Name Location Damage Affects One-Handed Holdable Notes
a [color] lightsaber random 4D4 AVG 10.0 nothing Y N
Valeria's lightsaber Valeria, Jedi Guild 7D3 AVG 14.0 Lightsaber Prof +2 N N
Yun's Lightsaber Yun 4D5 AVG 12.0 Hitroll +2 Y N Sith only
Rahn's Lightsaber Rahn 5D4 AVG 12.5 Hitroll +2 Y N Jedi only
Mundi-Al's damaged lightsaber Mundi-Al, Jedi Tower 3D8 AVG 13.5 Hitroll +2 Y N Jedi Only
Luke Skywalker's Blue Lightsaber Luke 4D8 AVG 18.0 *Special N N
  • Special = Reduces the negative Armor Class effects of Jedi & Defender Speed
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