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Korben's ROTJ Forums (pre-purge forums)



Cleaner's Rotj Page link (excellent site with useful information) Long live Geocities

Alwolf ROTJ MudGuide (excellent site, some outdated info)

Paralyse's ROTJ Page (one of the builders, has some good info on some of the zones)

Xiath & Nefariouz's RotJ Page (great basic info on MUD) Long live Geocities

Joker's Return of the Jedi Page (no longer has any info on it)
Joker's page at, see May 8, 1999 for EQ list

Calvin's Outpost (good information, most links go to dead sites) Long Live reocities—
Calvin's Outpost via

Turg's rotj site (obsolete EQ lists)

ROTJ betterbox of the old rotj.betterbox site

Mortemim (daily limit exceeded, can't get to EQ info) 404

Wing's ROTJ Page aka Foosha's ROTJ Help Page (another great site with general MUD info) Long live Geocities

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