than 200 dex. Tank switching works, although keep in mind everyone in the group will be taking damage. (Berserk)

Rukh and Grand Admiral Thrawn

Power: All

Jump 624 dock;walk nnnueeeeuuuuuu (pick/slash door w), w, open door n,

Strategy: Rukh: Not-Deflectable! Thrawn: Deflectable! !Magic room.

Thank choices: Rukh: Last-in. Thrawn: Sporadic.

Rukh: He follows Thrawn, but if you open the door, eventually he will wander out of the room. Typically groups will open his door, allowing him some time to wander out, and kill other legend mobs in the mean time. Rukh is a rampager, similar to Chewbacca. He focuses on last-in. If he is not in combat, he will backstab the last-in person for very very high damage. Some ways to counter this are to stack directional/kill commands to Rukh, have the person you want to tank him at that point then flee and come back. He has a moderate amount of HP, his damage is pretty low though, just do not let him backstab you.

Thrawn: The room Thrawn sits in is !magic. You will want Rukh to be dead before starting Thrawn, as Rukh will teleport in to assist. Thrawn is similar to Lando.. he blinds, counterstrikes, and disarms. He does relatively low damage but has high hp. His tank choice is sporatic. There are two other mobs that do this. Jaina Solo and Emperor Palpatine. There is only one way that I know of to control the tank choices of these three mobs, and even it is not 100%.

Your Jedi or Bounty Hunter tank (only two classes this works with) will want to be in the same positioning as last-in tank type fights. Or they can enter Thrawns room, flee and come back. Once combat starts, the Jedi or BH will want to spam flip between every round. About 9/10 rounds this will make Thrawn choose them for a tank, but occasionally he will target someone else for a round. Just keep flipping.



Power: Imperial

Jump 671: land, walk nnnn

Strategy: Non-deflectable! Last-in/Rampager! (Asstank) Aggressive!

Bounty hunter type mob. Rampages, so goes on the last-in. Also snares and has a nasty damage proc. You want a very large very geared group for this guy. He is mean and nasty. If you have a consular, have them use healing aura before going.

Location Restrictions: Durge is not there during Rebel power. Which will make Asajj/Obiwan a good quick two kills for that scenario.


Power: All

Jump 671: land, walk nnnnnnn

Strategy: Deflectable! KILL DURGE BEFORE KILLING HER (Durge will teleport to assist)

Probably one of the easier legend mobs in the game, very low hp, doesn’t hit very hard. She does have a damage proc that will hit a random group member for about 1000 though, so careful there. She disarms and parries. If you have hand to hand trained up I recommend using it for her. She will also sometimes summons undead gungan soldiers to assist her, 3 at a time. They are very easy and negligible. You can actually mind trick/push them out of the room and let them gain some survivor experience if you really want to. Or you can just clean them up after the kill. Again just make sure Durge is dead before killing Asajj.

There is also an Asajj, easier but hits for a lot of damage, on Rattatak (J 720), in the arena. I believe she is only there during Imp power (need to verify).

Ohma-D’un Anakin Skywalker

Jump 671:: land, walk nnnnnnnnnnnn (12n) he’ll be chilling in the caves east of here

Strategy: Deflectable! Has Crucitorn If Obi-Wan is there he will instantly assist.

Tank Choice: Last-in/Rampaging/Asstank mob. Casts force slam. So you can have your tank flee and come back on entering the room, or just make them the asstank and go for it. Anakin has a high damage proc, 600-800 lightsaber thrust, be very careful when determining whether to finish the fight or stop. When he hits near death he will call Alpha to come assist him. Alpha is also a rampaging mob, so the tank will start taking extra damage.

Location Restrictions: 671 mob spawns can be weird. Rebel Power Obi-wan is there alone, Imperial Power Anakin is there alone. At balanced they will both be there, and usually no one in a legend run will suggest those unless your group is larger and you can do Durge/Asajj as well.

Ohma-D’un Obi-Wan Kenobi

Power: Obi, Neutral and Rebel (on Tat during Imperial); Anakin: Imperial and Neutral. Need to verify these.

Jump 671: land, walk nnnnnnnnnnnn (12n) he’ll also be chilling in the caves east of here

Strategy: Deflectable! Has Crucitorn If Anakin is there he will instantly assist.

Tank Choice: No issues with Obi-wan choosing targets. Casts force slam. He just goes on whoever attacks in, you can do tank swaps on Obi-wan, however it can be tough with Anakin in there as well. Obi-wan also has a damage proc, although it is not as devastating as Anakin.

If both Obi-Wan and Anakin are there, I recommend doing the fight very similarly to Han Solo and Chewbacca. Choose two different tanks, having your beefier tank go on Anakin. Make them the asstank, or have them flee and come back when you enter the room. Have your Obi-wan tank be the opener, and start by killing Obi-wan.

Location Restrictions: 671 mob spawns can be weird. Rebel Power Obi-wan is there alone, Imperial Power Anakin is there alone. At balanced they will both be there, and usually no one in a legend run will suggest those unless your group is larger and you can do Durge/Asajj as well.

Be careful though, Anakin and Obi wan will both be aggressive towards evil aligned players.

Komari Vosa

Power: All

Jump 600: land;d; n;n; give guard 2000 credits; walk nnnnnnnnn; From here, east, pick/slash gate, open gate,n, up, up, (Vosa is north) Be very careful of her guards, they snare/headbutt(blind) and vanish. They are also very nasty snipers.

Strategy: Deflectable! After the guards in Vosa’s room are taken out, killing her is relatively simple. She casts force slam and despair. She has moderately high hp. You can close chamber south to counter the force slam on your tank. Rescue/flip work fine for tank swaps.
Location Restrictions: During Rebel Power Vosa will be all north of Shedao, with the two mobs that I don’t think anyone have killed yet.

Mara Jade

Power: All, moves.

Goes to several different places.
Jump 555: land;d; walk see;e;e;e;e;walk ennnnwwnnu;open door e;e;e;open door e;e;close door west [(close door west so she doesnt slam you into the Emperor’s room)]
Jump 624: land, walk eeesssswsswwwwnnnne (this area is !force so watch out) I don’t recommend fighting her here unless you have an experienced tank that knows how to manipulate her tracking.
Jump 624: dock;walk nnnueeeeuuuuuu (pick/slash door w), w, open door w, w

Strategy: Deflectable!
Sith marauder class mob. Tracks, IMPALES, casts force slam. This mob can hit pretty hard, impale can insta-kill, don’t get bloody or lower fighting her. I don’t recommend fleeing, as she tracks. Just pass if you need to stop fighting and regen.

Shedao Domain Shai

Power: All

Jump 977: Enter;d;d;s;s;e;e;u;u;e;e;e;pick blastdoor east;open blastdoor east/slash blastdoor east;east;walk uunnnn

Strategy: Shedao is only deflectable if his Amphistaff is loaded. Otherwise he is not-deflectable.
Tank Choice: Shedao has no issues with tank order, although he rampages so he is unlike other rampagers in this matter. Whoever attacks him will tank him, and it is possible to flip/tank swap on him without issue.
Classic commando type mob in a room all by himself. Half-magic room! He’ll use suppress, sweep, strike force, and commando tactics. I recommend using hover for this fight even if you aren’t tanking.
Shedao has fairly high hp, and hits pretty hard. He’s one of the tougher 101s out there, but not quite at 120 level. Just keep an eye on your tanks and your hp and you’ll be okay here.
There are now snipers and heavy troopers that wander the zone. The room south of Shedao, and the room Shedao himself is in are !mob. However keep in mind that if you are sitting south of Shedao you can be sniping. With these changes, I recommend starting from east of the blastdoor, and having your leader use the command “walk uunnnnn;k shedao”
Be wary of snipe, it can do some pretty unpredictable damage.


From Port: walk seennwwnnddsse, pick/slash the door s, s, e, kill worker, take decoder ring from corpse, open door e, unlock trapdoor, open trapdoor, d, open door s, walk ss

Strategy: Classic swindler mob with a few extra tricks. He counterstrikes, blinds, poisons… and tricks. He will also disarm you and steal your weapon. His trick will mess you up, no way to sugar coat it. It hurts, alot. He can spam it too, 2 or 3 rounds in a row, and you’re walking back to your corpse. I don’t recommend fighting Ringleader without a solid tank and 3 or more heavy damage dealers. Tank swapping works fine here, just keep counterstrike in mind on the first tank if you aren’t going to one go Ringleader. Could cause an easily avoidable death.

Jaster Mereel

Jump 192: land;walk nnwwn;open door (From this point he will wander the entire city)

Strategy: Non-deflectable! Last-in/Asstank. You want to hover on this fight. Rampages
Jaster can be scary. He is very high damage, very low hp. He’s the definition of a glass cannon. Jaster chooses the tank like all the other last-in/asstank mobs. So you can decide from there if someone wants to just flee/come back, or set up the group in advance for your tank to be in position(usually the best choice as he is aggressive).
Jaster uses strike force, tracks, sweeps, bashes, uses suppress, has commando tactics.
I recommend determining beforehand how many rounds your group wants to do on Jaster, if you know you don’t have the damage to kill him in a round or two. This just makes it easier, as people have a break point when they know when to pass. Really you will not want to go more than two or three rounds on Jaster anyway, since he rampages. He’s usually doing some pretty significant damage to your damage dealers during the time, especially the sith.
He may seem scary, but he is actually soloable if you are a tanky class/have high hp.

Princess Leia

Jump 282: enter; d; open door west; walk wwnwwnnwwn; open door e; e; n

Strategy: Deflectable. Cruictorn
Leia is an easy mob. Shes got a decent amount of hp but low damage for a 101. I recommend clearing or disabling General Rieekan and the other mobs through darkness/push as they will assist.


Jump 571


Jump 625
Icingdeath is at the top of the Aganonian Training Facility in the command center
Class: Jedi
Strategy: Deflectable
Icingdeath is a Jedi type mob with Crucitorn. He has several procs to keep the fight interesting. He will sunburst, force slam, peace, throw things with telekinesis and heal during combat. Its mostly a slug fest no special strategy is required.

Terminator Droid

Jump 544: Wanders
Class: Droid
Has a proc that sets you at -1 hp

Tanpaw Jedi Master

Jump 436



Dagobah Yoda (120//Legendary)

Jump 483: land, walk wnnnwwwswwnwwn

Strategy: Consular mob, Has crucitorn, very very high hp. Casts force hold, and will force slam your tank several times. Stay in combat for as long as you can and keep him poisoned, he’ll die eventually. Sweep/stunnable. Tank swapping works fine here.

Arkuldash’s recommendation: bring a snack, this mofo takes a while to die

Death Star Darth Vader (120//Legendary)

Jump 738: approach, walk nnnnn, pick door, open door, walk neee, open door n, walk nnn, kill guard (take the key from his lifeless body), open door n, u, unlock door s, open door s, s, kill the guards, loot the key, n, u, unlock door s, open door s, walk sesse, open door e, e, open chamber, (Vader is north)
If Vader is already open= Then approach;walk nnnnnneeennnuusesse

Strategy: Deflectable! Disarms!
Sith lord class mob, casts despair, force slam, does a blitz telekinesis type ability, and has a few disarm procs. Has fairly high hp and hits hard, you’re going to want a decent group with a solid tank for this guy. If your tank is confident, you can close chamber to counter the force slams. I recommend doing this, just be ready to open it in a pinch. A bad force slam on your tank can get your squishier group members killed here.

Boba Fett (120//Legendary)

Travels to multiple different places
Tatooine (272):
North of port: n from port
Jabba’s palace: (from north of port) walk nnnnww;open door w;walk wwwwwnn
Jabba’s sail barge: (from Jabba’s palace) walk ennnuwuwuee
Bespin (272):
East Platform: open door w;walk wssseeeee
Carbon Freezing: (from east platform) walk wwwwwnnnnnnnwwsss;open door w;walk wwu
(From here you can get back to Boba’s location at Jabba’s palace by going d, d, e, e, s)
Corellia (565): Walk nnnnnnnn (8 north)

Strategy: Weapon swaps mid combat, sometimes Deflectable, other times Not.
He moves around frequently, so you will want to coordinate with your group when to start searching for him, and make sure everyone gets there quick and start the fight. Throughout the fight he can/will randomly tank switch, vanish(lagging the current tank for two rounds) and tank switch again. He also hovers, snares, headbutts, STALKS. Ideally you want to have a group large enough to kill him in one go. Tank switching works, although he can still decide to change to someone else on his own.
As Boba gets towards near death, most likely he will use his ship and escape, going to a random other one of his spawn points. When this happens, noone should move at all. Just wait. 9 out of 10 times he will stalk back and your group can finish him off. Occasionally, he won’t stalk, and you’ll need to hunt him down one last time, but you should always wait a few minutes first. Definitely wait 2-3 minutes before going into space to jump anywhere. Currently there is a bug where if Boba stalk/attacks someone in space, he just instantly despawns.

Jango Fett (120//Legendary)

Jump 922: Enter;d;open door n;walk neeenn (This will be the unspoken group rally point every time) From this room Jango will be- open door e;e;e;n
His area is a 4 room square, with Jango residing in the northeast corner.

Strategy: Deflectable! Lowest-hp!
Jango Fett is not a mob you want to choose for your next kill lightly. The whole fight is going to be one massive trust fall between you and your group.

Jango will start on the lowest-hp person in the group. You want this to be a jedi, preferably one with Blademaster. He will continue to go on them, until he vanishes. At that point he will lag the first tank, and move on to the second lowest-hp person. After a round or two the first tanks lag will wear off and they can reassist. Jango will then go on whichever of the two people have lower hp.

Jango has several different procs and also class skills for bounty hunter. To avoid any confusion I will just list them below.

Rope—3-5 Round lag proc, unconfirmed which it is. He will randomly use this on a group member at any given time during the fight.

Proc similar to Drag—He can randomly grab a group member and take them to any of the four rooms within his square dominion. Note that this is a proc and different from the “DRAG” skill itself, as it is not required that you are snared for this to happen. A good counter for this is a fast sentinel/defender for peace/divert, or simply a technician to summon if it happens.

Ship blast away—No idea what to call this… it's a reverse proc from the other one, he starts hitting everyone with his ship and most of you will end up in a different room, need to stand and rejoin the fight. No lag on this one, just get back to the fight if its early. Or you can use this as a means to get out of the fight, and start seeing how you can save your group members.

Snare: Yep, he also snares. Add this to the rope lag proc and you’re in trouble.. Starting to see why this is a trust fall? Your group needs to be constantly watching out for each other.
Headbutt: Typical bounty hunter skill, but I felt like I should add this in, because it can blind you for a short time.

As far as a kill strategy, its really more about group composition. I recommend having two lower hp jedi in the group to tank flip/flop on vanishes (preferably one is a defender or sentinel), and a summoner. After that just load up on the damage dealers, and make sure they have higher health than both of your Jedi, and you should be good to go.

Darth Maul (120//Legendary)

Jump 571: from Qui-Gon, west, then he wanders around the edge of the Melting Pit. Watch out for DT falling down the melting pit.

Tank choice: Sporadic.
Maul hits very hard. Make sure you have the damage to finish this fight quickly. You'll want someone to find out where he is and report to the group so that he doesn't walk in on you while you're preparing to fight. Stay two rooms away until you are ready to go.

Emperor Palpatine (120//Legendary)

Jump 555: land;d; walk see;e;e;e;e;walk ennnnwwnnu;open door e;e

Strategy: Deflectable! Sith Lord-type mob: Casts Despair, Force Slam, Clear Imperial Guards!
First step in an emperor kill is to clear the guards. Make sure you get the hidden ones too and the rones in his room, be careful, he assists. If you don’t clear out his guards, on the first round that you attack him, he will summon all of them that are alive to him, and that can be very annoying.
His tank choice is sporatic. There are two other mobs that do this. Jaina Solo and Grand Admiral Thrawn. There is only one way that I know of to control the tank choices of these three mobs, and even it is not 100%.

Your Jedi or Bounty Hunter tank (only two classes this works with) will want to be in the same positioning as last-in tank type fights. Or they can enter the room, flee and come back. Once combat starts, the Jedi or BH will want to spam flip between every round. About 9/10 rounds this will make Emp choose them for a tank, but occasionally he will target someone else for a round. Just keep flipping.

You will want a sentinel, defender, or a bodyguard there in the room for Emperor. The sentinel for peace, defender for divert, or BG for group retreat. Even with the above tank steps, he will still randomly start clawing someones face off and might despair them. Preferably if you have a solid defender tank, he can just divert, and everyone can walk west to heal up for the next go.

Jaina Solo (120//Legendary)

Jaina is not really a typical mob, so for the case of this guide I am going to assume that you are being coerced into assisting on a Jaina kill and it is already open. To get to her —
Jump 58: Land;e;e;e;s;d;e;d;n;n;n;n;w;w;w;d;d;n;n;
Be careful here, there is a Death-Trap UP. I recommend blockading it off a few times.

Strategy: Deflectable! Sporadic. Half-magic room!
Jaina is a very strange mob. You will want to clear out her room first. To do this, attack from the bottom of the list up. (Bottoms up.) It is okay to leave the Keermarak(sp?) alive, he won’t assist.
As for actually killing Jaina… she has more HP than Yoda and has Crucitorn, you’ll want some damage dealers.

Her tank choice is sporadic. There are two other mobs that do this: Emperor Palpatine, and Grand Admiral Thrawn. There is only one way that I know of to control the tank choices of these three mobs, and even it is not 100%:

Your Jedi or Bounty Hunter tank (only two classes this works with) will want to be in the same positioning as last-in tank type fights. Or they can enter the room, flee and come back. Once combat starts, the Jedi or BH will want to spam flip between every round. About 9/10 rounds this will make Jaina choose them for a tank, but occasionally she will target someone else for a round. Just keep flipping.

Jaina will cast force slam, and do some type of force lightning style damage proc. It doesn’t hit that hard. She doesn’t hit very hard, she just has a ton of hp and is annoying. Important to note the force slam though, if she targets a random group member from the sporadic-ness, and slams them, they need to understand not to walk back in the room.

If you need to regen or recast buffs (force users), and are 2 south of her. When you can go east, walk eeeeeeee. This room is a 2 person limit room, but is full magic.

Enraged Beast (120//Legendary)

Jump 463:
Enraged Beast (Thyferra Jump 463)
First key to grab (research key)
land d walk nnnnwwnnennnnnwnn open door east walk eneuuuwnuwws open door south
walk see open door south walk ss kill president for library keycard then walk nnwwnneedsedddwwde
unlock door then kill the librarian for archive key, the mob wanders. Once you have
the archive key, find the door closed in the library which will be the SE corner room of this
map, unlock the door and kill the Xuchpra Scientist for the research key. Leave/recall
then get back to jump 463.

Second key to grab (an identification card)
Jump 463 enter from the landing bay, walk wnwnnwuuuuuesesen kill Lt. Waroen for
the standard key. Then walk swn unlock door north walk nnee open door north
walk nnne kill drysso and loot 'Drysso's severed hand' which is a key then
unlock door south and look for Ysanne Isard who will load
'an identification card', then get back to Drysso's room.

Third/Fourth keys to grab (red key/blue key)
From Drysso's room walk wsswnen and unlock the door using the indentification card. walk nnn and unlock this door
using the research key then walk nenes kill the Imperial Scientist and loot the
red key, then walk nwws and kill the other Imperial Scientist for the blue key.
Now finally walk ne unlock door north, north, unlock door north, north and
Enraged will be north of you.

Strategy: Not Deflectable! Enraged is a first-in/100prof mob. Red Aura.
Tank choice: He will always choose the first person to walk in the room as the tank, assuming that they have 100 proficiency. He has a disarm proc. Important to note that, because if he disarms your tank and your tank has less than 100 unarmed prof, he will switch to the second person that entered the room.

Enraged has quite a bit of health and hits fairly hard. If you have a smaller group, you’ll want to make sure you poison him first thing, and then start chipping away.
Special skills: He also has a lag proc in addition to his disarm. It doesn’t happen very often, but it is there.

Recommendations: Have some type of guaranteed way for your tank to get out of the room, as there is only one exit (south).

Bespin Luke (120//Legendary)

Jump 272: Land;open door w;walk wssseeeednnnndeee

Strategy: Deflectable!
His tank choice is first-in/100prof. He also casts force slam. He’s one of the easier 101s, has crucitorn and a high number of attacks, but he isn’t too bad, although he does get quite a few attacks. Location Restrictions: Luke Skywalker is only on Bespin during Balanced power.

Cad Bane (120//Legendary)

Jump 767: Wanders in the docking area (An unassuming Duros), then flees to any part of the zone during combat.

Cad is a straightforward fight until he's bloody or below. Then he flees. A lot. He will teleport to a random room in the zone. He also heals fast as he is a 120, so you will need to move fast to kill him before he regens. You will generally need five things to kill him:

  1. A tank with a script/map/walk set up to find him after he flees.
  2. Ten jetpack refills for each member of the group
  3. A Bounty Hunter to snare
  4. Hover for each member of the group, so that you don't get left behind due to exhaustion

For this fight, a group member with killing blow or impale is helpful.

Admiral Ackbar (120//Legendary)

Jump 168: enter all east, 2n, kill guards and get key(also breakable/pickable), n, all east kill guards and get turbolift keycard, s, all west, n, unlock door e, open door e, u, w, s, 10e, n, kill guards and get keycard, unlock door west, open door west, w, u, 2e

Strategy: Deflectable
Class: Inventor
Mobs in room will assist. Ackbar uses earthquake and holofield

Other Legends

These legend mobs are not often run as part of the circuit with a group, but here is information about them if you're attempting them.

Vault Darktroopers

Tanking: First-to-attack, tank-switching works.
Damage type: shred
Shields to use: Arkanian
!force rooms
Mob-type: Cyborg (snares, blitzes, blinds)

Space Legends

The Mandalorian Battleship "Paralyse's Rule by Fear" (120//Legendary)

Jump 368

The Verpine Warship "Gmork's Revenge" (120//Legendary)

Jump 368

The Assault Frigate "Toxic Death" (120//Legendary)

Jump 368

The Keldabe-class battleship "Thrust of Tevez" (120//Legendary)

Jump 368

Emperor's Malice (120//Legendary)

Jump 058 land, eeees

Shriwirr (120//Legendary)

Jump 058 land, eeeeeu
Lots of health

Executor (120//Legendary)

Jump 168 enter, 5e
Class: Naval Officer
Strategy: Executor spawns tie fighters to assist it

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